Illinois Beach Resort - Zion, IL


The Illinois Beach Resort & State Park in Zion, IL on Lake Michigan is a perfect example of how to utilize multiple RenoSys products to achieve a complete makeover. 

The existing indoor pool and spa was originally a concrete trough pool with significant leakage and corrosion. RenoSys replaced the existing concrete trough with a DuraTech PVC recirculation gutter topped with PVC Grating, complete with integral surge weirs, new piping (collection / supply) mechanical and chemical equipment. Additionally, in the new main pool, we lined the interior with a RenoSys PVC Membrane while the deck and ramp areas received a new look with our Tan RecDeck PVC flooring. Significant structure (cantilevered deck on I-beams and bond beam) and concrete work was involved as the mechanical / equipment was below grade. The existing spa was a fiberglass mold that leaked and crowded easily. RenoSys demolished the existing spa and provided a new pre-fabricated SummitSeries fully-welded and tiled stainless steel spa and hoisted it into location. The spa included all new plumbing, mechanical and chemical equipment. Deck drains were replaced as well.



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