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Problem Solved Series: Mandatory Safety Updates & Another RenoSys Renovation

Our last blog focused on how RenoSys can break the repair cycle so many aquatic centers face. We are proud to share our Problem Solved series: we know that there are hundreds of aquatic facilities out there with the same problems we have solved for our clients. Each situation in unique; with the variety of facilities we feature in this series, any owner/opereator can most likely find something similar to his or her own pool problems. This edition focuses on a pool that had to make mandatory safety upgrades. Since they received decades of watertight usage from a RenoSys PVC membrane, they had us install a new pool shell during the safety updates.


The Facility:


Lytle Pool is a fixture in the community of Mattoon, Illinois. The pool was originally constructed back in 1929, and has been home to entire generations of aquatic recreation. Lytle Pool itself is impressive: it's larger than a football field, and holds over a million gallons of gallons of water! The modernized pool has elements for everyone: a water slide, play features, child area, lap pool, and diving boards. Lytle Pool is a vital part of city recreation, and needs to stay inviting, watertight, and safe for decades to come.


The Problem:


With such a big pool and large amount of water, having any sort of leak would be a major issue. Luckily, Lytle Pool had a RenoSys PVC pool membrane from a renovation back in 1992. The shell was aging, but still performing; however, due to strict new laws in Illinois designed to prevent dangerous entrapment safety problems, the pool needed new main drains and lines for compliance. At the time of the safety updates, Lytle Pool decided to replace their existing RenoSys PVC membrane.


The Solution:


RenoSys examined the pool project and the changes that had to be made according to new law; because Lytle Pool had such a positive experience with RenoSys during the 1992 renovation, the town chose to go with our recommendations. For the safety updates, we installed a stainless-steel compression flange. The flange is welded directly to the bottom of the existing stainless-steel gutter. The benefit of this design is that it eliminates the caulk joint between the gutter and the concrete wall: this creates a continuous, watertight, and cohesive transition from wall to floor.


Pictured: Stainless-steel compression flange


Along with the stainless-steel compression flange, we installed VGB compliant drains, which helped complete the mandatory safety upgrades. RenoSys had also recommended upgrading their almost 2-decades-old PVC pool membrane to one of our newer, improved PVC pool shells. Lytle Pool wanted another durable, quality RenoSys pool surface, and the new membrane would be UV-stabilized, as well as chlorine resistant. Since the pool holds such a large amount of water, any leak would be a very serious situation. Lytle Pool knew that they could trust a RenoSys PVC pool membrane to keep their pool watertight.


During the renovation, RenoSys removed the existing membrane; although it was almost 20 years old, it still performed as a durable pool surface. Seen below:



We then began installation of our newer, thick PVC pool shell. Pictured below during installation:



The full RenoSys PVC shell installation was complete in 2011; and with the safety updates, Lytle Pool was once again inviting, compliant, and safe for their many patrons.


Pictured: New RenoSys PVC membrane installed


This pool project shows how satisfied clients often complete more than one renovation by calling RenoSys. Bringing an aquatic facility up to changing safety or legal standards is a common situation, and our clients frequently choose to upgrade decking, gutters, their pool surface, etc during compliance updates. If you are experiencing similar issues at your facility, don't hesitate to call us. Our knowledgable team members will discuss your unique situation and make recommendations based on our decades of experience renovating and building pools. We can help make your pool compliant with safety standards, and/or improve your aging facility using our services and high-performing line of aquatic products.


Your pool problems may seem overwhelming – but that's where RenoSys comes in. Contact us today and we'll get started on your pool project. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 800-783-7005  

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