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RenoSys PVC Pool Shell Makes Owning/Operating Your Pool Easier



It may be December, but we're looking around the corner to spring when things in our industry really pick up steam. You should be, too – and if you're considering fixing what ails your commercial pool, consider renovating with a RenoSys PVC pool membrane. Our pool shell makes owning/operating your pool easier than ever, while creating a whole new interior.



PVC Pool Shell Solves Leaks, Period


The RenoSys PVC shell does what plaster and patches can't – it stops leaks and prevents new ones by covering the entire surface of your pool with a thick layer of watertight PVC that fully encapsulates the original interior. Our PVC spans gaps, cracks, chips, and holes caused by years of chemical exposure, ground settling, and usage and by the end of your renovation you're left with an entirely new pool interior.


Our PVC pool shell is made from 60 mil thick PVC that is lightly textured and both water and chlorine resistant. Swimmers usually prefer the comfortable RenoSys PVC pool membrane overwhelmingly to a typical rough and scratchy concrete pool interior, meaning no more painful “swimmers' toe!” The condition is caused by abrasions against the pool surface with concrete being the usual culprit; however with a RenoSys PVC pool shell, the PVC is one smooth and consistent surface that is much more forgiving and comfortable for your guests. The RenoSys membrane is also colorfast so it'll look great while it keeps your pool watertight.


PVC Makes Maintenance Easy


Prior to your renovation, if you're like most of our clients, you may have set time aside to sand and patch any worn or damaged areas in your pool interior. You probably also have an entire pool cleaning regimen that you're all-too-familiar with. After renovating with a RenoSys PVC membrane you'll find a lot more free time on your hands, because PVC makes your maintenance schedule a lot easier. You can say goodbye to sanding and patching – there just isn't a need for it. Your PVC pool membrane will reliably keep your pool leak-free and prevent new leaks from forming. You can finally break free from the drain/patch/refill cycle!


If you need to clean your pool once you have a RenoSys membrane, we have a guide for that. Since our PVC shell is pore-free, there aren't any little hidden nooks or crannies for dirt and grime to hide, making cleaning much less of a hassle than in a pitted or rough concrete (or other) pool interior. Not having to spend as much time cleaning your pool is just one more area you'll save time once you've had a RenoSys PVC shell installed.


You Can Personalize Your Pool and Showcase Your Brand


One very popular option during a renovation is to add a custom logo to your pool's surface. We can replicate your facility's exact logo in PVC and install it right on the pool bottom for a dramatic appeal. It's a really great element for any facility – from sports teams to companies and anything in between, your custom logo really sets your pool apart. As you can see below, the custom logo is totally up to the client:


IU 2nd Renovation



Don't wait to renovate when you can start planning for a successful season now. PVC can make operating your commercial pool easier than trying to keep your head above water in an aging pool. From making routine maintenance less of a hassle, to outright removing your regular patch-projects, the RenoSys PVC pool shell will also make your pool watertight and attractive at the same time. Isn't it time to upgrade? At RenoSys our team of educated aquatic professionals have decades of experience and are ready to get started solving your water worries. We have almost thirty full years leading the industry with quality products and innovative services. Don't wait to renovate: contact us today. You can call us toll-free, email us, or Get a Quote from this page. Remember to connect with us online through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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