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Customized Safety: SoftSide™ Safety Padding

With many aquatic centers gearing up for their busiest season, RenoSys helps take the worry out of keeping patrons and swimmers safe. RenoSys manufactures and installs our SoftSide™ Safety Padding anywhere that would typically need fall-zone protection. A fall-zone is exactly what it sounds like: areas of potential danger for swimmers, visitors, or residents (depending on your facility).  


Typical fall-zones include:  

Around or below water play features or structures  

At the run out of water slides

Around or below diving boards


Customized Safety:


RenoSys has common sizes in stock and ready-to-ship; however, we also make safety pads to order in almost any shape and size you specify. Have an unusual water play feature and need to keep your facility up to modern safety standards? A great benefit of SoftSide Safety Padding is that you have the option for customized safety pads - and more design flexibility.  RenoSys makes it easy with our SoftSide Padding in-stock and customizable options. You'll get exactly what you need for your center, and your visitors will get what they need in protection. (Pictured right: Pad for a water slide run out.)


How Do We Make Sure SoftSide Safety Padding Lives up to Its Name?


We use the same technology utilized in our pool membranes: a reinforced PVC membrane over whatever specified thickness of foam. RenoSys uses underwater-compatible caulking, as well as mechanical fasteners, and fully-fused welding of PVC seams. We can install your safety pad for you, or owner-installation is an option if you prefer. SoftSide Padding's textured surface makes it much easier to avoid a fall...but should one occur, your guests will be glad you chose SoftSide Safety Padding.


CPSC Certified? We Have You Covered.


Modern aquatic centers require CPSC-tested safety padding. Putting in a diving board or water slide with no pad just isn't an option, nor should it be. SoftSide Safety Padding is CPSC-certified, and if you contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we will be happy to provide the CPSC Guideline Head Fall height test data. This data is what a designer typically would compare to the feature or platform height, in order to figure the thickness of the safety pad that's necessary. Whether it's a small water play feature, or a taller diving board, SoftSide Safety Padding is CPSC-certified so you'll know your safety padding meets current guidelines.


SoftSide Safety Padding Isn't Just for Kids or Swimmers:


Another great feature of SoftSide Safety Padding is its application as flooring - perfect for use in an Age-Friendly facility. Check out this article on keeping a pool safe and Age-Friendly by installing SoftSide Safety Flooring. You can click here for our Spotlight on Age-Friendly Pools. Our safety padding is an excellent choice for facilities, such as rehabilitation centers or retirement communities with active guests who need protection in slippery situations.


Bottom Line: Whatever your application is, if you need it to be safer, SoftSide Safety Padding is the top choice. Durable, textured, and customizable – play it safe and choose SoftSide.


Still have some questions? Click here for a full page of SoftSide Safety Pad information. 


SoftSide Safety Padding Specs:


1/2” - 4” thick





Biocide Formulated - to resist algae and fungal growth


Common sizes & shapes in stock

Custom sizes & shapes available

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