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SummitSeries is The Height of Luxury in Elevated Pool & Spa Applications


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If you're designing or building a luxury building, you might wonder what the height of luxury is – and the answer to that is the in-demand amenity of the rooftop pool or spa. Elevated pools have gained tremendous popularity because they offer guests the enjoyment of a pool and all without sacrificing the physical space a traditional ground floor pool would occupy. From hotels to apartments to health clubs, above-grade pools are becoming the newest “must have” design feature. RenoSys designs, manufactures, and installs our SummitSeries™ stainless-steel pool vessel for elevated pool applications. SummitSeries reaches the height of luxury and is ideal for your pool project.



Stainless-steel for Pools and Spas



Our SummitSeries pool/spa vessels are ideal for elevated construction. First off, above-grade pools are a weighty issue (pun intended). When considering an elevated pool or spa, realize that conventional concrete construction is much heavier than a SummitSeries stainless-steel vessel. When every extra ounce matters, the lighter-weight SummitSeries is the clear winner.


When your pool is floors above the ground, you have to make sure it's reliable and watertight. Our SummitSeries vessel is TIG-welded and both static- and pressure-tested to ensure leak-free performance you can rely on.


It's also much cleaner during actual construction. No concrete dust, debris, and mess – with SummitSeries we can assemble the vessel on-site, or ship it pre-assembled and you're spared the grit and grime of typical concrete above-grade pools.


What about the weather? Well, what about it...? With typical concrete you're stuck waiting for prime conditions. Temperature, moisture, etc all have to be in a certain range for the concrete to cure. Our vessel is ready to go, exactly when you need it – no “perfect” conditions apply.


Fun fact: Stainless-steel is a green product. The majority of all stainless-steel comes from recycled steel, and your pool/spa vessel itself is recyclable.


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Your Facility, Your Design, Your Pool


A great facet of SummitSeries is the flexibility you'll enjoy. Your pool/spa design will fit exactly what your pool project needs. You can choose from standard pool shapes to custom geometric designs. We also offer features like waterfalls and the popular and dramatic negative (infinity) edge. You have to admit that having an “infinity” style pool floors above the ground, overlooking the city streets is something that not every facility can enjoy. Appealing luxury pools like this are a draw to potential guests and an important amenity to those who utilize the pool.



The pool interior itself is another design feature with flexibility. You can select from a contemporary look with a natural stainless-steel finish, attractive mosaic tile, or the popular RenoSys PVC membrane. One great feature of choosing our PVC pool shell is that it adds one more layer of watertight protection. Of course our PVC shell includes the added option of a custom logo. Your facility's unique logo can be installed right on the surface of your pool, creating a dramatic brand display.



If you're looking for the clear winner that is a cut above the rest, look up to SummitSeries stainless-steel pool and spa vessels. Our team of dedicated aquatics professionals can assist you with any questions you have about getting started on your above-grade construction. We have installed inviting, dramatic rooftop and elevated pools in all sorts of facilities and locations. You can click here for our informative SummitSeries brochure. Contact us toll-free today, email us, or even Get a Quote by following the link below. RenoSys is online – follow us via our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see the best in the professional aquatics industry.


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