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Old Pool? Time for a PVC Face Lift


This time of year, many facilities are performing routine maintenance and cleaning – and now is a great time to plan improvements. One major improvement you can make is to tackle the aging pool interior. There are thousands of commercial pools across the US that were installed when Elvis was the newest thing on the radio! That means that there are a lot of pools with some serious mileage on them, and the older a pool is, the bigger the chance that you'll be facing water loss from pool vessel leaks. There is a modern, attractive solution to this common problem for old pools: the PVC pool liner.



A PVC pool liner is made from thick, commercial-grade PVC that covers the entirety of the pool vessel, sealing off any cracks, gaps, or chips. It stops existing leaks at the same time preventing new ones from forming. At RenoSys, our commercial PVC pool liner is made at our facility from 60 mil thick PVC and is custom-textured for added stability. Some of our clients even choose over-foam installation for additional security.


Many pools go season after season accepting water loss as the norm, and patching and refilling water as they go. That isn't a long-term solution, and you can quickly be nickel-and-dimed to death by the accumulating cost of water lost to leaks and money spent refilling your pool. By renovating with a PVC pool membrane, you'll give your old pool a total face lift; your pool will look better than new and also perform better than new. We have received new clients as referrals from former clients who have had their PVC pool liner for decades and are still going strong; they were so happy with their pool interior they passed the word on to other facilities nearby!


The PVC pool membrane is also more comfortable than a typical aging pool interior. With decades of exposure, chemical use, and guest usage, an old pool surface can be worn, rough, and uneven – meaning that guests are in for some scrapes and scuffs if they contact the surface. The PVC pool liner is one consistent, comfortable surface that most swimmers prefer! It's also a more attractive surface; and since it's pore-free, there isn't anywhere dirt can hide, making cleaning easier.


For the aquatic center looking to personalize, the PVC pool membrane can even boast a custom logo option. We've seen tremendous growth in popularity of the custom logo; it's your own logo replicated exactly in PVC and installed right on the pool surface. The custom logo is a terrific option for any facility looking to stand out such as: schools, swim teams, hotels, private clubs, and more. Adding a custom logo to the PVC pool shell is just one more way that a renovation with the PVC liner can transform your aging pool.


Your pool doesn't have to stay stuck in that past – bring your pool into the future by renovating with a PVC pool liner. A modern renovation solution that saves money over conventional services, the PVC liner looks good and stops money-draining leaks. Why plaster over a problem that you could solve with a PVC pool shell? Even in new construction, you can expect to have to re-plaster as early as two years after installation! With a PVC pool shell, maintenance costs are minimal and you'll save money over the lifetime of the liner – making it the clear cost-effective winner.


Find out how a renovation with a PVC pool shell can transform your aging pool. Call us today and one of our aquatic experts will be happy to help. We have almost thirty years leading the aquatics industry and building and renovating top-quality pools. You can reach us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from the link below. Be sure to follow us online for the latest in pool news: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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