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Record-Breaking Pools: A Fun Look at a Few Cool Pools

Since we're in the business of creating new pools and renovating old ones, we always have one eye on our industry. We know that with the right planning and design, there are tons of options when you build or renovate a commercial pool. An aging pool with a diving board for its only attraction can easily become a modern water-park with lily pads, slides, rock climbs, and more. An empty lot can transform into a bustling community pool where people train, play, and relax. RenoSys enjoys being an integral part of so many pool success stories.


In the end, our industry is about people and people enjoying a great, healthy activity: swimming. We thought we'd look at some unique pools out there. The pools below went for the record books vying to be the largest, biggest, or deepest pools in the world. Like...


The World's Deepest Pool:

Well, there are two deep pools who want the title: Nemo 33 in Belgium and Y-40 “The Deep Joy” in Italy. Next time you're globe-trotting in either country, drop in and see if you dare to throw on your scuba gear - although you need to be certified or have a dive buddy. Nemo is 34 meters (111 feet) deep and Y-40 is 40 feet (131 feet) deep. Both have “caves” for exploration, practice, and training. If you're the type who'd rather stay dry, both pools have observation areas that don't require any breathing gear...or diving ability!



The World's Biggest Swimming Pool:

Located ocean-side at a luxury apartment/condo building in Brazil, this pool holds over 60 million gallons. As we posted on Facebook as a fun fact – the world's biggest pool is literally large enough to sail on. In fact, the main pool area is for boats only. There are separate lagoons attached to the main pool for swimmers. If you visit, try swimming in the smaller areas, or try a boat and sail around the world's biggest pool.




The World's Biggest Indoor Beach:

If you've saved up some frequent flyer miles, or just happen to be in Germany, plan to visit the Tropical Islands Resort – home of the biggest indoor beach. Sand, multiple pools and lagoons, and a rain forest all fit inside what used to be a giant aircraft hanger. RenoSys typically reuses various elements during a renovation...although we've never reused a hanger.



Are you looking for a record-breaking pool? Or maybe your community just desperately needs an upgrade. Do you run an aquatic center and compete with newer, water-park style pools but are falling behind? No matter what your pool problems are, RenoSys can help. We are a design-build firm, and offer multiple levels of service: from design, to construction, and manufacturing. Read more here about how our design-build focus can work for you. Call us today, and join our long list of construction and renovation success stories. (800) 783-7005


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