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Fall Back in Love with Your Old Pool

The interior is the heart of your pool. Without a watertight interior, you have little more than an expensive hole in the ground. So what to do when your pool is flat-lining?


A Leaking Pool Costs You


It’s obvious that lost water equals lost funds, but you may not realize how much of a toll patchwork repairs take. Drain, Patch, Refill, Repeat. Sound familiar? The older your commercial pool is, the more frequent your repairs will become. This often quickly leads to spiraling costs, and before long it really isn't doing anything other than nickel-and-diming you to death.


Many facilities elect not to undergo a pool renovation because they're afraid of the cost. The good news is that when compared with conventional pool renovation techniques, RenoSys typically offers dramatic upfront and long term cost savings. In fact, the Pittsburgh Fieldhouse in Pennsylvania saved well over a million dollars with a RenoSys renovation.


The Superior Pool Interior™


At 60 mil thick, this is no ordinary pool liner. The RenoSys PVC Pool Shell™ is a flexible reinforced PVC pool membrane that spans cracks and completely seals off areas of water loss. Pore-free and easy to maintain, this pool membrane is also resistant to chlorine and is compatible with saltwater. We manufacture The PVC Pool Shell from durable PVC that is made right here in the USA.



A Personal Touch


Your facility is unique, so shouldn't your pool be unique? A pool interior renovation provides the perfect opportunity for branding. For just a little extra, we can add your logo to the pool's surface. This is a great option for schools, teams, hotels, clubs and any center looking to stand out.


Renovating with our pool membrane will put the life – and the water – back into your old pool. Talk with one of our team members today to find out how our renovation techniques and line of aquatics products will work for you. Call or click to get a quote today!

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