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A RenoSys Design and Products Makes Your Pool Age-Friendly

Even if you haven't heard of an age-friendly pool, it may be exactly the type of pool that you're looking to design or to re-design. An age-friendly pool has a design and features that ensure performance and security for guests who need it most. Young guests, older guests, or those recuperating will benefit dramatically from a well designed or upgraded age-friendly pool.


 It's All in the Design


At RenoSys, we have designed pools to be exclusively age-friendly. We have worked with clients to come up with a pool design focused totally on the end-user's needs. For instance, if you look at this article, we talk more about pool plans that include a swim/walk lane, and easy-access entry points, as well as a safety system.


It doesn't have to be an entire pool that is focused on one group of pool guests; often we create or upgrade areas in traditional pool designs. We might add water-play features for young children, a zero-depth entry for children of all ages, etc, and then create a safety system for those features, all as part of a typical community-type pool.


If you are looking into new construction or an upgrade or renovation, we recommend considering your typical pool guests and the goals you have for your facility. RenoSys has over two decades designing and building pools, as well as a high-quality product line that we design and manufacture. We often use our high-end products in our age-friendly designs, creating safe, inviting pools for our clients and their guests.


Products that Perform:


At RenoSys, we design our products exclusively for the pool. We don't skimp on function or form; our line of pool products is created to be the best and stand the test of time...and the pool itself. Constant water and chemical exposure can damage any pool components, which is why we offer products that are created to last.


Some typical RenoSys products for an age-friendly pool:


SoftSide™ safety padding – High-quality safety padding system available in either common or custom shapes and sizes. Thickness from 1/2”-4” thick. Made to resist fading and organic growth. CPSC-certified.


SoftSide Flooring: Our great SoftSide line includes safety flooring even as the pool interior itself – which is excellent for access points like stairs.


RecDeck™ Recreational Flooring: Aggressively-textured to provide an extremely high level of slip resistance. Available in a variety of appealing colors. An excellent choice for pool side, as well as changing areas, and more.


SummitSeries™ Spa or Cold-Plunge Vessel: Our SummitSeries line of stainless-steel vessels are frequently included at age-friendly facilities, both as traditional or cold-plunge therapy spa vessels. Interior finish of mosaic tile, PVC membrane, or natural stainless finish available.


DuraTech™ Grating: An often overlooked area for creating security is the pool grating. Having a durable, textured grating creates an extra area for slip-resistance and safety. Textured, strong, and even available in a variety of colors.


Security is the Name of the Game:


At RenoSys, we collaborate with our clients to create well-designed safety systems. For any facility, slip-and-fall accidents are the highest risk factor for injury. For a facility to be age-friendly, that means that guests of any age or mobility will have a higher level of security in and around the pool. Areas like access stairs, metal ladders, dive structures, water-play features, etc need to have quality safety measures included in the design. RenoSys utilizes several of our products to create a safer pool experience in our design.


The pool deck is a great place to start when adding security and considering guest safety. In order to get to the pool, you have to walk on the deck – which is why we recommend RecDeck recreational flooring. RecDeck is PVC decking that is highly-textured and adds much needed slip resistance, even when wet. For added security, you can add safety foam under RecDeck as well. We formulate it with biocides and UV-inhibitors to prevent organic growth and fading. RecDeck is durable, attractive flooring that will add security to your pool deck.

Below: close-up picture of the texture



Another danger for any pool is the structures and components in and around the pool. Metal ladders, dive stands, columns, etc all pose a hazard to pool guests. Our SoftSide safety padding is an excellent choice in both new construction and for upgrading an existing pool. Since we offer SoftSide pads in both ready-to-order common shapes and sizes, as well as custom pads, you'll get exactly what you need for your specific danger areas. SoftSide Dive Stand pads are a great option for all the facilities with diving boards or dive stands, since the risk is increased due to potential fall height. For any type of pool area that needs better security, SoftSide is the solution. Designed to withstand the tough pool environment, SoftSide padding is low maintenance, appealing, and adds vital security to any pool.



At RenoSys we know that no matter whether you have very young guests, those with mobility challenges, or a typical swim group, you want your pool to have a great design with products that last. We make sure that our pool design fits your needs, and our products ensure that you have the best performance possible. Our team is always ready to talk with you about your unique pool project. If you have questions, we definitely have answers!


We make contacting us easy. You can call us toll-free at 800-783-7005, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or you can even click Get a Quote if you're already planning ahead! Contact us today and let's get started on your pool project.  

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