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The RenoSys PVC Pool Shell is the Answer to Leaks in an Old Pool and a Layer of Protection for New Construction

The interior is the heart of your commercial pool: when it is old, leaking, or if you need to make sure your new construction is right the first time, you need the Without a high-performing pool surface, your commercial pool is just a hole in the ground – and potentially draining your funds, too. RenoSys has almost thirty years of experience renovating aging commercial pools, and building new commercial pools right from the start. If your pool interior needs help, we're here with the solution: our Superior Pool Interior™. We created our PVC pool membrane to ensure that our clients would have watertight reliability, and their pool's interior would be the best part of their facility. RenoSys is the reinforcements in your battle against water loss...


Is Your Commercial Pool Growing Old Not-so-Gracefully?

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For existing commercial pools, time is not on your side. When you consider that many pools out there, from community to private club pools and everything in between, aren't just years old, but some even pre-date World War II, you have to expect that there will be some issues. For some of the pools we see, “issues” is an understatement!


If you suspect your commercial pool is leaking, we have some tried-and-true methods for determining if you're losing water. Click here for our guide on leak-detecting. If you know for sure that you have gallons disappearing daily, then refilling it daily isn't really a good long-term strategy. Sure, you can hop on board the repair/repeat roller coaster, but do you really want to spend years on this up and down ride?


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For those considering coatings or re-plastering: that isn't such a cost-effective solution – and may not be a solution, period. The factors that caused your initial water loss, such as exposure, environmental conditions, ground shifting, etc. will affect your coated pool interior just like before. Sure, you may lose your leaks...for awhile – but you'll most likely gain new cracks, gaps, or leaks in other areas. There is an answer to your ongoing fight against losing water, and RenoSys found and perfected it...


Time for a Face Lift

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RenoSys has solved more leaking pool problems than we can count. We know that every day you lose water, it's the same as watching your money leak away. Our PVC commercial pool liner is ideal for both new construction and renovation. Rather than a coating or plaster, our membrane is one thick, durable, cohesive surface that covers your entire pool surface. From main drain to the perimeter, every inch of your pool will be encapsulated in leak-free PVC protection. We manufacture our pool shell from 60 mil thick PVC that is textured and comfortable.


Since our PVC shell covers the entire pool interior, the lower surface may shift or face the same damaging environmental challenges...but the pool shell won't be affected. That means that you won't have to worry about new leaks and cracks forming like they would with traditional leak patches and repairs. The RenoSys pool membrane creates a better-than-new surface for your old pool. For new pool construction, our pool shell adds an extra layer of leak-free performance from the start.


* If you have a metallic pool, our PVC pool shell is ideal for preventing the type of corrosion that will damage your pool. With aluminum or metallic pools, galvanic corrosion can occur. Since PVC is an excellent insulator, a RenoSys pool shell will prevent corrosion from affecting your metallic pool.


The Proof is in The Pictures


Since sometimes a picture tells a better story, below you'll see before-and-after photos of just some of our PVC shell renovation projects:






 RenoSys PVC Pool Shell


Features of the RenoSys PVC Commercial Pool Liner


We designed our membrane to be the best in the industry. With a RenoSys pool shell, you get the following quality features:




Thick and durable






Nonabrasive surface is comfortable for guests


Made in the USA


Pore-free for easy maintenance


If you're dealing with a leaking pool that is showing its age, you don't have to face days, weeks, or months of water loss. Don't accept leaks in your pool – call RenoSys and find out how our PVC pool shell and cost-effective renovation services can give you the pool your guests deserve. We know that many facilities will keep replacing lost water because they think that a renovation is beyond their budget – you may be surprised to learn that a RenoSys renovation typically offers dramatic cost savings compared to conventional renovation. Our team of aquatics professionals will be glad to talk about your issues and goals, and explain how RenoSys can help. Contact us today and take a stand against leaks: call, click, or email!



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