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Is a Stainless Steel Gutter Right for Your Pool?

Last week, we wrote about how we use stainless steel in FuturaPool™ to craft some of the most durable, appealing, and watertight pool vessels in the business. Today we're looking at how that same high quality material can benefit the pool perimeter. By utilizing stainless steel in DuraTech™ gutters, pools are equipped with an effective and efficient water recirculation system. 



Stainless steel is a versatile building material. It's composed almost entirely from recycled steel and is itself recyclable. Green credentials and a proven record of durability make it attractive for many building applications. But what makes it so great for pool gutters?


A Competitive Advantage 

Stainless steel gutters are excellent for both indoor and outdoor commercial pool applications. We often install stainless steel gutters at facilities with a focus on competitive swimming. Depending on the configuration, the pool perimeter can help to create a “fast” pool – one that is optimal for racing. In the photo below you'll see DuraTech stainless steel gutters with our PVC grating at a competition pool.



This pool in Frisco, TX is a great example because it also demonstrates how FuturaPool, the RenoSys PVC Pool Shell™, and DuraTech gutters and grating form a totally integrated system. This is one seriously watertight, attractive, high-performance pool!


Proven Performance

Another benefit of stainless steel gutters is their flexibility. There are various configurations to fit the many needs of different types of commercial pools. All DuraTech gutters are TIG-welded, then static-tested to ensure leak-free reliability. DuraTech stainless steel gutters are tough and designed to resist corrosion, and with no need for buried pipes, you'll have a lot less maintenance.



Gutter leaks are common, but losing water doesn't have to be something you just accept. If you're ready to redo your pool's perimeter, or want to ensure efficient water circulation from the start, talk with one of our experienced team members. They can help you determine whether a stainless steel or PVC gutter is right for you, and what configuration will work best. Just call or click to get a quote!

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