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The Difference a Well-Designed Pool Deck Can Make


Concrete is a common decking surface both indoors and outdoors...but common doesn't equate to quality or to ideal for your facility! In fact, there are plenty of problems with the most common surfaces you'll find around many aquatic centers including: dangerous breakage that could lead to injury, increased loss of traction with water exposure, as well as unhygienic conditions fostered by the material itself. So what's the owner/operator of a commercial aquatic center to do? Luckily, there are superior surfaces that can solve many of the problems posed by the common pool surfaces – we just happen to have developed one of the best. Read on to find out how you can improve the ground you and your guests take for granted....


Pictured: A Better Pool Deck


Water + An Inferior Surface = Danger


Standing water is a common sight at any commercial pool. From dripping swimmers to splashed water, you just can't get rid of all the water that hits the deck. When standing water sits on a concrete pool deck, that deck becomes a whole lot slicker which can lead to some nasty and downright dangerous slip and fall type accidents.


Water + An Inferior Surface = Unhealthy Organic Growth


You've seen plenty of tile in locker rooms and changing rooms, and with it comes grout that seems to look like it needs to be scrubbed minutes after installation. No matter how often you clean, a damp locker room just fits the bill for some unhealthy organic pests. The space between the tiles is a bit harder to clean and can allow for fungal and algae growth to set up shop. No one wants that in their locker room or changing room!


The elements + An Inferior Surface = Danger


When your pool deck is outdoors and exposed to the elements, or let's face it – even indoors and exposed to years of water and pool chemicals, time itself is the enemy. Years of exposure to changing temperatures, water, and chemicals can cause real damage to a concrete pool deck. You can end up with chips, cracks, and breakage – all areas that can cause a tripping or fall hazard. It's dangerous as well as unappealing to have an aging and deteriorating pool deck.


A Superior Surface + Challenges = Solution


There are alternatives to common pool decking and locker room surfaces, and we developed a leading recreational surface from our years of experience in the aquatics industry. RecDeck™ PVC recreational flooring is crafted from heavy-duty PVC that is both more attractive than conventional recreational surfaces and better suited to the job. RecDeck is highly textured and retains its slip-resistance even when damp or covered in standing water! By increasing traction in your locker room, changing rooms, and around your pool, RecDeck can play a vital role in your aquatic facility's safety system. RecDeck also tackles other common problems: its formulated with biocides to prevent organic growth right at the source. We even added UV-inhibitors to keep RecDeck colorfast so your flooring will look great for years to come. Unlike other coatings or coverings, RecDeck won't chip, flake, or peel – and fully encapsulates your pool deck in a watertight, high-quality PVC surface.



If you're ready to break away from the conventional – maybe because the conventional is already breaking – it's time to upgrade to a recreational flooring that is designed for the aquatic environment by aquatic professionals. If you call or email us, we'll send you a free brochure with samples of RecDeck so you can see the difference up close. You can also talk to a member of our team who'll be happy to answer any of your questions. With almost thirty years leading the aquatics industry, we have the experience and knowledge to fix your pool problems. Call us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from the link below. Be sure to follow us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!


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