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Problem Solved Series: Three Old Community Pools Become Watertight & Worry-Free with RenoSys



In our ongoing Problem Solved Series, we continue to revisit our past successful pool projects, and give a thorough discussion of the specific problems each facility faced – and more importantly, how RenoSys solved them. With each scenario, there are common problems faced by many facilities. This series allows pool owner/operators to recognize their own pool issues, and see that RenoSys has options and solutions that would also work in their situation. At RenoSys, we know the battle that your pool must fight year after year – under attack from weather, usage, water and chemical exposure. We are the reinforcements that you need to keep your pool from losing the war on damage. RenoSys routinely transforms badly damaged and deteriorating pools into watertight, inviting, and high-performing facilities. The facility profiled here is a great example of a pool given new life after a RenoSys renovation.


The Facility:


Senator's Ridge is an upscale, highly-desirable, gated community in Dallas, Georgia. The gated community is located conveniently near I-75, but still removed enough for residents to have a break from their work day. Senator's Ridge boasts an impressive amount of amenities, like tennis courts, and not just one, but three different pools.


The Problem:


Like so many different facilities, Senator's Ridge had exterior pools that were aging after years of exposure. All three pools experienced heavy water loss, and the operators believed that the caulk joints were responsible. Every year, they spent time and money replacing these caulk joints to try and prevent the heavy volume of water loss. At some point, the pools weren't even functional. Finally, the Senator's Ridge HOA decided that something more dramatic and permanent needed to be done to fix their community pools.



The Solution:


Senator's Ridge brought their problem to RenoSys. They were tired of spending time and money with what amounted to a temporary fix. The Georgia gated community was ready for a permanent solution. RenoSys installed our high-performing, durable PVC pool shell in each of the three pools.



RenoSys utilizes our 60 mil thick, custom-textured pool membrane in new construction as well; however, the PVC membrane has a special application in renovations. The PVC shell is much more than just a simple “liner” - our Superior Pool Interior™ is thick, durable, and easily covers cracks and gaps, making a leaky pool watertight.


Our PVC shell is an excellent choice when a facility's primary issue is water loss. We know exactly how costly water leaks are, both in repair time, money, and pool operating time that is lost. We wrote an informative article here about pool leaks. Remember: even a few visible inches of water loss actually adds up to many costly gallons. Senator's Ridge grew tired of draining multiple pools and repairing leaks, only to have the repairs fail.


You can click here to read about a typical RenoSys PVC pool shell installation. Once we installed a RenoSys pool shell in each of the three pools, we broke the leak/repair/repeat cycle for the Senator's Ridge community. Much to their relief, residents could now use any of the three pools and rest assured that they were all leak-free; of course with a RenoSys pool shell, each pool is also attractive and comfortable.


One community representative announced, “We couldn't be happier with the RenoSys System.” In short, that's what we do, and what we take pride in: we transform problem pools into pools that people enjoy and don't have to worry about. Senator's Ridge is just one of many facilities that have seen their problems drain away – just like the water used to ... before RenoSys.


If you are still anxiously checking your pool to see how much water you've lost in a day or a week, we have an answer for that. You don't have to be a prisoner to the leak/repair/repeat pool cycle: a RenoSys renovation can set you free from repairs. We can turn that old and leaking pool into a pool that you and your patrons enjoy. If you're worried about funds for renovating your pool, RenoSys typically ends up giving our clients dramatic savings when compared to conventional renovation. We utilize as much of the pool's existing infrastructure: RenoSys basically recycles old pools.


Don't hesitate – every lost gallon is hitting your wallet. RenoSys can do for you what we did for Senator's Ridge and its three community pools. We can take your leaking pool and restore it using our decades of experience and our quality pool products. Call today and talk with a member of our team: 800-783-7005.

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