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Aquatic Centers and Building a Solid Safety System with RenoSys Products

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One great feature of RenoSys aquatics products is that they work equally well when performing alone or combined. When you're building or upgrading a safety system at your aquatic facility, you can dramatically increase security by combining RenoSys products designed exclusively for the pool environment. With our top-quality product line, the more the merrier! Read on to find out how to build your best safety system...


Safety Gains Ground


Our last article looked at our impressive recreational flooring – RecDeck™. You'd be remiss if you didn't consider your flooring when designing a safety system for your pool. Conventional concrete decking is notoriously hazardous, especially when wet. Coatings often don't perform well or last long. RecDeck is different: it's a consistent layer of thick, durable PVC that totally encapsulates the surface below in watertight coverage. What makes it a great safety feature? RecDeck is highly-textured which provides increased traction and added safety. You even have the option of having RecDeck installed over safety foam for a high level of security. (This is a great choice for facilities with a higher-risk guest demographic, such as rehab centers, age-friendly facilities, etc.)



As you can see in the pictures, RecDeck looks inviting, is much more attractive than conventional concrete decking, and is very textured. RecDeck comes in three attractive colors, and you can also combine colors for a unique look. By adding RecDeck recreational flooring to your facility, you dramatically improve the safety as well as the appeal.


Tough Traction for Your Perimeter


When considering safety, the perimeter of your pool might be an area easy to overlook; however, it can actually increase safety with the right products. RenoSys developed our durable, textured DuraTech™ PVC grating with the aquatic environment in mind. Made to last, it's also made with visible texture which increases security right at the pool's edge. Considering the pool's edge is also an entry and exit from the pool, having sturdy grating that also provides security is a good design. DuraTech PVC grating is ideal, as the marine-grade grating is designed exclusively for the pool and textured for safety. It's available in a variety of colors, and we also manufacture curved grating in any width.



Don't skip the pool perimeter when you're building your safety system. Your grating should be more than just a forgotten part of your pool. Our highly-textured DuraTech PVC grating is even slip-resistant certified. (We also offer stainless-steel grating as well as luxury granite GraniGrate™)


A Softer Place to Land


Spring, Down Feather, Bird Feather

Once you have the traction, you still need a good plan for safety padding. Many facilities have hard components, or even dive platforms or boards, water play features, etc. These high-risk areas need a serious safety pad, which is why designed our impressive SoftSide™ Safety padding. It's padding that will fit your exact needs, down to custom shapes, sizes, and thickness. We also offer ready-to-order padding in common shapes and sizes. You can choose thickness based on your padding needs as well: 1/2”-4” thick. A center with 3m dive platforms might need a thicker pad than one with a different feature. Below you'll see some great examples of dive stand pads, as well as custom pads for unique play features.




SoftSide padding is great: not just in increasing safety, but also in performing in a tough climate. Not all pads are meant to provide security at an aquatic center. Some pads are designed only to cushion falls from swing-sets! Not SoftSide: it's created by aquatic professionals for aquatic facilities. SoftSide is designed with cushioning foam covered in thick, durable PVC. The tough PVC exterior is totally watertight, and pore-free for easy maintenance. SoftSide pads are designed and manufactured to withstand water exposure, usage, and pool chemicals. Our padding is UV-stabilized to resist fading, and also formulated to prevent common organic growth. Slip-resistant SoftSide pads also meet or exceed all CPSC requirements. For unique pool components or common hazardous areas, SoftSide safety padding looks great while increasing security at your facility.


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While these products alone certainly provide increased safety - combined they form a solid safety system. The “ounce of prevention” takes form with both RecDeck flooring, as well as DuraTech PVC grating. The slip-resistant surfaces provide needed traction, even when in the frequently-wet pool environment. If your guests do experience a slip-and-fall moment, SoftSide padding will provide dependable fall protection. With a safety system built by RenoSys, you'll have security you can rely on. Contact our team to find out more: just call, email, or find us through Facebook. You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram, too. If you're ready to get started, click Get a Quote for more info.


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