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A How-To Guide for Cleaning Your Stainless-Steel Gutters

Periodically, we like to be proactive and give you helpful ideas for routine maintenance and cleaning. We've written several articles about cleaning and caring for our various products, like our PVC pool shell and our durable RecDeck™ Flooring. Click the links below to find any of those articles:


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What you'll need to clean your stainless-steel gutters/grating:

rubber gloves and/or other protective gear

glass cleaner or mild detergent

Barkeeper's Friend (or other stainless-steel specific cleaner)

plastic-bristle brush

Scotchbrite pad


We know that time and usage affect every part of your aquatic facility. Floor, to pool surface, to gutters – eventually you will need to spend some time cleaning these areas. For your stainless-steel gutters, the work should be fairly minimal. Although the idea of stainless is in the name, that basically refers to its ability to avoid rust and corrosion in common usage; however, it isn't totally indestructible, so dirt and grime can certainly affect it. To help prevent issues, make sure that your air circulation and water balance are correct. (Pictured: stainless-steel gutter with PVC grating) 


If you notice light scratches or dirt on your stainless steel gutters (or for those who just enjoy cleaning), you can try some basic glass cleaner or a mild detergent and see if that does the trick. What if your gutters are a bit beyond a quick spot cleaning?


For a deeper clean, you can use a cleaner specifically designed for stainless steel. Have you heard of Barkeeper's Friend? It's a cleaner widely available and that we often recommend you use to clean your stainless-steel gutters around the edge of your pool. Using this cleaner in conjunction with some basic citric acid (available in health food-type stores) is a great combination to get your gutters back to like-new condition.




*Using the citric acid after the application of stainless-steel cleaner is really important. This step helps your gutters resist corrosion.

 *We also recommend that you follow usage and safety guidelines listed on any product used to clean your commercial pool stainless-steel gutters.


Proper maintenance will ensure that your pool gutters will stand up to corrosion and rust, and remain stainless and looking great. If you have more questions about cleaning or maintaining your stainless-steel gutters, give us a call. We are happy to help! 800-783-7005. 

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