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DuraTech Gutters and Grating are the Upgrade Your Pool Perimeter Needs

When you assess your commercial pool, is your pool's circulation system something that you can count on? Or is your gutter and grating adding to your list of water woes? If your gutters are leaking, aging, or in dire need of help – RenoSys has the answer.


While not as visible as safety padding, or pool decking, your pool's circulation system is vital to your pool's performance. If you have a facility with a focus on competition, your gutters can even play a role in how athletes perform. Naturally, if your gutters have seen better days, it may be time to throw in the towel and call in the reinforcements. RenoSys designs, manufactures, and installs high-quality pool products. Our product line is designed with the tough aquatic environment in mind: we know that nothing is tougher on any product than the years of usage, and exposure to water and chemicals. That's why all our products are created exclusively for your pool and its rough environment.


Our DuraTech™ line is the answer to your pool problems and the solution to your circulation situation. DuraTech has both PVC and stainless-steel gutters, as well as grating, depending on your facility and your needs. Our PVC gutter is installed at indoor facilities, while our stainless-steel gutters are installed at either indoor or outdoor pools. PVC grating and stainless-steel grating can be installed in either setting as well.


 Pool grating types


Water loss is a major issue for aging gutters, which is a costly hassle. We regularly see facilities whose gutters are a huge issue for their pool's integrity and performance. Our DuraTech gutters are watertight, durable, and highly effective. The gutter design that may work best for your center will be determined when you speak with a member of our experienced team. We wrote an article here on different stainless-steel gutter system designs. Depending on the gutter design, your pool can actually become what is known as a “fast” pool within the competitive world of swimming. A fast pool is one in which athletes have possible better times thanks to less resistance from the water...and that is from an efficient, effective gutter system.


An old, leaky gutter system can be a major problem. See Example A:



A new, watertight gutter system, on the other hand, is a load off your mind, money saved on water loss, and ensures better performance for the entire pool. See Example B:


This particular project was featured in our Problem Solved series article. The concrete gutter at this outdoor public pool was the source of major water loss for the facility. RenoSys renovated the pool and made the entire pool watertight. We installed our stainless-steel DuraTech gutter and PVC grating, which is leak-free and efficient. The entire pool is completely changed, modernized, and will be an inviting community resource for years to come. At RenoSys, we know that a commercial pool is often a vital part of a community, as well as a vital amenity: that's why maintaining, renovating, or building a new pool is such an important decision.


Our gutter system is designed to work together with our grating, as well as the rest of our product line – but works equally well as a stand-alone product. One great example of a client choosing one RenoSys product, and then later upgrading other components is the Sand Point school project. Years ago, RenoSys had installed our PVC pool shell, that fully encapsulates the original pool interior with a watertight commercial-grade pool liner. (Read more here.) As the Sand Point pool aged, the gutter system began to lose water, and leaking gutters definitely call for an upgrade. The school contacted us: we not only replaced the old, leaking gutters with DuraTech PVC gutters and PVC grating, but we also installed our PVC recreational flooring, RecDeck™. You can see the end results in the pictures below – the school now has not only a watertight interior from the original RenoSys membrane, but a watertight gutter system and deck. This project illustrates how we design our product line exclusively for aquatics, and how they perform either solo or as a team. Click here to read the full article.




If your perimeter isn't performing, or if your grating isn't so great – or if any of your pool components are broken, breaking, leaking, or just plain old – call RenoSys. Our dedicated team members will work with you to come up with an ideal solution to your water woes. We know that you have questions, and with well over 25 years of experience, we certainly have answers. We're easy to contact, and ready to help. Don't wait another season – call us today.



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