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Aluminum Pool Repair

When considering aluminum pool repairs, it's important to understand the common and unique problems they face. Our solutions take these unique problems into account, and ensure your aluminum pool performs for years to come.



A Shocking Reality

When you add water and swimmers to an aluminum walled pool, a mild electrical charge occurs. Although it isn't strong enough to harm swimmers, the charge creates an electro-mechanical process known as galvanic corrosion. Over time, the corrosion weakens the pool interior and eventually results in holes in the metal - and where there are holes, there are leaks.


Common Preventative Measures


Sacrificial Anodes

Aluminum pools contain sacrificial anodes. Since galvanic corrosion attacks weaker metals first, these anodes are commonly made from zinc. The zinc attracts the corrosion first, protecting the aluminum pool vessel.


Of course, since the anodes experience the corrosion at an advanced rate, they soon deteriorate. If they are not maintained and replaced, the corrosion quickly begins attacking the pool interior and recirculation system.



Paint is often seen as the perfect solution, as the entire pool interior can be coated in a thick layer of protection.


However, applying paint to the pool is slow and messy, and the real problems begin when the paint inevitably  begins to chip. This exposes the aluminum underneath and provides the electrical charge with concentrated areas to corrode. This leads to multiple leaks which often prove difficult to locate.


Install A PVC Pool Membrane

The RenoSys 60mil PVC pool liner is a completely watertight membrane that covers your entire pool. The strong PVC material acts as an insulator to the damaging electrical charge, protecting the pool vessel from harmful corrosion.



The PVC pool membrane spans holes and cracks on the pool walls and floor, keeping water exactly where it should be. Unlike most pool paints and coating, the flexible and slip-resistant PVC pool liner will not chip and expose the aluminum underneath. The RenoSys PVC pool membrane is specifically designed for commercial pool applications. The 60mil thick PVC is reinforced with a wire mesh, making it extremely durable and resistant to tearing.


Replace the Gutters and Main Drain

Galvanic corrosion doesn't just affect the aluminum pool shell. Your pool's gutter system and main drain are almost certainly hiding extensive damage, leading to leaks that are even more difficult to identify and repair.



RenoSys will replace your main drain with a custom built drain for your pool size. Our DuraTech product line includes stainless steel or PVC gutters that are available in a variety of configurations. Stainless steel naturally resists corrosion, and our popular PVC gutters are a cost-effective choice for indoor pools.



Call or click to get a quote or learn more about hoe RenoSys can save your aluminum pool.










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