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What to Know Before You Re-Plaster Your Old Pool (Again


It's Halloween and what's scarier than all the ghosts, goblins, and tricks or treats? How about losing money from persistent water leaks in your old pool! That's enough to scare any commercial pool owner /operator! Remember: if you can see visible inches of water loss that actually adds up to hundreds or thousands of gallons of water lost. Obviously if you're in this situation you know you have a problem, and you might be thinking that the solution is another go 'round of more of the same – some old plastering over the cracks and getting by for a few more years. We have some things you should know before you patch those leaks...



You might have to do it again (even soon after installation)


Another frightful tale is that the average plaster pool interior may require another coat within two years of installation. Now imagine you've been nursing your pool along that's decades old! You may have had to patch it quite a few times over in order to keep things water tight. Any finances you thought you saved during installation will have evaporated thanks to the frequent upkeep required.


An alternative interior can work with a wide variety of interiors and seal existing leaks


As an alternative to conventional pool interiors, PVC pool liners have been in use for decades and have only improved and grown in popularity. A PVC liner is exactly what it sounds like – although don't picture what you might see in your neighbor's back yard pool. A 60 mil commercial-grade PVC pool liner is thick and fully encapsulates the pool vessel in a layer of watertight reliability. The PVC pool membrane that we use is custom-textured for added stability and is pore-free for extra easy maintenance. Maybe one of the best features of a PVC liner is that there is very little actual maintenance beyond routine cleaning. A PVC liner also seals off existing leaks by covering holes, gaps, chips, and cracks easily – all while preventing new leaks from forming. Thanks to the installation technique, the PVC liner isn't prone to the same shifting effects of nature of a traditional pool interior. It's even more appealing and comfortable; after enough patch-jobs your pool interior might resemble a jigsaw puzzle more than a pool. A PVC liner is one solid, consistent surface that won't scrape or scratch swimmers' skin – making it far more comfortable than many pool surfaces. Most guests prefer a PVC pool liner to a typical rough pool surface.


A PVC liner is available from installation or for renovation


Some facilities choose to install a PVC pool shell during their initial pool installation, and this can be a money-saving move from day one. Compared to other pool surfaces, the PVC membrane has similar installation costs; however, over the life of the pool shell you'll see savings thanks to its low-to-no maintenance. If you're budgeting to re-plaster your pool only two years into ownership vs doing nothing beyond basic cleaning-type maintenance to a PVC pool shell, you can see how savings would add up. PVC pool liner clients see savings over the life of their pool and since a PVC liner can last decades, it's typically worth the investment.


Other owner/operators choose to install a PVC liner during a renovation when it's time to address growing pool interior problems. A PVC pool shell can effectively create an entirely new pool interior and return an aging, leaking pool to its former performance and better-than-new appearance. It's also a great opportunity to upgrade to a custom-logo option for facilities looking to add some customization like schools, swim teams, hotels, and more.



If your pool has become a Halloween horror story for the amount of water loss you're facing, don't wait. Calling an experienced aquatic professional to assess your options for renovation is the best way to know your options. A PVC pool liner is often an ideal way to upgrade your pool while stopping problem leaks and improving the life and looks of your pool. Contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions. Call us toll-free or email us today. Know what you're interested in? Check our our Get a Quote button below. We're also online! Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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