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RenoSys Has the Answer to Problem Metallic Pools

Do you have a metallic pool vessel? Have you noticed corrosion in your commercial pool walls? If you have a metallic pool, whether aluminum or mild-steel, your pool vessel is subject to the effects of damaging corrosion that non-metallic pools are not.


What's the difference with metallic pools? Why do they face corrosion?


The full answer is a complicated scientific one, caused by a process known as galvanic corrosion; but RenoSys knows that you don't want a degree to understand what's happening to damage your pool – and you certainly want a solution to fix it. In simple terms, the combination of metallic pools and the swimmers' bodies produce a small electrical charge that acts almost like a battery...a destructive battery. Over time, this electrical charge will damage the actual metal of your metallic pool walls, producing the corrosion that you have noticed.


RenoSys is the solution for problem metallic pools. How can we fix such a specific, complicated problem? Simple: our commercial PVC pool membrane is an excellent insulator. Once we line your pool with our durable, thick PVC pool liner, your metallic pool is fully encapsulated and insulated from the damaging effects of galvanic corrosion. A RenoSys PVC pool membrane acts as a shield and protects your metallic pool.


About our PVC pool membrane:


We don't just install our pool shells, we also manufacture them. These aren't the thin pool liners you might've seen in a back-yard pool – our PVC membranes are commercial-grade, 60 mil thick, durable, custom-textured pool shells that last decades. The pool shells are easy to maintain, durable, and watertight.


RenoSys installs our PVC membranes in new construction projects, as well as renovations. Our PVC pool shells are a great solution when used in renovations because they solve so many common pool problems. For old pools that have cracks and leaks, our pool membrane seals the pool vessel and offers a comfortable surface for swimmers, as well as stopping leaks. Metallic pools benefit tremendously from a RenoSys pool shell installation, since corrosion is such a damaging process that, untreated, will continue to affect your pool.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words:


If you want an example of a RenoSys metallic pool solution, look no further than one of our recent projects. Umpqua Community College had left their pool drained and empty for years, until they chose a renovation using a RenoSys PVC pool shell. Since the college pool happened to be aluminum, our pool membrane installation was ideal.


As you can see in the photo, the "before" picture shows the old pool vessel. In the following photo, we have installed our insulating pool shell. The corrosion process that damaged their old pool walls will be stopped by the protection of the encapsulating pool membrane.




The “after” photo shows the pool membrane during the installation process. You can clearly see how the durable PVC completely covers the surface and walls of the pool vessel. In any construction or renovation, this encapsulation is what seals the original pool vessel and is watertight. In a metallic pool, sealing the pool vessel is especially important to stop and prevent galvanic corrosion.




If you have questions about our pool products and services, contact us today. One of our team members will be happy to talk with you about how we can improve your pool or build a new one. If you have a metallic pool and are noticing corrosion, or want to prevent it from beginning, call us at 800-783-7005. You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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