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Another Skyline View Brought to You By SummitSeries™

Just as we've provided amazing pool-side skyline views at other high-rise locations, RenoSys is finishing up the rooftop pool at the EVO building in Philiadelphia, PA. Our SummitSeries™ pool is a major sell point for potential tenants of this new luxury apartment building. The shallow end is designed with relaxation in mind. The negative edge provides a dramatic foreground to the view of the city beyond. 



This project is an excellent example of how our SummitSeries stainless pool vessel works in an elevated pool application. When you choose a SummitSeries pool for a rooftop or above-grade project, your pool design is up to you. We can either prefabricate your pool and install it in place, or assemble it on site. We test every pool to ensure that it's totally watertight. The shape, style, and function depend on your needs and the demands of your project. The finish of your SummitSeries stainless steel pool also offers various options; you can line it with a RenoSys PVC membrane, choose mosaic tile, or even leave it with a contemporary and attractive natural stainless finish. This project chose to use the stainless finish, which looks really impressive with the negative edge.

If you'd like to read more about our SummitSeries pools, click here. To see another recent RenoSys project with an installed above-grade pool, click here. RenoSys also builds and installs SummitSeries spas, which freqently complement an above grade pool; click here to see a dramatic SummitSeries stainless spa we installed for a casino. Wondering how your rooftop or high-rise can benefit from a SummitSeries pool? Call us today at 800-783-7005 or click here to request a quote! 


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