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DuraTech Gutters: Part 1 of a Gutter Upgrade Story


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As we noted on our Facebook page yesterday, we have yet another DuraTech™ project underway. This project is the installation of our DuraTech PVC gutter, which the picture in this article shows getting ready to ship. We can't wait to reveal both the “in-progress” as well as the “completed project” articles as we go! It's okay if you don't know DuraTech from Duracell – we'll tell you exactly why our gutters and grating are ideal for your pool problems...


Solutions to Problem Perimeters


Awhile back we shared how you could have grating going bad and not know it until it's too late. Then again, you might already be faced with chipped and broken grating, or even leaks from your pool gutters. These are definitely major perimeter issues – but as with so many water woes, RenoSys has the solution and it's a major upgrade from your current less-than-effective gutter or grating.


Broken grating that we replaced with DuraTech


In the case of grating that's damaged or aging badly, or the need for great grating from the start, we recommend our durable PVC (or stainless-steel) grating. Our PVC grating can easily convert broken and dangerous “grating gone bad” to durable, attractive grating that actually increases security for your guests. If you're wondering if your grating could be grating going bad, if it shows US Pat # 4483025 it's prone to damage. If you see this patent number, don't hesitate and contact us about upgrading to DuraTech.


The upgrade to DuraTech is clear! 


DuraTech is our line of high-performance, watertight gutters and grating available in both durable PVC and high-quality stainless-steel. The project that we'll be following utilizes our DuraTech PVC gutters. Our PVC gutters are factory-built in up to 32' sections. They're built using a completely seam-free process which is ideal for gutter construction. The corners are pre-mitered which means that there is minimal construction downtime – it's one more thing that saves time on your pool project! These DuraTech PVC gutters are guaranteed for 10 years.


DuraTech gutters prepping to ship out: 


The project we're looking at is an old 25' long Chester Aluminum high school pool and we're anxious to show you the “during” and of course the always-impressive “after” pictures!


Print, Water, Waves


If you're considering upgrading your leaking gutters or aging grating, don't delay. You don't want to wait until you're losing water from leaks, or until your grating constitutes a safety hazard. Upgrade to the high-quality, reliability of DuraTech by RenoSys today and enjoy years of worry-free performance and security. Contact our team of pool professionals and find out how our line of pool products and services will solve your water woes. You can call us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from the link on this page. Connect with us online at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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