Our RecDeck Care Guide Re-Published

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Our RecDeck Care Guide Re-Published

A few articles ago, we re-published the guide on keeping your RenoSys PVC pool shell in top shape. We wanted to be sure and share our how-to guide for cleaning your RecDeck recreational flooring, just in case a thorough facility make-over was on the agenda for the new year! Below you'll find our article the “RecDeck Refresher” which gives simple, handy tips for periodic inspections, cleaning, and preventive care. As always, if you have any questions – this isn't an exhaustive article. Our best resource is our team of experienced aquatic professionals so be sure to call us toll-free or email us with any concerns. 


 Quick Guide for How-To-Care for RecDeck

Congratulations on being the owner of our fine RecDeck™ PVC recreational flooring. Your RecDeck is ideal for pool-side, locker rooms, and more. With its unique blend of uv-stabilizers and organic-growth inhibitors, RecDeck is formulated to be colorfast and hygienic. Aggressively-textured for added security, RecDeck provides traction where you need it most, even in the wet pool environment. Naturally you want your high-quality flooring investment to last, and we thought we'd give you a RecDeck Care Refresher. Read on to see how to keep your RecDeck in top shape.




Prevent Damage

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We recommend regular inspections of your flooring. Remove any debris, trash, leaves, etc that are visible on your RecDeck. Ensuring that your decking is free from any damaging elements will help its longevity. Regular inspections will also alert you to any mess or spill that has occurred. Guests frequently bring food, drinks, sunblock, etc and accidents happen – it's better to find them sooner rather than later on your surface.


Make Cleaning a Habit

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You clean up the rest of your aquatic center, and your decking should be no different. Regular cleaning will help keep RecDeck in great shape, as well as looking inviting. You also want to prevent the build up of dirt or grime that happen at any center. A simple weekly cleaning is easy and effective. Gentle scrubbing with a non-abrasive cleaner, or light pressure washing should keep RecDeck clean. You can also steam clean RecDeck if desired.


For deeper cleaning that may be necessary, you can apply a paste consistency cleanser such as SoftScrub with Clorox, or a citrus-based cleanser. Allow the solution to sit for roughly ten minutes, scrub the affected area with a nylon-bristle brush, then rinse clean. One important note: never use thinner-based products on RecDeck! If you have cleaning or maintenance questions, call a RenoSys representative. We do recommend periodic deep cleaning using the steps previously mentioned. You can choose to deep clean RecDeck as it meets your schedule, although we recommend monthly or quarterly deep cleans.


Some clients want to add disinfectants which is typically fine. The built-in algae and mold prevention is typically sufficient, but adding a light disinfectant or fungicide to RecDeck may be useful in extra humid climates.


Protect RecDeck from the Elements at Season's End

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If you need to protect your flooring from the elements, as many outdoor facilities do at the end of the season, we suggest performing a deep clean and then covering RecDeck with a plastic or cloth. Once you're ready to open your outdoor facility again, remove the covering and clean RecDeck depending on its needs.


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If you're a lucky owner of the best recreational flooring around, you'll want to keep it clean and looking good for years to come. With our simple guidelines, your RecDeck will perform and look great doing it. If you have questions about your RecDeck, maintenance, cleaning, etc just call a RenoSys representative. We'll be happy to help. You can call us toll-free, email us, or Get a Quote. You can also stay current by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See below for links!


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