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Safety First: Aquatic Therapy and RenoSys' Products

As military veterans return home, many with debilitating or traumatic injuries, the facilities they turn to for rehabilitation often make use of aquatic therapy. Almost any specialized hospital or rehab center has a pool for the specialized role that this type of therapy fills in a complicated recovery.


A wounded warrior using an underwater treadmill in a therapy pool has one major thing in common with a senior swimming laps at a retirement community pool, or an accident survivor going through hydrotherapy at a local rehab facility: They all share an increased need for safety around a pool and spa.

As many of us can attest from our childhood, one common thing to hear at a pool in summer is a lifeguard whistling for some enthusiastic child to “stop running!” Water and slippery, hard deck surfaces are not a good combination, especially for the most vulnerable: children, patrons with special needs, or those using the pool specifically for rehabilitation.


Aquatic therapy is the trained practice of exercise and motion in a pool in order to regain motion, mobility, and/or in conjunction with other physical therapy methods. It can be incredibly useful: for instance, someone recovering from a traumatic injury who cannot yet walk on land can use a pool and receive buoyancy from the water.


If you're a center helping patients recover after surgery or injury, safety around the pool is your number one priority; and the RenoSys line of products which include our RecDeck™ and SoftSide Safety Padding™ are the perfect design component when your patrons' safety is the top consideration.


Imagine, as someone working on mobility, how much more comfortable you'd feel with a padded, textured deck surface and pool entry vs. traditional tile and concrete. As the operator of such a facility, you'd have more confidence in the surroundings of your clients. The last thing that a patron recovering from traumatic injury needs is to suffer a serious fall at an aquatic center designed for recovery.


Why is SoftSide Safety Padding such a great choice for any rehab facility? It fits your needs. You know best what fall-zones you have and where you need the most protection. SoftSide is customizable, and ranges in thickness from 1/2” - 4” thick. You can install it underneath structures, or use it to wrap areas that might present an obstacle.


Click here to read more information about RenoSys' SoftSide Safety Padding. You can also choose SoftSide Padded Flooring, for a high level of fall protection. The surface of the padding itself is highly slip-resistant and provides helpful traction for guests who need it most. 


What about decking, either around the pool or in changing rooms? If you're looking for highly-textured, durable decking that can install over padding, look no further than RecDeck from RenoSys. RecDeck is versatile and helps minimize fall-zone risk. RenoSys often installs RecDeck over 1/4” foam for greater protection. It's the perfect decking for pool areas, changing rooms, or fitness space that need increased traction. RecDeck is also easy to clean and low maintenance, since it's formulated with anti-fungal and anti-microbial additives – exactly the composition you want if your center sees lots of patients working on rehab and fitness. Click here to read details about the difference ReckDeck can make for the areas in and around your center.


What if your aquatic or rehabilitation center needs an overhaul or new design? Luckily, you've come to the right place. RenoSys has experience in designing completely customized aquatic centers with your target group in mind. Click here to read about the type of Age-Friendly pool design we develop.


Whatever your needs: design, renovation, installation – RenoSys can help. If you're a facility working with aquatic therapy, we know that no issue is more important than safety. At any pool, safety is and should be a priority – you should only have to worry about putting on swimsuits, not dealing with injuries (or lawsuits!).


At centers specifically serving patrons with existing injuries or special needs, ensuring that your flooring is textured and your fall-zones are padded will make it the best environment possible for these guests.


Call a RenoSys professional today at (800) 783-7005 and find out how we can help you create the best rehab center possible. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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