A Great Pool is Worth its Weight in Stainless-Steel: Pool Vessels by RenoSys

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A Great Pool is Worth its Weight in Stainless-Steel: Pool Vessels by RenoSys

In our Tuesday blog we talked about how we can use our products and services to renovate your aquatic facility and create a totally new pool experience for your guests. That's not all we do: when it comes time for new construction, you need to start with a pool vessel that is rock solid and reliable and we have one for both above and on-grade. Stainless-steel has brought a better design element to your pool vessel and we'll tell you why...


Lighter-weight but Still Watertight


Where does weight matter more than when you're planning a rooftop or above-grade pool? A good pool vessel is worth its weight in...stainless-steel? That's right! Stainless-steel weighs a lot less than a conventional concrete pool vessel; once you add the water, that extra weight makes a big difference. When you're factoring in weight to your plans, with our SummitSeries™ stainless-steel vessel you'll know that you're getting reliable, watertight performance without all the unnecessary extra pounds of concrete construction. Since it's TIG-welded and tested, you'll be able to enjoy your SummitSeries pool even high atop your building's roof without fear of water loss.



Unique Buttress System Means Extra Reliability


In our on-grade (ground level) FuturaPool™ vessel, we developed our patented buttress system to provide additional stability and reliability. The buttresses act as a stabilizing force and are one more effective quality design layer in your pool's performance. While you can't stop natural ground shifting, you can ensure that your pool vessel is as solid as possible with our unique design.




Custom Shapes & Design Options Are Yours


When you build using our stainless-steel pool vessels, you'll have design options like: standard geometric shapes, or custom designs, as well as a variety of pool interiors and design extras like waterfalls and the negative (infinity) edge. Facilities opting for a traditional pool look may select to use our PVC pool shell over the FuturaPool vessel as pictured below:



Or in the case of this dramatic rooftop pool, you'll note the stunning negative edge overlooking the city horizon:




Here's another great example with a custom geometric spa finished in the natural stainless-steel for a contemporary appeal:



It's Easy to Be Green


If you're installing a RenoSys stainless-steel vessel, whether our SummitSeries or FuturaPool, you're installing a green product. Stainless-steel is manufactured from recycled steel and is itself a recyclable material. Since you're already building with a lighter, higher-quality material, the fact that it's also a green product is a great bonus!



If you're ready to build your new pool, find out how our stainless-steel FuturaPool and SummitSeries are the ideal vessel for your project. Our team of experienced aquatic professionals are ready to answer your questions. You can call us toll-free, email us, or Get a Quote from the link below. Be sure to follow us online: like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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