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RenoSys Created the Ideal Aquatics Safety System: SoftSide™ Safety Padding & Dive Stand Pads

With all the high schools, universities, swim clubs, and competitive facilities out there, that equals an awful lot of pools – and potentially more hazardous pool elements, like diving boards and dive stands. Perhaps not surprisingly, dive stands pose a pretty serious safety risk... but so do any hard pool components. Even a common ladder can be a hazard. When water, concrete, and metal meet, the result isn't always good. From banging into a metal rail, falling on the deck, slipping on a wet metal ladder, and more, pool risks are serious. All aquatic centers need to keep their focus on safety – so their patrons can focus on their sport and hobby.


Since we know that pool owners and operators are focused on their patrons, RenoSys focuses on your facility. We have developed and perfected a safety system that is ideal for any aquatics facility, including those with diving boards and higher dive stands. Our SoftSide™ Safety Padding and Dive Stand Pads are created by aquatics experts for aquatics facilities. We design, manufacture, and install our safety padding in both new construction, and as an addition or upgrade to a center's safety products.


With the risks inherent in having a pool with certain features, would you really trust your pool's safety to any old, generic “safety” pad? There are plenty of pads out there that are actually designed more for playground usage than for installation and usage at a pool. SoftSide padding is different: it's created specifically with the pool environment as a focus. Water and common pool chemical exposure will damage and degrade safety pads that aren't up to the job of performing for a pool. SoftSide padding and dive stand pads are created to withstand UV-exposure, and chemical and water exposure. We also formulate our padding to resist organic growth, and be low maintenance.


Below: Attractive, low-maintenance, SoftSide Dive Stand pad 



SoftSide padding and dive stands pads are made from commercial-grade safety foam covered in textured, pore-free, durable PVC. Since different facilities have different safety needs, RenoSys offers our padding in common, ready-to-order sizes and shapes, as well as custom padding. Our SoftSide padding ranges from 1/2”-4” thick, which is ideal for deciding what level of security you need for your specific danger areas. Have a higher dive platform? You may want a thicker pad at the base. It will depend on your pool components and what your facility needs for safety.


Pictured: Custom SoftSide pad around the base of a playful crab



Since slip-and-fall accidents are by far the most common cause of injury at pools, it only makes sense to guard against them with a high-quality safety system. SoftSide padding is easy to order, customize, and ensures a top-level of safety around your most hazardous areas. Our padding also meets or exceeds all CPSC standards: so you know SoftSide padding is the best choice for adding to, or upgrading, your pool's safety features. If you have some ideas but don't know where to start, we are always happy to offer our expertise and recommendations.


Our experienced team of pool professionals will discuss your facility and the goals you have for increasing the safety around any potential danger zones. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have, and recommend the best option for your unique situation. No two pools are exactly the same, but with the breadth of experience we have, we are industry leaders for a reason! Your safety problem has a simple solution: RenoSys and SoftSide Safety padding.


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