See How RecDeck Beats Standard Pool Decks & Flooring By Getting a Free Sample

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See How RecDeck Beats Standard Pool Decks & Flooring By Getting a Free Sample


Last week, we re-published our helpful guide on keeping your RecDeck PVC recreational flooring in great shape. What if you don't have the best flooring in the business, or haven't heard about how you can upgrade your pool deck? Not a problem: read on and we'll tell you how we can improve the very ground you walk on, and by calling us you can even get a sample to see exactly what we're talking about!




What's Next in Pool Decks:


Concrete is fine and certainly functional – but if you're looking for a pool deck that really performs, we developed a better surface for your center. RecDeck is made from durable and attractive PVC that is highly textured for additional security where you need it most. RecDeck's textured surface creates traction even when wet, which is a definite benefit around your pool where standing water and splashes are common. You can even install RecDeck at entry/exit points for maximum slip-resistance and safety. Shown below attached to the RenoSys PVC pool shell. 



We also took some of the work out of maintaining your pool deck, by building the solution right into our product. If you've ever been annoyed at faded areas on your pool deck, or frustrated when cleaning fungal or other organic growth during a scheduled clean, RecDeck is the answer. RecDeck is formulated with both uv-inhibitors and biocides. Uv-inhibitors help block the sun's harmful uv-rays and keep your deck colorfast and looking great, while biocides prevent pesky organic growth and save you clean-up time in the bargain.



RecDeck is also ideal for areas like locker rooms, or other recreational areas where you need superior recreational flooring. You can choose the best flooring in the industry during new construction, or as the smart choice during renovation or upgrades to your aquatic center or facility. To make it easy, if you contact our office and request a brochure, you'll also receive a sample of RecDeck. We'll send you a sample of each of our three appealing colors, or just the color you're interested in. The informative brochure gives you great tips and ideas for your project, and the sample shows you the difference between RecDeck and other surfaces out there. With texture you can see and feel for yourself, it's easy to see why RecDeck beats standard flooring.




Contact us today toll-free or email us and request your free brochure and sample of RecDeck so you can see for yourself how the best thing in flooring can also be your new pool deck. You can also request a quote from our link below. Questions? We're happy to help. With nearly 30 years leading the industry, our team of experienced aquatics professionals is ready to get started on your pool project. Don't forget to check us out online: like us on Facebook, & follow us on Twitter and Instagram.



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