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RenoSys Can Renovate Your Pool's Mechanical Room, Too


Your pool is more complicated than just a big vessel full of water. Keeping your pool water healthy and everything running in great shape is tricky and requires a good mechanical room. You may not give a lot of thought to the pool's mechanical room, but a healthy mechanical room is a healthy pool. You need to ensure that the environment in your pool's mechanical room is safe for your staff and your equipment. Read on below for more on how RenoSys can help make your pool's mechanical room as great as your pool...


You'll see the before and after pictures below on a project where we created a much better, safer mechanical room system. In fact, RenoSys can design, fabricate, and install chemical mechanical isolation and evacuation systems to control chemical fume issues in pool rooms. This is pretty important – especially if you already know your pool room is prone to having fume problems.


Designed to be corrosion-resistant and integrated, with state-of-the-art foul air evacuation systems, mechanical rooms can be made much safer and can help protect your equipment from the ravages of pool chemical fume attacks.


The picture below shows the room before we completed the improved mechanical room:



The after picture shows once the roof of the mechanical room has been installed:



If you're interested in protecting your facility, staff, and equipment from common chemical fumes that affect every aquatic facility, call or email us today. We'll help you create a better mechanical room. For information on our other aquatic products, click the Knowledge Center link. Connect with us online through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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