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Problem Solved Series: RenoSys Uses our SummitSeries to Elevate Aquatics


Our Problem Solved series of articles has focused on RenoSys projects, and where we have used our expert knowledge, skills, and aquatics-focused product line to solve pool problems, and transform facilities. We don't always see problems, per se, we often see opportunities. In this edition, we'll take a different direction; we will focus on a recent project that was an excellent opportunity for a RenoSys design and product installation.


The Facility:


Artistry is a new, highly-desirable, luxury apartment and office-space building in down town Indianapolis, Indiana – the home city of RenoSys Corp. Artistry has a contemporary and eclectic design, appealing to apartment residents, as well as office tenants. The building has an envious location downtown, with a great view of the city and its iconic landmarks.


The Problem (or in this case, opportunity):


The Artistry building planned on inviting amenities for its residents; naturally, a pool is always a great choice for any residential building. Pools appeal to residents for recreation, fitness, and relaxation. As modern luxury city-living, there was really only one option for a pool...


The Solution:


RenoSys designs and manufactures our SummitSeries™ stainless steel pool vessels for facilities like Artistry. SummitSeries is designed exclusively for above-grade applications; in this case, a custom rooftop pool with a dramatic negative-edge feature. Rooftop pools are a modern design trend that maximize living space and add an exciting and attractive amenity to what could otherwise be space going to waste.






The negative-edge is what people often refer to as an “infinity” edge, since it appears that the pool extends into the horizon. Artistry's rooftop certainly was the perfect spot for a SummitSeries pool with a negative-edge, as it overlooks the city, with the Indianapolis Colts' Lucas Oil Stadium in the distance. The negative-edge is really all about the design – water spills into an overflow trough, to be collected and recirculated into the pool.

Pictured: the negative edge trough


If you are considering an above-grade pool or spa, SummitSeries is top of the line. You aren't limited by anything except your design choices. You can elect to have a standard pool shape, geometric shape, or custom design; negative-edge and waterfall features are also popular options with the pool vessel. The finish of the pool is also up to you: some clients have elected to keep the natural stainless-steel finish, while others opt for our thick and comfortable PVC pool membrane as the interior. Mosaic tile is also an option which we've seen some of our clients choose. Artistry decided to have us install our PVC membrane for a more traditional pool surface. 

Pictured: geometric above-grade spa with natural stainless-steel finish



Another benefit of SummitSeries is that we can prefabricate it, or assemble it on site – whichever option best suits the needs of the project. We've written here about some of the construction benefits of our SummitSeries pool vessel installation. On a rooftop, especially, construction is typically weather-dependent. A standard concrete pool installation will be messy, and hinge upon proper concrete-curing temperatures. The dust, dirt, mess, and time of a standard concrete pool is quite different compared to a SummitSeries installation. The stainless-steel pool vessel doesn't depend on just the right conditions for installation; and yet you get the convenience of a tidier construction process, as well as the peace of mind of a watertight pool vessel.


Worrying about a leak from a rooftop or above-grade pool or spa can be stressful; SummitSeries pool vessels are static- and pressure-tested to ensure a leak-free performance. Stainless-steel is also considered a “green” product, which is beneficial to facilities concerned about their construction and building “foot-print.” Click here to read more about building with a “recycled” material.


When you're thinking about your residents or guests and need to compete with other facilities, choosing an above-grade pool and/or spa is an easy way to garner attention and attendance. Give us a call; our team members can help you see how SummitSeries could be the best choice for your elevated or rooftop pool. With a rooftop pool, you'll gain more than just a dramatic view. SummitSeries is the peak of the above-grade design field. You can click here to go right to an informative brochure you can download.


Call us toll-free at 800-783-7005 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . RenoSys will work with you to create a successful, attractive pool project from both problem pools, and pool opportunities.

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