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The IP Casino Gets a RenoSys Renovation

Located in Biloxi, Mississippi and overlooking scenic Back Bay, the IP Casino & Spa is well-placed to offer a luxurious stay to spa guests and fun-seekers alike. Originally, the casino wanted RenoSys to revamp just the shallow “sun-bathing” areas bordering the main part of the spacious outdoor pool. These areas ranged from 8-10” and the deepest being 1'2”deep – enough to stay cool in the sun, but provide relaxation vs. swimming in the deeper main pool.


The scope of the project changed when the IP Casino & Spa elected to renovate the entire swimming pool, including having RenoSys place their logo on the pool floor.


Here you can see the membrane and logo in place, during the renovation process. 



The “after” shot shows the inviting, newly renovated pool, ready for casino and spa guests alike. 


To see how a RenoSys renovation can benefit your  facility, call one of our team members today: 800-783-7005.


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