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Why a RenoSys PVC Pool Membrane is the Superior Pool Interior

 There is a reason that we call our PVC membrane the Superior Pool Interior. Some people refer to what we make and install as a “liner.” Although our PVC pool shell does line the interior of a pool, it's a lot more involved than that. We refer to our PVC pool surface as a shell or membrane because unlike most pool liners, our product is much thicker, more durable, and designed and manufactured by pool experts with over 25 years of experience.



Our pool shells are versatile – working equally well for new construction and in renovations. In a renovation, our PVC membranes have a special application. Aging pool interiors can crack over the years, causing a loss of water and loss of funds, as you have to plan repairs each season (or as new leaks and issues arise).


We've been doing a series called Problem Solved, and our most recent edition focused on a total renovation that included our PVC pool shell. While we did shallow the pool in a re-design, we also used almost 90% of the pool's original infrastructure. The PVC membrane ensured that the sport club won't have to worry about cracks and leaks, as the aging pool was transformed into a leak-free new pool. Click here to read about that total pool transformation.


Consider this: your pool has seen decades of exposure, usage, and pool chemicals. You know that you're budgeting for maintenance periodically, and you know that you lose water with each new leak.

Maybe you've even looked at getting a renovation, but the hefty fee for a conventional renovation just isn't in the cards. That's where we can help. Our renovations typically offer dramatic savings vs. conventional renovation. In the Problem Solved article, we reveal that the sports club saved over $1.5 million with our renovation than what a standard renovation would have cost. Chances are, we can fix your aging pool's problems and save you funds in the process. It's a win/win solution for your aquatic facility.


Let's break it down for you in terms of benefits and specifics of our PVC pool shell:


Saves your facility money: That one is obvious. What we can save by using your existing infrastructure , you can put back toward your aquatic center.




Fixes leaks: The PVC membrane spans gaps and cracks, and seals off those areas of water loss.


Comfortable: The PVC surface is dramatically more comfortable than traditional pool surfaces. Your guests will appreciate the textured PVC instead of rough and bumpy concrete.


Durable: Our pool shell is 60 mil thick, and textured for added security. We build it to last and to keep your pool leak-free for the long haul.


Attractive: You would be amazed at the difference our PVC membrane makes once it's installed in your pool. Options like racing lane markers and custom logos only add to your new and/or improved pool.


Easy to Maintain: Since the PVC pool shell is pore-free, there aren't any little areas for dirt or gunk to settle in. Cleaning our pool membrane is simple. Click here to read more about their easy maintenance.


Custom Logos Available: RenoSys manufactures and installs your swim club, team, school, etc. logo and installs it on your PVC pool shell. It's a great choice for any organization wanting extra appeal in their pool. Click here to read an article about our custom logo options.




If you are looking for an innovative way to renovate your pool, or a smart choice for new pool construction, lining your pool with a RenoSys PVC pool shell is definitely a great option. Our PVC membranes are tough, watertight, and easy to clean. They keep your pool looking and performing great for years to come – in an economical renovation that can save you money.


Call us today to find out how we can help you save funds and improve your pool with our superior pool interior – the RenoSys PVC pool shell. 800-783-7005.

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