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Why Wait to Renovate! RenoSys Will Transform Your Old Pool


If you caught our Project Profile Tuesday, you'll know that one of our current and impressive renovation projects is a PVC pool membrane installation at a large outdoor pool facility in Colorado. This is a great time of year to prepare your aquatic center for your next “busy season” - although the opening bell of Memorial Day is many months away, it'll be here before you know it. If you're looking at leaks, outdated equipment, or a center that isn't able to compete with more modern facilities, it's time to consider a RenoSys Renovation.



A Renovation Can be Budget Friendly


Our clients are often pleasantly surprised to discover that a RenoSys renovation typically provides dramatic cost-savings when compared to conventional renovation services. We don't just throw the baby out with the bath...water. We recycle as much of your pool's existing infrastructure as possible, which saves on time, material, and of course money.


We have saved our clients thousands and then some. We saved one client well over one million dollars that they were then able to reinvest in their facility for another unrelated project! If you're interested in seeing how much a RenoSys renovation could save you while totally transforming your facility, contact us today!


More than Pool Membranes


Although we're known for our Superior Pool Interior™ PVC pool shell, we also have renovation products for the entire pool facility. (Our pool shell is 60 mil thick, lightly textured, water and chlorine resistant and totally watertight. Made in the USA, our membrane spans gaps, cracks, and chips sealing leaks and preventing new ones which creates a comfortable, appealing new interior.)

RenoSys Liner sample 


Our RecDeck™ recreational flooring is ideal for both new construction as well as upgrading worn, aging pool decks and more. Made from highly-textured PVC that encapsulates the entire pool deck, RecDeck is watertight and provides excellent traction where you need it most. Resists fading and organic growth. Made in the USA. Available in three attractive colors.




DuraTech™ is our line of pool gutters and grating for the entire pool perimeter. It features both tough, textured PVC and appealing, lasting stainless-steel. DuraTech PVC grating is rated slip-resistant and adds additional security at the water's edge. Effective, efficient DuraTech gutters keep water flowing where you want it. For new construction, DuraTech deck drains move water off the pool deck quickly – adding safety to your deck.




SoftSide™ Safety Pad and Dive Stand Pads are the safety system every aquatic facility should have. If you're serious about safety, it doesn't get any better than SoftSide padding. It's customizable, with 1/2”-4” thick pads available, in custom shapes/sizes for unique features. We also have ready-to-ship pads in common sizes available. SoftSide pads are pore-free, chlorine and fade-resistant, and covered in thick PVC. Endorsed by aquatics safety expert Dr. Tom Griffiths.




FuturaPool™ is our on-grade stainless-steel pool vessel that we frequently use in major facility renovation projects. FuturaPool features our patented Unibrace buttress system which adds powerful reliable stability. (SummitSeries™ is our stainless-steel vessel for elevated applications. Rooftop and above-grade pools have options including waterfall features and negative (infinity) edge. We can ship it pre-assembled or assemble on site.) Both our pool vessels are static- and pressure-tested for watertight performance.








For more information on any of our renovation products (or excellent new construction products) you can click on any of the links in this article or at the top of the page. You can also click this link to see an interactive brochure that really tells the RenoSys story. Don't waste another day on an aging, outdated aquatic center. Call RenoSys today and find out how your pool's second act can also be affordable! With nearly 30 years as industry leaders, we are ready to turn your water worries into a a total transformation. Call us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from the link below. Don't forget to follow us online through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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