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Don't Overlook That Pool Deck: RecDeck by RenoSys Sets the Bar High

What are you thankful for at your aquatic center? A new interior? How about a great circulation system? This time of year is a great time to assess and reassess any damage, or areas that need improvement or upgrades. One particular area that gets overlooked, but shouldn't, is the pool deck itself. Sadly the deck is typically standard poured concrete that is poured and forgotten. Isn't there a better surface for your facility? There is, and RenoSys has it.


Conventional concrete pool decks are common, standard, and...lacking. They're also not the most ideal surface for around a pool: a pool deck is constantly exposed to water, and water on concrete makes for one very slippery safety hazard. RenoSys developed a better deck that will add both an attractive aesthetic upgrade, as well as a major safety improvement. Better still, our deck is also designed exclusively with the aquatics environment at the forefront. Concrete decking is concrete – this is RecDeck™ by RenoSys.


RecDeck PVC recreational flooring is formulated with biocides to resist organic growth, as well as UV-inhibitors to prevent fading. Possibly the most important features of RecDeck is that it fully encapsulates the pool deck below, creating a watertight seal, and RecDeck is aggressively-textured which dramatically increases security around the pool or recreation area. Extra safety is available; we can even install RecDeck over safety foam for the ultimate in fall protection. Depending on your guest demographic, for example having lots of young children at play, or perhaps desiring an age-friendly design, RecDeck can be the backbone of your safety system.


Not only does RecDeck dramatically improve the security of your recreation area, but it also adds a major upgrade to your facility's aesthetic appeal. Available in a variety of colors, as well as color combinations, you can design your upgraded decking to improve the overall look of your center. RecDeck combines both form and function. Below you'll see some examples of our attractive, durable RecDeck flooring installed in a variety of environments. From an indoor pool to an outdoor luxury community pool, to a school pool, RecDeck looks great and performs even better.


Pictured: RecDeck flooring, DuraTech grating and gutters



Pictured: Appealing RecDeck color combination at an outdoor facility



Pictured: RecDeck indoors in two colors


To find out how RecDeck can become a quality part of your aquatic center for which you're thankful, call our team today. Our experienced pool professionals will discuss your current deck, and how RecDeck will be the ideal improvement. With over two decades of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing industry-leading pool products, our team will help guide you and ensure that your pool project is another of our total transformations.


Our customers benefit because RecDeck isn't the only star player in our line up: we have products for virtually every part of your center, that work well alone, or together as a system. So if you're in the market for more than one upgrade, we have you covered. From a new pool interior to custom safety pads, to an efficient gutter system, RenoSys has it all. Call us today and find out how we can transform your aging aquatic center. Questions welcome, and we're easy to contact:



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