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Problem Solved Series: Three SummitSeries™ Spas for a Luxury Casino Resort


As we've mentioned before in our ongoing series, RenoSys not only solves common or complicated pool problems - we are also in the business of designing and manufacturing quality pool products for installation. When a facility contacts us with questions or ideas for their project, our team can recommend exactly the product/s that would work best in their unique design. In this edition, we look at how a luxury casino needed a spa that would both look and perform great, in an elevated application. The flexibility we offer gives our clients the exact level of service that they need to receive a great experience on their project. From designing, to manufacturing, to installation – RenoSys collaborates with our clients to produce amazing end results.


The Facility:


Quapaw, Oklahoma is a small town named for the Quapaw Native American tribe. The tribe name roughly translates to “downstream people,” and with the rich local history, the Downstream Casino Resort chose to showcase the culture in both their name and aesthetic elements. The Downstream Casino Resort is a large, appealing complex located close to the Kansas/Oklahoma border. With amenities from dining to game play to spa treatment, the facility has something for every guest.


The Problem:


In this case, it wasn't a problem but rather a need that RenoSys was able to solve. With a focus on guest entertainment and enjoyment, the Downstream Casino Resort wanted to ensure patron relaxation by having multiple spas available in their already-attractive indoor pool area. Having a spa in the pool area is both inviting and complementary to any pool design; for a luxury facility, spas were a must.


The Solution:

Pictured: one of the SummitSeries spas at the Downstream Casino Resort



For RenoSys, supplying spas for an above-grade, indoor application is all in a day's work. Since we manufacture our stainless-steel SummitSeries™ at our metal fabrication facility, our clients have design options, and we ensure quality and performance.


A little bit about SummitSeries: our stainless-steel spas and pools are TIG-welded, and then static and pressure checked to ensure watertight performance. They're what we make and/or install in our elevated applications – from rooftop pools to indoor above-grade spas. We offer SummitSeries in various shape designs, as well as many different interior finishes. Click here to download the informative SummitSeries brochure.


The Downstream Casino Resort chose to install three of our SummitSeries spas, in a modern octagonal geometric shape. For the finish, they elected a dramatic patterned stainless-steel finish. Although we also offer our PVC membrane, mosaic tile, and more for our spa interiors, the stainless-steel finish resulted in a modern, luxury appearance for the Downstream Casino Resort pool area. We made our SummitSeries spas to order for the Downstream Casino Resort, and shipped them to the facility for installation.


In this project, each spa was also equipped with a built-in Evacuator™ system. The Evacuator is a feature that we often recommend for indoor pools and spas. If you've ever noticed that strong chemical “pool” smell, or had red eyes and a cough after visiting an aquatic center, you'll appreciate the Evacuator. Compounds called chloramines form from the interaction of the pool chemicals and the users, and it's these compounds that are responsible for the unpleasant effects of pool air. The Evacuator lives up to its name: it removes the chloramines in the pool atmosphere and vents them outside. With the Evacuator included in the spa design, guests of the Downstream Casino Resort would have cleaner, better air along with their spa experience.


If you're considering adding an above-grade pool or spa, call us today: 800-783-7005. Our pool professionals will discuss your project and recommend the right RenoSys product and service for the job.







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