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Summer's End Can Be the Beginning of Your Pool's Renovation


With only a couple weeks left in the traditional “busy season” for many aquatic facilities, you may have more on your to-do lists than usual. End-of-season cleaning, winterizing, and repairs all may compete for top billing – but it's also an excellent time to check over your center and assess what could benefit from lasting upgrades as well as renovations. We'll give you some pointers on things to look for and tips for how to make the best of the last bit of Summer 2016...


Your Deck


It's literally the very ground beneath your feet and your guests' path to the pool. If your deck is chipped, cracked, and broken you might want to make a note of it and look at a deck upgrade. If your facility is outdoors and exposed to the elements, it makes sense that your deck is also put under more stress than an indoor facility.


Take a walk around your entire pool deck, looking for areas that are uneven, rough, broken, or could pose a hazard to guests. This is a good idea regardless of if you have an indoor or an outdoor pool. It's always useful to keep an eye on your pool deck and make sure that it's in good shape.


If your pool deck is aging and could be dangerous to guests, there is a solution. Our RecDeck™ PVC recreational flooring is a thick, highly-textured floor that totally encapsulates the deck below. It adds traction and security in areas that are frequently slick and hazardous, making it perfect for around the pool. Unlike coatings and lesser surfaces that promise lasting performance but can't deliver and end up failing early on, RecDeck is the real deal. It won't flake, spall, or peel, it looks great and is in it for the long haul.



Your Pool Interior


All that cool, clear water might be hiding some pretty ugly facts. Your pool might be leaking water like a pasta colander, for instance. You might have holes or even cracks that have appeared suddenly from common ground shifting forces. If your pool has seen multiple decades go by, we can almost guarantee that there are issues you may need to address soon, if not immediately. Time is not an ally to your aquatic facility.


If you're up against leaks, you probably have a pretty good idea of that already. We've seen plenty of pools fill up and top off their water levels repeatedly, trying to limp across that Labor Day finish line. There are even centers who knowingly patch things up each off-season only to start the cycle all over again when that starting bell rings on Memorial Day weekend.

 RenoSys PVC Pool Shell


So when you're preparing to close down for the summer, make a note of how much and how often you've replaced water. Do you notice new or increased damage and/or deterioration to your pool? You don't have to patch, refill, and repeat all over again next summer. Our PVC Superior Pool Interior™ is ideal for both new construction and renovation – having special application in renovations. Crafted from 60 mil thick PVC, our commercial-grade pool liner covers the entirety of your pool's interior – easily spanning gaps, chips, and cracks, and sealing off existing leaks while preventing new ones. Chances are, the actual physical pool vessel could be average for its age – but that doesn't make a bit of difference when it's draining your water and your funds. Our PVC commercial-grade pool liner creates an entirely new pool from your existing vessel, and with dramatic cost-savings compared to conventional renovation services.


Your Pool Perimeter


Another hidden place leaks like to spring up is your pool's perimeter. Your gutter system is vital to your pool's performance, and if you're losing water here, you should address it as soon as you can. It isn't just leaks, that cause problems around your pool's edge, either – take a gander at your grating!


Pictured: Not what you want around your pool



We've profiled grating horror stories before, read those here. In fact, if your grating features Pat. No 4483025 then you should look into getting that grating replaced before it fails and poses a serious danger to pool guests/staff.


Pictured: DuraTech - a much better choice for your perimeter



Our line of DuraTech™ grating and gutters is ideal for either indoor or outdoor facilities. Available in both stainless-steel and tough PVC our gutters and grating are high-performance, watertight, and reliable. If you're a luxury facility looking to set yourself apart, we also offer GraniGrate™ grating which is crafted from natural granite stone.


This isn't an exhaustive list by any means, but it should help give you some ideas as you prepare for the end of the summer season. If you have questions or concerns as you go, our team of veteran aquatic professionals is ready to help. With nearly 30 years as industry leaders, our products and experience make short work of your pool problems. This time of year is a great time to notice issues and plan for repairs, upgrades, and renovations. Find out how a RenoSys renovation = a total transformation. You can reach us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote right from this page. Connect with us online through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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