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Making the Rounds with RecDeck


We were excited to see our recreational flooring in not just one, but two publications this month! Both Watershapes and Recreation Management featured RecDeck™ in print, and it's always great to see our quality aquatics products featured in the pages of publications designed for our unique industry. What makes this flooring different? We'll tell you...



RecDeck is Durable:

Unlike lesser surfaces or coatings, RecDeck is tough and designed to last in a harsh environment. Not all flooring products can withstand the day-in-day-out of life at an aquatic facility. Pool water, chemicals, and usage all take their toll – which is why we created RecDeck to be extra strong. It looks great while lasting; RecDeck won't flake, chip, or peel.


RecDeck Solves Problems:

The pool environment comes with common problems, like unsightly organic growth. Thanks to the high moisture content, fungal and algae growth can be a problem; however, we formulate RecDeck to inhibit organic growth and help prevent the problems before they start. RecDeck is also designed to resist fading thanks to uv-inhibitors.


RecDeck Increases Safety:

Thanks to the ultra-textured surface, RecDeck increases traction and stability around the pool – even when wet. Unlike basic concrete, which can become more slick when water's around, RecDeck is a surface and pool deck that can help protect your guests. You can even install RecDeck over safety foam for added fall protection. It fully encapsulates the surface below and is completely watertight.


RecDeck is Appealing:

This surface is a step up from bland and common. Available in several neutral, attractive colors, RecDeck creates a more attractive space while improving safety and being more sanitary. You can even install it in color combinations.



If it's time for you to consider a flooring or pool deck upgrade, or if you want to install a great surface from day one, talk to us about RecDeck today. Thanks to both Recreation Management and Watershapes for the terrific press! Call, click, or email – and you can even Get a Quote from the link below. If you talk to one of our team members, ask about a free brochure that includes samples of RecDeck so you can see the quality up close! Be sure to connect with us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter.





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