See Quality Up Close: The RenoSys PVC Pool Shell Transforms Pool Interiors

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See Quality Up Close: The RenoSys PVC Pool Shell Transforms Pool Interiors


We told you in our Tuesday blog about how you can get free samples of RecDeck PVC recreational flooring and really see the quality up close. When you're considering new construction or renovation at your aquatic center, seeing is believing – and you need to see the quality of the RenoSys product line. We also provide samples of our RenoSys PVC pool membrane with our brochure, so you can see exactly what makes our pool membrane the best choice for your pool interior.



The Superior Pool Interior – You Can See Why We Call it That


Our PVC pool shell is made right here in the US from 60 mil thick tough and durable PVC that is textured to provide slip resistance. It's pore-free so dirt and grime have nowhere to hide, making cleaning and maintenance easy. Our commercial-grade liner is extra insurance for new construction, keeping your pool leak-free and performing. It's even better news for leaking, aging pools facing repairs and renovation.



The RenoSys PVC pool shell fully encapsulates the entire pool vessel, spanning gaps, chips, cracks, and stopping water with our layer of watertight reliability. By using as much of your pool's existing infrastructure as possible and our PVC membrane, your renovation can be far more cost effective than conventional renovation.



Our PVC shell is designed to resist fading, water exposure, and pool chemicals. If your pool is aging badly, we have the solution. Our membrane looks great and performs even better. Our lightly textured PVC shell is one even, consistent surface that many guests prefer over rough and uneven conventional rough concrete pool interiors. You can even choose to have your own facility's logo installed on the pool surface. With our custom logo option, we'll replicate your exact design and manufacture it from PVC, then install it right on your pool surface. Custom logos are increasingly popular and a dynamic way to reflect your center's brand. Custom logos are ideal for hotels, community pools, school teams, or any facility looking to stand out!


IU 2nd Renovation


When you contact us and request a brochure, you'll also get samples of our PVC membrane. You'll be able to see our two most popular texture styles and how our membrane is appealing, comfortable, and adds light traction and additional stability. You'll also see the thickness and durability of our PVC shell and how it would create a high quality new pool interior for any pool. Whether you've reached the point of renovation or are facing new construction, every good pool needs a good interior and seeing our PVC shell yourself will solve that piece of the puzzle.


Contact us toll-free or email us and request your brochure and free samples today. We have almost thirty years of experience leading the aquatics industry and are ready to tackle your water worries. You can even request a quote from this page. Don't forget to follow us online: like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.



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