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Restore Your Commercial Pool With a RenoSys Renovation

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In our last blog article, we looked at how our PVC membrane benefits both new construction for commercial pools and renovation for old commercial pools. In terms of renovation projects, RenoSys knows that it's more than just taking care of leaking water; during a renovation, you can dramatically change your facility and upgrade features and elements that will benefit your entire center. When we renovate an aging commercial pool utilizing our aquatics-exclusive products and services, we're also providing restoration: of your facility to its former glory, or even better.


Restore Your Pool's Fun, Function, and Dependability


You may have put off your pool's necessary repairs for months or even years. The good news is that RenoSys can say our services typically provide dramatic cost savings when compared to conventional renovation. The extent of your renovation depends on your goals as well as the damage your pool has faced over time. In the case of a pool dating back to the 1960s, for example, that has water loss and minimal play features, you could choose to have us take care of those leaks and create an all new pool experience.


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Modern commercial pools typically have more than the classic diving board: today many pools opt to install slides, climb walls, water play features like dumping buckets, and/or a zero-depth entry so that little guests don't miss out on the fun. Below is one vivid example of the major difference one of our commercial pool renovations can make. This outdoor community pool shows exactly how impressive a total renovation can be. The original pool dated back decades, and boasted nothing more than a basic swim and dive area, and some diving boards. After a full renovation, the community pool had a swim area, diving area, child's play area, water slides, and zero-depth entry. The aquatic center went from a dated 60's style pool to a modern, inviting aquatic center that has something for everyone.





You may not be ready for such an involved renovation: in that case, we can renovate the areas of your facility that are failing or in need of an upgrade. Below are some before/after photos showing renovations that repaired the deteriorating components.





Regardless of your pool problems, our pool pros can help walk you through the best options for your project. When you realize how cost-effective a RenoSys renovation typically is, you may find that you can get a lot more pool-bang for your buck than you thought! We have saved some clients over a million dollars...that they were able to put back into their budge and other projects.


So Many Excellent Products, So Many Options


When you choose a RenoSys renovation, you'll get the benefit of our almost-thirty years of experience as an industry leader. We design, manufacture, and install our high-quality commercial pool products: from gutters to grating, to safety pads and more – we have it all. When you're already turning your commercial pool facility upside down and inside out during a renovation, you can't risk having lesser new components: with our products, you get unrivaled performance, reliability, and a great appearance.


In the projects above, some of the RenoSys products used are our DuraTech™ stainless-steel gutter system, DuraTech PVC grating, PVC commercial-grade pool shell, and our FuturaPool™ stainless-steel pool vessel. You can read more about each product by clicking the previous links, or going to the links at the top of the page. We also provide literature that you can print out which is the next best thing to seeing our products in person. Click here for our printable resource page.



Your Project, Our Know-How


We talk to clients in all types of facilities, climates, and situations. The good news is that although your pool problems may seem overwhelming, it's just another day at work for us. Our team has been helping to build great new pools, and transforming problem pools for decades. Once we discuss your project, our team will recommend the best options for your needs and goals.

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RenoSys is a design/build firm; put simply, this means that you'll have the exact level of assistance that you need. We can tackle it from start to finish, design to install – or we can work with your architect. The upside is that we are fully engaged with our clients, and there simply is no middleman. If you're talking to us – you're talking to the designer, the manufacturer, and the installer. One single-point of responsibility and contact means our clients win. To read more about design/build click here.


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Haven't you waited long enough with your old pool, or to make the improvements your guests need? Maybe you're out of code and badly need some upgrades. Whatever problems your facility is facing, you don't have to go it alone; don't settle for just anyone, call the best in the business. Our team members are happy to talk with you and answer any questions you have. You can click, call, or even get a quote. Make this season your pool's best season, and let RenoSys restore your facility with a high-quality commercial pool renovation.



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