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Problem Solved Series: A Total Transformation for an Aging Pool



In this edition of our series, we'll look at a terrific example of how RenoSys can transform an existing facility, all while saving our clients money. We often use the phrase “recycle your old pool” : the dramatic renovation, and savings, with this project are a testament to how upgrading your pool with RenoSys can be a total game-changer.


The Facility:


The Pittsburgh Field Club in Fox Chapel, PA dates back to the 1870s. The current location has been providing members with an inviting place to swim and lounge by the pool since the early 1960s. In the early 2000s, the pool needed serious work to ensure it would continue to be such a draw and asset to the facility.


The Problem:


Over time, all pools will face problems of one type or another. The aging Field Club pool needed a total overhaul, from soup to nuts – or from plumbing and gutters to safety and decking, in this case.


The Solution:


A complete RenoSys renovation. Something we routinely stress to our clients is that we strive to recycle old pools; meaning we make use of as much of your existing infrastructure as possible. What does that mean to you? Well, we can tell you that for the Pittsburgh Field Club, by reusing around 90% of the pool's infrastructure, the Field Club saved approximately $1,150,000 vs totally rebuilding the pool. The best part is that not only did the club see such dramatic savings, but they also saw a dramatic transformation.



How we did it:


As we always note – we are a single point of responsibility. We design, and manufacture and install our products. The Pittsburgh Field Club benefited from our experience and our aquatics products.


RenoSys did all new plumbing, including new plumbing runs to the pool, as well as a mechanical room upgrade and new main drains. We also added a new deck and safety equipment.


The perimeter of the pool was upgraded to our quality DuraTech™ stainless steel gutter system, and our DuraTech PVC grating. Our stainless steel gutters are TIG-welded and static-tested to be watertight, ensuring a high-performing perimeter. Our PVC grating is textured for safety and formulated for the aquatic environment.


This renovation was the perfect time to change elements of the pool, and modernize its design. The club chose to make the wading pool a zero-depth entry, making the pool inviting for even the youngest guests. RenoSys shallowed the pool; once the design change was complete, we installed our superior pool interior – the RenoSys PVC pool membrane. We recommend our PVC pool shell in both new construction and renovation because it's attractive, comfortable, and watertight. For new pools, it provides a durable pool interior that prevents leaks, and in renovation, it spans any existing cracks or gaps and creates a leak-free pool surface. Click here to read more about the benefits of our pool membranes.


For the finishing touches, the club had us install some fun water-play features for their younger patrons. Click here to read about just one of our line of water-play elements.


The Pittsburgh Field Club project turned an aging club pool into an inviting, better-than-new summer fun spot. The club saved funds, all while receiving a quality pool renovation with high-performing RenoSys products. We design and manufacture all our products specifically for aquatic usage; that's why they outperform and outlast inferior products. RenoSys can use our aquatic products and money-saving techniques to transform your old pool, just like we did for the Pittsburgh Field Club.


To see how we can recycle your old pool, call us today: 800-783-7005

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