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RenoSys Renovates an Above-Grade Hotel Pool Using our Line of Innovative Pool Products

No two projects are the same here at RenoSys; and with our busy season in high-gear, we are utilizing our quality product line for many different clients. This recently-completed project demonstrates what a difference installation of our aquatics-exclusive products can make. We created a watertight pool and pool deck, and also added a sleek, inviting customized look to the pool.


The Westin O'Hare hotel in Chicago is located conveniently for the busy traveler – both near the airport, as well as Chicago's famed “El” (elevated) rail system. Recently, the hotel went through an extensive renovation...and is any renovation really complete without taking a look at the pool? Of course, a pool is an important amenity for a hotel and its guests. Making the most of the hotel's design, and ensuring year-round availability, the Westin O'Hare has an indoor, above-grade pool.


RenoSys was happy to help add our own upgrade expertise when we worked with the Westin to renovate their indoor pool. We used our Superior Pool Interior™ to line the interior of the pool. The RenoSys PVC pool shell is our top-of-the-line, high-end aquatic renovation performer. Our PVC shell is 60 mil thick – textured, comfortable, and durable. The RenoSys membrane seals a pool's interior and keeps water where it belongs. Whether used in new construction, or a renovation like the Westin O'Hare, our membrane is the ideal choice for any pool interior/surface. The RenoSys pool shell can both stop existing leaks, and prevent water loss that otherwise may occur with a traditional pool surface. The Westin O'Hare now has a quality, long-lasting pool membrane that will keep their above-grade pool watertight. Guests will enjoy both the attractive interior, as well as the comfort of our PVC pool shell.


Pictured: View of pool area with membrane installed



Not only did RenoSys install our PVC pool membrane, but we also added customization unique to the Westin O'Hare. Since we offer custom logo production and installation, many clients have eagerly requested the custom appearance of having their own logo on their pool surface. At RenoSys, we take a client's own logo, name, image etc. and replicate it in durable PVC; typically, we install the custom logo on the pool surface during our renovation. Our PVC products working in tandem are always the best choice! Custom logo installation is popular with clients ranging from swim clubs, to schools, to hotels like the Westin O'Hare. A logo on the pool surface adds a dramatic and personal appeal for any facility.


Pictured: A custom logo in production at our facility 



Pictured: The custom logo installed on the surface of the Westin O'Hare


Not limited to the pool itself on this project, RenoSys also installed our RecDeck™ PVC recreational flooring. Although quite common, a typical concrete pool deck can be slippery, dangerous, and not always appealing. With constant exposure to humidity and water, average pool decks can also become host to unpleasant growth like mold or algae, requiring more frequent cleaning and/or maintenance. One important point that we often tell our clients is that our products are designed exclusively for aquatic usage. We know how tough the pool environment is in any facility. Not only are components exposed to usage, water, and humidity, but of course common pool chemicals as well. We design and manufacture our product line to stand up to the harsh aquatic environment; this results in long-lasting pool features that require much less maintenance.


Pictured: View of RecDeck pool decking with Shell and Logo visible


RecDeck is a perfect example of an ideal pool deck surface. First off, once RecDeck is installed, as at the Westin O'Hare, the original deck is encapsulated in a watertight, quality PVC flooring. RecDeck is agressively-textured, providing security and stability for pool guests – and minimizing slippage dangers. We formulate RecDeck with biocides: that means that the very make-up of the flooring helps prevent unwanted algae and mold growth. Not only do we use biocides, but RecDeck is also UV-stabilized, meaning that it will resist fading due to sunlight exposure. Indoors or out, RecDeck is ideal for pool decking, locker-rooms, etc. It's durable, attractive, and easy to maintain. The Westin O'Hare added RecDeck to surround the pool and ensure a watertight PVC decking. RecDeck adds traction, safety, and an upgraded look to the indoor pool at the Westin O'Hare.


It's always a good moment when we reach the just-add-water stage of a renovation! The Westin O'Hare benefited from a combination of our renovation expertise and our product line. The newly renovated hotel now has a luxury above-grade pool to match the inviting hotel itself. RenoSys understands how important a pool is to any hotel and its guests. The upgraded pool area at the Westin O'Hare will provide recreation and relaxation year round for its guests, with the added security and leak-free performance of the RenoSys line of pool products.


If you're looking to upgrade your pool, fix your old pool, or build a new pool – call our team of aquatics experts today. We'll get the details and discuss your unique situation, and what services and products would work best for you. Every facility is different and we know that your pool project has unique needs. Call us today and we'll help you get started! 800-783-7005. You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or even click Get a Quote.

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