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GraniGrate Luxury Grating Gets Press


We were recently featured in Watershapes online and it's a terrific media mention. Click here to see the text in its entirety. Watershapes has a dedicated aquatics focus and gave some great press to our own luxury grating product, GraniGrate™ by RenoSys. Check out Watershapes and the blurb there, and we'll sum up here why GraniGrate graced the pages of the aquatics publication.



Every aquatic facility is different and has a unique design vision, and a center focused on athletics will have a very different aesthetic than one with a luxury appeal to guests. We created our GraniGrate line to complement upscale and luxury pool designs. GraniGrate is crafted from natural stone and gives a timeless, architectural edge to any pool perimeter. GraniGrate is made to spec, and comes in a variety of natural, appealing colors and styles that are versatile for many different design options. GraniGrate can be top or flush mounted and can be made to fit any variety of pool or as an accent to a skimmer-type pool.



As part of the GraniGrate line, we also create custom coping stones and have written about one of our previous renovations here. Custom coping stones from the GraniGrate line are ideal for replacing worn, aging, or tired edging around a pool or spa. We renovated an interior pool and spa and replaced the old pool border with new, attractive GraniGrate custom coping stones. The new coping stones gave both the pool and spa a safer pool-edge, as well as an updated fresh look.



If you're ready to either upgrade your pool perimeter or you're building new and need a luxury edge, take a look at the product shared by Watershapes! GraniGrate is ideal for facilities like private clubs, luxury condo/apartments, hotels, resorts, and more. With almost thirty full years leading the aquatics industry, we have the experience to answer any questions. Contact us today! You can call us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from the link below. Be sure to connect with us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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