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Renovation Innovation – Planning a Waterpark (or a Pool that Feels Like One)

Even if your pool isn't competing with a local waterpark, chances are that in any community, there is something within driving distance that will be a draw...if your pool isn't. Maybe it's a nearby town's updated pool, or maybe it's an existing waterpark that families can plan a trip around. The bottom line is that every car heading down the road to the competition is one car not parked in your lot.


So now what?


You've identified the competition, (chances are you already know) and maybe it's steep. How can your aging pool compete with a nearby pool that has all the modern amenities, and appeals to guests of all ages? Unfortunately, your pool may need some help to stay in the game. Once you've decided that it's time to take your pool game to the next level, it's time to get started.


You'll Have Plenty of Homework


As you go through the process of planning, you'll need to look at things like:


Your current and goal guest-demographic: You know your guests: who does your center draw right now, and do you want to expand that audience? For instance, do you have lots of youngsters but don't have an area just for them? Are you hoping to add some waterslides that will attract older visitors who want some excitement at the pool? Or do you want your upgrade to include some fun for guests of all ages?


Ideas that you've been considering: Have you always wanted a zero-depth entry for young children? Look at feedback you've received – both suggestions, complaints, and wish-list items. If you have multiple guests complaining about a specific part of your pool, that's a clue to investigate ways to improve during your renovation. Consider your dream pool and then look realistically at the elements you came up with. You might not get all the things on your list, but with good financial planning, maybe you can! Take input from the community. Hold open meetings and listen to what your target visitors have to say. After all, if you build it...they will come.


Problems you need to address: A renovation is the ideal time to repair any issues your pool may have. Identifying these issues is key to addressing them. Don't waste time on something that could have a simple fix. If the focus of your renovation is adding waterplay elements, but you know you have a few leaks, one solution is the installation of a RenoSys PVC membrane. We can fix those leaks and allow you to plan the upgraded features you really want...without the worry about the old problems.


Budget, budget, budget: As with anything else, you need a good handle on the funds for your project before you start coming up with elaborate ideas to rival Disney World. The good news is that it is possible to plan a fantastic renovation without breaking the bank. Keep an eye on our blog later on this month for a preview article about one community who did just that – they came together, raised money, and now have a pool that will draw guests from all over. RenoSys specializes in working with your budget and saving money whenever possible. We can often use various components and essentially recycle parts of your pools – saving both time and money. Waste not, want not is a good motto for what we can do in a renovation.


What will you need when it's open? For instance, if you have a bigger pool and new layout, you may need to bring on extra lifeguards. With increased traffic, you'll also want to keep safety at the forefront of your planning. A renovation is a great time to look at improving the safety of your facility. We have plenty of great articles about ways to make sure your visitors have fun, while keeping them protected.


How RenoSys Can Help:

We know how daunting a renovation project can be, and that's why we use our 25+ years of experience to make it as easy and smooth for you as possible. We offer multiple levels of assistance: from design, to manufacturing, to installation. We will work with your architect, or handle the entire process from start to finish.


Having one point of responsibility means that you won't have to chase down answers to your questions. We know our products and services inside and out, and can tell you exactly what would work best for your unique situation. Example: If you're thinking about putting in a play area for kids, we manufacture and install both water-play features and the durable safety padding that we recommend for that type of project. If you have questions, a member of our team has the answer.


Real-world Example:


We will post an article about the Vincennes, IN community and the planning instrumental in creating the new Rainbow Beach pool, so stay tuned! This pool project is a great example if you're considering renovating your old pool and want modern, new amenities. The original Rainbow Beach opened in the mid 1930s, and the main feature was a central dive tower. Updated in the 70s with a lap pool and some diving boards, in 2012 the pool needed major work.


Instead of just deciding on making only necessary repairs, Vincennes' citizens worked together and with the local Parks & Rec Department and government to make their new waterpark-like pool come to life. RenoSys is proud to say that we were a part of such an iconic recreation destination gaining a brand new life.


Diving boards and a lap pool gave way to a large swim area, numerous exciting slides, a full kids' area including our waterplay element, Maui the Whale™ (if he is at your facility, feel free to name him whatever you want), an AquaClimb™ water rock climbing wall, even lily pads. Judging from the lines on opening day, the new and improved Rainbow Beach not only will last decades, but will keep the pool full all season long.


As we head into August, think about making this summer the last summer with an old, leaky, or just-plain-boring pool. If you know you need an upgrade but have no idea where to start, don't panic. This article is just food for thought; talking with a RenoSys team member is the first step on the path to your new aquatic facility. Take a tour around our website, request a quote, or pick up the phone today. Next season could be your best season yet. (800) 783-7005 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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