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At RenoSys, we know that you'll have lots of questions about your commercial pool renovation. A small renovation is still a big deal – especially on the owner/operator's end. On, we have a lot of information about construction, renovation, our products- as well as our process (design/build). If you have time, look around the site, or check out some of our recent projects.


Some typical questions:


Q: How long have you been in business?

A: RenoSys has been fixing pool problems, and transforming commercial pools (as well as building new) for over 25 years! There is no substitute for experience...especially in an industry that demands such technical skills and know-how. When we collaborate with you, our team knows what products and design would work best in your unique facility as well as the best strategies for your project.


Q: How does design/build benefit me?

A: Design/build means that we've cut out the middle man. We work directly with you, or your architect – and it can save you money over dealing with a separate designer. You could end up paying for a design that doesn't suit your project, and have to go back to the drawing board. We take the stress out of the design portion; since we manufacture, design, and install we've covered all the bases. You'll have a single point of responsibility during your renovation/construction. Read more about design/build here.


Q: How many pools have you done/installed/etc. and/or have you done any like mine?

A: Again, this is where experience comes into play. The answer to membrane installations would be in the thousands. We've just about seen it all: schools, swim clubs, community pools, YMCA name it and we've probably done it. No matter how complicated your project may seem, RenoSys will have design suggestions based on our decades of experience in this industry.


Q: If we get a RenosSy PVC pool shell installed, how long will it last?

 A: The good news for you is that we typically estimate membrane life at between 15-25 years! There are always factors involved like environment, usage, and maintenance – but with standard usage and care, you won't be worrying about your pool for a long time. Put the patching kit up, and forget your sander. A RenoSys membrane will make all that history, instead of yearly drudgery.


Q: We don't know if we're ready for renovation – but we suspect we have a leak. What should we do?

 A: We wrote this extensive article about Leak Detecting. It may take a little work on your part, but you'll know for sure if you have a leak. The article also addresses making repairs. Remember, based on appearance, what looks like only a bit of water loss may be hundreds of gallons. Any leak in your pool matters. To fix those leaks, give us a call. Our PVC membrane spans cracks, etc and makes your old pool watertight.


Q: We want to upgrade our pool into something modern, but we're on a budget. What can we do?

 A: Budget is a word we know well, and what we keep in mind throughout the project. Our view is put into an article, here: If It Isn't Broken, Why Pitch It? RenoSys uses as much of your existing pool structure and components as possible – saving you time, money, and material. We essentially recycle your old pool, while working with your budget. You'd be surprised at the renovation and amenities you can get with our creative design process. Don't stick with an old, leaking pool when you could have a new cost-friendly pool.


Q: We have lots of questions – what's the best way to contact you?

 A: You have several options to contact RenoSys. You can request a quote here. You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You can also call us directly on our toll-free number: 800-783-7005 and talk to one of our experienced team members.


Q: Do you only do pool membranes?

 A: We have products for the entire project: pool surface, stainless-steel pool vessels, decking, grating, gutters, safety padding, water-play features... from the ground up, RenoSys has what your pool needs. Check out our info page to download brochures.


Don't spend one more season with an outdated, old pool when you could have a new, leak-free pool. Looking for a new-build commercial pool? We do that, too. To get started, it's as easy as clicking a button or picking up the phone. Contact us today.

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