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The RenoSys PVC Pool Membrane and RecDeck™ Flooring – a Dynamic Surface Duo for the Pool

RenoSys offers a comprehensive, aquatics-exclusive product line for commercial pools. Two of our standout products similarly cover and seal both the pool interior and the pool deck itself, respectively. The RenoSys PVC pool shell seals all gaps, cracks, and/or leaks in the pool interior, creating a watertight pool surface. RecDeck™ PVC recreational flooring fully encapsulates the existing pool deck; it creates a highly-textured, attractive, and safer pool deck.


Our entire line is designed by experienced aquatics experts to provide the highest-quality, durable pool products possible. As we wrote in this recent article, the RenoSys PVC pool membrane is the real star performer of our entire aquatics product group. Dubbed the “Superior Pool Interior™,” our membrane allows cost-effective pool renovations and leak solutions, as well as leak-free performance in new construction. Similarly, RecDeck flooring seals troublesome, unsafe pool decks beneath a durable, aggressively-textured PVC surface.


Together, these two surface products create an entirely new pool environment vs. traditional pool design. Both our PVC pool interior and RecDeck flooring add an upgraded safety element with texture and one consistent surface. For instance, a standard concrete pool deck is hard and pretty unforgiving, not to mention very slippery-when-wet. Once RecDeck replaces the old deck, its texture creates a safer walking surface; we can also install RecDeck over safety padding for added security. Our pool membrane completely covers any uneven or rough areas of the pool interior, creating a much more comfortable experience for pool users. In age-friendly pools, the RenoSys membrane is often installed over padding within the pool interior; this is a design option for any security-conscious facility.


Two of our most recently-completed projects demonstrate the attractive design and undeniable performance of this combined RenoSys dynamic duo. Our Problem Solved Series last week focused on a club swimming pool in downtown Indianapolis. We also recently featured the completed YMCA pool in Elkins, WV in which we utilized our combined exterior and interior surface products, as well.


Here you can see the club pool's actual renovation in progress. The pool's aging interior and deck are totally transformed by the new PVC pool shell and the new deck:


Old interior and deck:


After: Pool completed both inside and out


Below is the finished shot of the Elkins YMCA. Although we also installed our DuraTech™ grating and gutter perimeter products, you can see the inviting PVC pool surface as well as the attractive and safer RecDeck flooring.


Completed Elkins YMCA pool:



Since RenoSys is a design/build firm, we are fully involved in our projects from day one. We design and manufacture our products: and we're an expert on our entire line. RenoSys also designs our renovation and installation projects, and then our team of pool professionals completes them. This process creates a truly unique collaborative process with our clients. Our clients never have to play phone tag with different contacts and manufacturers, etc.: with RenoSys, we're the single point of responsibility and contact, offering a much smoother experience for our clients.


RenoSys designs all our products to withstand the harsh pool environment. We know that time and usage damage pool components, and we manufacture our line with the aquatics environment in mind. We also design our line with features to increase performance and quality. For instance, RecDeck is formulated with both biocides and UV-inhibitors. RecDeck's unique make up ensures protection against common organic growth (mold, algae, fungus), as well as fading from UV-light exposure. It's also easy to clean, which cuts down on maintenance.


Similarly, our cornerstone product, the PVC pool membrane is thick at 60 mil. It's also durable, comfortable, and pore-free. Since there are no pores, there are no uneven areas or spots that could harbor pool dirt, growth, or debris. Cleaning our membrane is easy, and lessens maintenance for the pool owner/operators. Possibly the best feature of a RenoSys pool shell is the leak-free performance. Old pools look and function just like new, without any of the possible previous water loss. New pools have added assurance to remain watertight. Renovation or new construction, you can't go wrong with the Superior Pool Interior.


RenoSys products work well singularly; however, it's always a good thing to have better quality products that work together. In the above examples, both our pool surface PVC membrane and our deck surface RecDeck flooring transform the whole pool area, both in and out of the water. The rest of the RenoSys product line only adds performance and durability to any renovation or new construction project. You can click here to see a full list of our product brochures.


If you're in the market for a pool upgrade, or planning one from scratch, call in the pros today: 1-800-783-7005. Our team will discuss your unique project, and recommend the services and products that best fit your situation. Call RenoSys today!


You can also email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or click Get a Quote.





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