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The Material Made for Elevated Pools

While elevated or rooftop pools have become all but ubiquitous in many new construction designs, the actual construction may not be so easy to plan. Do yourself a favor and choose the material that is all but, and can actually be literally, custom made for the elevated pool. Stainless-steel is ideal for crafting a top-quality pool vessel that is lighter weight than concrete, but reliable and watertight. It's why we manufacture our popular line of SummitSeries™ pool vessels for elevated pools from high-quality stainless-steel and have built many elevated and rooftop pools from this versatile design material. Read on to see how it could benefit your construction plans.



Weight is a Number that Matters


When you're planning an elevated pool, it doesn't matter if it's a few stories above ground or on the roof of your building: the weight of your elevated pool and the additional weight of the water is an important part of your construction. Why then, would you settle for anything that is going to add unnecessary extra weight to your pool? Conventional concrete is heavy, and every extra bit matters in the elevated pool game. Stainless-steel weighs less, and our SummitSeries vessel is TIG-welded and pressure-tested to ensure leak-free performance. You're losing those needless extra pounds but gaining a watertight pool vessel with many available design features. It's a total win/win for your construction design plans.


Get a Custom Pool with Custom Options


You aren't limited by the pool vessel itself. Our vessel, for example, is available in standard shapes as well as custom geometric shapes. You can opt for impressive features like waterfalls and the very popular negative edge, also known as the infinity edge. The interior of the pool vessel can also reflect your design aesthetic: from a standard pool look via a PVC commercial-grade pool liner, to mosaic tiles, or even the contemporary-looking natural stainless finish, the pool interior is up to your design choice.



A Cleaner and Easier Construction Experience


Construction can be a difficult and messy experience, but it doesn't have to be as difficult as building a concrete pool is. Dealing with dust, mixers, and the notoriously precise weather needed to cure concrete is a real hassle and one that you can avoid by utilizing the right material. Stainless-steel requires no “perfect” weather for installation, nor do you have messy bags, dust, and grime during or after the process. Our vessels can be pre-assembled and shipped or can be assembled on site. Fun fact: since stainless-steel is a “green” material, you can feel more eco-friendly with your choice.



If you're ready to plan an elevated pool, don't make it difficult. Stainless-steel is a great building material and ideal for your pool vessel. A SummitSeries vessel is a tough, durable pool vessel that has a great track record in some amazing projects. Contact us today and talk to a member of our experienced aquatic team. You can call us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from this page. Connect with us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.



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