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Problem Solved Series: A Community Center Pool With a Focus on Competition Gets a RenoSys Total Transformation


Today's edition of the Problem Solver series is a bit different. It's a RenoSys renovation, as well as one of our most recently completed projects. We'll take an in-depth, and illustrated look at this pool project. In this behind-the-scenes article, you'll get to see a total transformation in progress and the impressive end result. RenoSys is focused on aquatics: this project is a great example of our team, services, and high-end pool product line. Our focus on being a design/build firm enables us to have a truly collaborative experience with our clients – and this client benefited by that unique partnership.


The Facility:


The Regenstreif Natatorium is part of the larger JCC facility, a community center with activities, classes, competition and more for guests of all ages. The JCC is located west of the scenic White River, and in the heart of Indianapolis, IN – home town to our central RenoSys office and manufacturing facilities. The Natatorium has a strong focus on competitive swimming and events. Naturally, when an overhaul was due, the facility needed a timely and high-quality renovation. They called RenoSys, and our team got to work.


The Problem:


The Regenstreif Natatorium needed some major work to continue providing a top-notch competition pool and resource for their patrons. Ensuring the integrity of the pool's interior would demand an upgrade. There were access stairs that needed some work, as well as the pool's circulatory perimeter. The existing pool deck itself could easily be a safer surface with an upgrade, too. The upgrade and renovation would keep the Natatorium leak-free and operating for many years to come, be easier to maintain for pool operators, and more end-user friendly for pool guests. What sounds overwhelming and dramatic to many of our clients is something that RenoSys handles on a daily basis, utilizing our 25+ years of experience and our aquatics-exclusive product line.


The Solution:


To tackle the Natatorium pool's interior, our team of installation professionals got down to the very basics – revealing the aging concrete and degrading infrastructure of the pool itself. In the pictures below, you'll see the “before” interior – which will transform into a very impressive “after” shot by the end of this article.


The original interior shows its age:


Another view of the pool's old interior:


RenoSys manufactures and installs our Superior Pool Interior™ for pool projects just like the Regenstreif Natatorium pool. Our PVC pool shell completely covers the pool's main interior with a durable, watertight 60 mil thick layer of PVC. The RenoSys membrane easily spans any gaps, cracks, and leaks that have occurred with time and age. Our membrane isn't a standard pool liner that you might expect to see in someone's back yard – it's a thick, commercial-grade, new pool interior surface.


Work on installing the new RenoSys membrane:


Making progress on the pool's new interior:


After installing our PVC membrane, any areas of water loss are immediately sealed, providing years of reliability and leak-free performance. The RenoSys PVC pool membrane is the corner stone of our aquatics product line. Our membrane totally transforms an aging pool interior into a watertight, comfortable, long-lasting pool. The end-user experiences the inviting, attractive, consistent surface throughout the entire pool. Any previous chips, cracks, or rough patches are gone and replaced by the comfortable PVC membrane.


We recommend our PVC shell for any pool experiencing water leaks, no matter how minor. We know that even a few inches can actually be tons of water (and funds) down the proverbial drain. For new pool construction, our PVC membrane offers just another layer of protection against leaks. At the Regenstreif Natatorium, the new RenoSys membrane will seal the pool and keep water where it belongs. The PVC membrane is very low-maintenance; since it's pore free, there are no tricky areas that might accumulate any dirt or grime – offering a more sanitary experience and ease of ownership.


The pool being refilled after interior work complete:


The Regenstreif Natatorium now sports the RenoSys Superior Pool Interior: a total win for the pool with a focus on competition.


The circulatory perimeter of the pool is highly important, especially in a pool used frequently for swim meets. The old gutter system was also in need of help, and RenoSys totally rebuilt the gutter system to keep the water circulating as it should. We also installed all new gutter dropouts. In the pictures below, you'll see the original gutters, and the unobtrusive newly-rebuilt gutters while in progress. They now perform well and look just as good.


Close-up look at pool perimeter:



Deck and perimeter work underway:


RenoSys also modified custom access steps (not pictured).


One thing that swimmers and spectators alike use at the Regenstreif Natatorium is the pool deck. The safety around the pool is always paramount at any pool, and the deck itself plays a large role in that. By upgrading the pool deck, the Natatorium could increase safety for all pool guests, and also minimize any necessary maintenance.


RenoSys designs and manufactures all our pool products with the harsh aquatic environment in mind. We know that water exposure, time, chemicals, and usage combined take a toll on all pool components, and we create our products to stand up to the challenge. Our RecDeck™ recreational flooring is a perfect example of our innovative aquatics-exclusive design.


At the Regenstreif Natatorium, RenoSys team members installed our RecDeck PVC flooring around the pool. RecDeck is an ideal decking surface, as it totally encapsulates the deck surface below. It is watertight, durable, and attractive. Even better, we formulate RecDeck with both biocides and UV-inhibitors. The biocides help prevent the hassle of any common organic growth, such as algae or fungal-growth. The UV-inhibitors help RecDeck resist fading and remain colorfast. Just by installing RecDeck, the facility has ensured it can avoid some common issues that plague most indoor pools. If needed, RecDeck is easily cleaned – we've written a more in-depth article about it here.


RenoSys team member installing RecDeck:



Aside from its design and material, RecDeck provides an instant increase in security around the pool itself. Slips and falls are always a danger and common hazard at any pool: by providing additional traction around the pool, those dangers can be minimized. RecDeck is aggressively-textured and offers a much more secure surface for both those in and around the pool. Even areas exposed to any frequent water splashing will not be as slick with a RecDeck pool deck. The Regenstreif Natatorium not only upgraded the appeal of the pool deck, but increased its safety and the security of its patrons by choosing RecDeck recreational flooring.


The Regenstreif Natatorium went through a major renovation of the type we often call a Total Transformation. The existing pool and deck look brand new, without actually being brand new... or having that new construction price tag. Even with renovations, RenoSys can frequently offer dramatic cost-savings when compared to conventional renovations. What's more is that our pool products are designed and manufactured by aquatics professionals with decades of experience. Our clients get the benefit of our years of service and know-how: their pools get the benefit of our pool-exclusive product line.

The impressive "reveal" picture:  


The transformation at the Regenstreif Natatorium created an inviting, safe pool deck for all visitors, and a high-performing pool experience for all those who swim there. By choosing a RenoSys renovation, the Natatorium ensured that they will enjoy their pool and decking well into the future. This competitive aquatic facility scored big with their RenoSys Renovation!


If you're considering taking the plunge and fixing your aging pool, call us today. Our team of pool professionals can answer your questions, as well as think of answers to questions you didn't know you even had. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to discuss your pool problems and find a solution. Get ready to say goodbye to your old, leaking pool and hello to your better-than-new pool.




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