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Happy Labor Day! Make the End of Summer the Beginning of Improving Your Pool

With only about 90 days from Memorial Day to Labor Day each summer, it can feel like your outdoor aquatic center is hardly open before you have to close for the season. For many people, both holidays are associated with the opening and closing of their favorite pools. Labor Day isn't just a US holiday; Canada and various European countries also have their version of the holiday – and some also use it as a general “end of summer” to close pools and start schools.



How was your summer season? Did opening go smoothly, and did you have good attendance? Was your commercial pool in good shape? Or did you have some water loss, leaks, or necessary repairs? Did you lose some of your patrons to other facilities?


If you have an indoor commercial pool; a hotel, casino, health club, etc. you'll be paying attention to the state of your pool year round. Labor Day won't have much of an impact on your aquatic center, unless it draws guests who had been swimming outside for the past few months. Has time and use taken a toll on your pool? You can use Labor Day as a reminder that summer is coming to an end and it may be time to check your pool and see if any repairs or improvements are necessary.


(If you or your community are planning new construction on a commercial pool, this may be the last Labor Day before you have your own summer schedule to plan. We've written about planning an aquatic center, for both new construction and renovation. (Click here to see that article.) As the summer season comes to an end, assess your commercial pool. Examine the interior of the pool, as well as any water play features, structures, and decking. There are almost always improvements you can make, and upgrades that will make the next summer season better for your patrons.


RenoSys Products that Benefit Any Renovation, Upgrade, or New Pool:


Our PVC Pool Membrane: Leaks and cracks are last season's problem when RenoSys installs our durable PVC pool shell. Textured and thick, the pvc pool shell spans cracks and is ideal for making an old, leaking pool watertight. The membrane is pore-free, easy to maintain, and textured to add security for your guests. If you have a pool you've nursed along each summer, dealing with leaks and water loss, the RenoSys pool membrane system is exactly what your pool needs. If finances are on your mind, relax – a RenoSys renovation typically is dramatically less expensive than traditional renovation options.




SoftSide™ Safety Padding & Flooring: Worried about slip-and-fall accidents at your facility? It's a legitimate concern that we've covered before. Every year people are injured, often seriously, from falls at commercial pools. Don't let your pool be part of that number. It doesn't matter if you have a diving board, a splash area, or a water slide, you need to be sure that if someone does fall, you have high-quality safety pads in place. Read more about SoftSide here; and depending on your needs, SoftSide Flooring is available and a great choice for added safety.



RecDeck™ Recreational Flooring: If your pool is doing well but your pool deck isn't, we have the solution. Outdoors or indoors, RecDeck is durable, highly-textured recreational flooring. It works equally well indoors as out; and because of its specific formulation, RecDeck needs little maintenance and is durable even in outdoor usage and with exposure to weather. UV-resistant to avoid fading, formulated with biocides to prevent algae and fungal growth, and easy to clean, RecDeck is ideal for any pool deck, in locker rooms, or fitness areas. Read more about RecDeck here.




Our Grating Products DuraTech™ - and more: Planning to undergo a total pool transformation, or building new? Our quality grating is often part of a RenoSys project. Are you looking for strength? In that case, DuraTech is the answer - check it out here. What about if you want a very distinctive edge for your pool that sets your facility apart? Try our GraniGrate™ - the grating made from actual granite stone. Read about that here.



Stainless Steel Gutter Systems: There are lots of options with our gutters and grating; click through the website to learn more. If you want a negative edge (infinity pool), we can do that. If you want a gutter designed for a competitive pool, we can do that, too. Bottom line: the best gutter system for your pool is DuraTech, along with our expertise in design and installation.


The Evacuator™: For those with indoor commercial pools, this can save you from wear and tear on the components of your pool - any metal structures, and the HVAC system. Its important benefit is the improvement to the air in your center. Swimmers' organic compounds (sweat, etc) + water & chlorine = irritating (and unhealthy) chloramines. The Evacuator removes the compounds and vents them safely to outside. Your guests (literally) breathe easier, and the chloramines that can damage your metal ladders, vents, etc are evacuated. To find out more about improving air quality at your indoor pool, read here.




Maui the Whale™ & Other Water Play Elements: If you have a community outdoor or indoor pool, don't forget that it's supposed to be fun. RenoSys has installed floating lily pads, water dump sprayers and more, and water play animal-slide Maui the Whale. Maui has made quite a splash (pun intended) at his inaugural home. See more of Maui here. If you want to add fun features to your indoor or outdoor pool, RenoSys can help.




Just because Labor Day is once again upon us, that doesn't mean winterizing the outdoor pool and not thinking about it again until next spring. This is the perfect time to consider renovating or improving your pool. If you need help or suggestions, call RenoSys today; one of our pool professionals will assist you in getting your pool ready for next season.




All of us at RenoSys wish you a happy, healthy, and safe Labor Day weekend. Enjoy the last few days of your outdoor community pool, and think about how RenoSys could make next summer your best summer.




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