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An Ounce of Prevention: Cleaning Your PVC Pool Membrane

During the long life of your RenoSys PVC pool interior, you may find the need to clean your membrane – as part of your upkeep and maintenance, etc. As we discussed in a previous article about how to care for and clean your RecDeck PVC flooring, you can't just use any cleaner and go at it with a scrub brush. We aren't talking about your bathtub here; not all cleaners are created equally, or designed for use on a PVC product.


We have answered this question previously in our FAQ section, but it's always good to remind end users of the best ways to ensure the longevity of their product. The build-up or surface elements in your pool will vary slightly from other pools; so what works great for one pool may not be the best choice for another pool. Due to the possible variables, we typically suggest having several types of cleaning products on hand and seeing which works best for your pool.


To clean a drained pool (it would be pretty hard to clean when full!), you can start by a good, strong pressure-wash or blast of water around 3500 psi. With a strong stream of water, you can both injure yourself (if the water hits skin directly) or you could damage the PVC membrane if you had the spray head too close to the surface – so please be careful, for your sake and your pool's. Then, when you've finished up with the water spray cleaning, you're set to work on any “ring-around-the-pool” left behind.


For this portion, try cleaning the residue line with a citrus-based cleaner; SoftScrub with Clorox and/or Fantastic are also a good choice. You can always test the different cleaners in inconspicuous areas, and see what works best on the specific area you're trying to clean. If you happen to have very stubborn areas that aren't responding to the above cleaners, you can spot-clean with either MEK or Acetone – but you'll want to make sure you're using those very sparingly. With any strong cleaner, less is definitely more. For other (or tricky) stains: Depending on the nature of the stain or area you're working on, you can try C.L.R. If you have rust spots that refuse to leave, you can use Asorbic Acid on those. Again, with a strong cleaner, start with a smaller amount.


Safety Issue: Be sure to read the directions on whichever cleaning product you use. Follow the directions, especially if they involve wearing extra protective gear of any kind, etc. For an indoor pool, ventilation will be important; for indoors or outdoors, we recommend wearing a vapor mask to prevent exposure to harmful chemical vapors. Since many cleaners can also harm exposed skin, make sure to wear gloves and clothing that covers any areas that might come into contact with the cleaner. Eye protection is also a good idea to guard against any of the cleaner splashing or getting into your eyes. Again, cleaning a pool is different than cleaning a small bathtub! Be sure to take all precautions as you clean your pool. Safety first!


Important Note: Mixing chemicals to try and formulate a stronger cleaning product isn't just a bad idea, it can be potentially very dangerous. Remember: you're trying to clean your PVC membrane, not enter a science contest. Also, don't expect to scrub your membrane to perfection instantly. Apply your cleaner with a scrub brush and let it sit for awhile; then work on the stain after it has had a chance to sit with the applied product. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't immediately come off – some stains may need more than one treatment. This is where you can experiment to see if another cleaner works better on a particular stubborn area.


If you have any questions about cleaning your PVC pool shell, or other questions about how to care for your pool, we are happy to help. Please give our team a call at 800-783-7005.  

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