Other Surfaces Can't Compare to RecDeck™ by RenoSys

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Other Surfaces Can't Compare to RecDeck™ by RenoSys


If you're building new or renovating your aquatic facility, pool deck area, or even your locker room there's an area you absolutely can't afford to overlook: the floor. Let's look at how some common surfaces compare to our recreational flooring, and why ours is superior for your center.


Concrete can't cut it:


Conventional concrete is the standard surface for many (if not most) indoor and outdoor aquatic facilities, and even their locker rooms, etc. Concrete is functional, true. It's also hard, unforgiving, can crack or split with ground-shift, wear, or weather and concrete is dangerously slippery when wet. Nothing is wet more often than an area with immediate access to a pool (or showers). Concrete can also harbor unsavory organic growth due to water exposure.


Tile take-down:


Tile might be more attractive or appealing in a locker or changing room or even around your pool; however, many of the same problems apply. With tile you have the same slip-and-fall risks, because tile is also a hard surface that becomes slippery with water exposure. Tile often has the added problem of grout that is prone to organic growth (i.e., fungal and algae growth) that can plague aquatic centers.


RecDeck to the Rescue:


We developed our recreational flooring as a better, safer alternative to common aquatic center surfaces. RecDeck fully encapsulates the lower surface in a layer of tough, durable PVC. It's highly-textured to provide maximum slip-resistance, even when wet – exactly what you need around your pool area! Our flooring is designed exclusively for aquatic usage: we formulate RecDeck with biocides to prevent the common organic growth that can become such a nuisance on other surfaces. RecDeck is also made with uv-inhibitors to keep it colorfast whether installed indoors or outdoors.



With RecDeck you already add one layer of safety by increasing traction on your pool deck, in your locker/changing room, etc., but did you know that you can also install RecDeck over safety foam for maximum fall protection? Concrete and tile can't do that! Our over-foam installation is ideal for age-friendly centers, rehab facilities, and any pool area that needs extra safety.




For additional security, you can install RecDeck to your entry/exit points at your pool. The picture below is a great example of adding tread right to the pool's entry-exit point where it attaches to the RenoSys PVC pool shell.



If you're upgrading your center, you don't have to go with the conventional choices: you can upgrade to a safer, more attractive flooring with RecDeck by RenoSys. Contact us today and one of our experienced team members will get started on your pool project. You can call us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from this page. Follow us online through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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