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DuraTech: Developing the Perfect Pool Deck Drain

DuraTech™ is our range of durable pool perimeter recirculation systems. Until recently, the line of products was composed of pool gutters and grating, but we have expanded it to include an all new deck drain. The new PVC deck drain system keeps the pool deck safer, and is built to withstand both the construction process and the tough usage conditions found at busy aquatic facilities.

With so much experience designing and manufacturing products for the commercial aquatics industry, it makes a lot of sense for RenoSys to develop a product like this. We know that pool builders demand reliable products that contain water where it needs to be, and drain it from where it doesn’t. And because installation matters just as much as performance, we have incorporated a number of industry-leading features to make that process as smooth as possible.


The DuraTech Deck Drain is made from tough outdoor grade PVC that is strong enough to prevent flexing during concrete-pouring, and is the only deck drain available with a continuous exterior embed wing that grabs the surrounding concrete so that the channel doesn’t separate from it.  To minimize field labor, the system may be delivered in custom lengths of up to 20ft. Low-maintenance products are always plus, so the drain is available with DuraTech interlocking grates, which allows for easy access to any part of the channel.

A large 35% open area allows large amounts of water to flow off the pool deck quickly and efficiently. This eliminates areas of standing water and helps to keep the pool deck dry, making it safer for pool guests. 


The DuraTech Deck Drain meets or exceeds all ADA guidelines, which is important for any facility facing new construction, as well as those needing renovation. Each system is supplied with a generous 10 year warranty and is proudly made in the USA.

A member of our experienced team will be happy to answer any questions, so call or click to contact us today, and learn more about our complete range of commercial pool renovation and construction products.

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