RecDeckThe Long Term Commercial Pool Deck Flooring Solution

The RecDeck PVC decking system provides a long term proven solution to new or existing recreational decks. RecDeck is constructed of a 60 to 85 mil thick backed or reinforced PVC membrane, RecDeck flooring may be used in virtually any recreational area where slip-resistance, watertight integrity and long term ease of maintenance are primary concerns. RecDeck eliminates common deck problems such as delamination, spalling, flaking and peeling. RecDeck's aggressive slip-resistance and superior anti-fungal formulation makes it the perfect choice for locker rooms, changing rooms and around pools. RecDeck is frequently installed over 1/4" foam for superior comfort in medical, senior and young children areas where special safety and security is desired.
RenoSys RecDeck is the perfect application for commercial pool flooring and decking.

Product Overview

RecDeck is constructed of an embossed 60 mil or 85 mil thick 68" wide x 82' long sheet of textured, UV stabilized, thermoplastic, colorfast PVC. The PVC material is felt backed to ease bonding to virtually any substrate including tile, concrete, meRecDeck close up texturetal and wood, RecDeck may also be heavily reinforced to provide dimensional stability.

RecDeck is adhered down, overlapped and thermally welded together. RecDeck is perfect for use in any wet area, leisure space or recreational application. RecDeck is a Certified Class B fire-retardant product that may be employed on indoor or outdoor pools. RecDeck is an attractive, comfortable, durable surface that is perfect for applications where firm secure footing is important.


  • Pool Decks
  • Recreation & Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Exercise & Weight Rooms
  • Patios & Balconies
  • Marine & Dock Applications
  • Wherever comfortable watertight safety padding is required.



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