Puzzled by Your Pool's Perimeter Problems? RenoSys Can Solve It

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Puzzled by Your Pool's Perimeter Problems? RenoSys Can Solve It


Your pool's circulation is vital to its health, so what happens when your gutters and/or grating aren't functioning well? The answer is simple: if your pool's perimeter begins to fail, your pool needs immediate attention. From grating gone bad to a leaking gutter – all serious problems, but ones we see and fix all the time. Read on to find out how we tackle a perimeter going down the drain...


Wanted: Have you Seen This Grating?



If your pool grating is sporting Pat No 4483025, then you have grating that could pose a serious, possibly immediate danger. This grating is brittle and is at an increased risk of fracturing into sharp and dangerous pieces, putting your guests at risk. Don't wait until your grating cracks, replace that bad grating ASAP.


Pictured: DuraTech PVC grating that replaced broken grating-gone-bad 


We have several types of high-quality grating in our DuraTech™ line that are durable, reliable, and appealing for any aquatic facility design and demand. PVC, stainless steel, and more – are a safe and sturdy upgrade from this risky grating you might already have around your pool edge. Our PVC grating is tough and textured for slip-resistance. Depending on your upgrade design, you know you can trust the performance of our stainless-steel DuraTech grating.


Don't wait until it's too late; make the switch to better pool grating with the DuraTech line by RenoSys.


Leaking Gutters Demand Action


It may not seem as dramatic as a leaking pool vessel, but losing water from your pool is serious, no matter where its from. We routinely encounter clients who face water loss from their pool's perimeter and when it's time to upgrade, our DuraTech line of PVC and stainless-steel gutters are effective, efficient, and watertight to create an entirely new pool perimeter.


We typically utilize our PVC gutters for indoor-only installation, while we use our stainless-steel gutters on both indoor and outdoor pool projects. Both PVC and stainless-steel are equally reliable and effective at containing water and ensuring leak-free performance.


If you're looking to create a high-performance, “fast” competition pool our stainless-steel gutters have a variety of configurations that are ideal for giving you the right circulation for a smooth and fast surface for competition swimming.


sample gutter types


What if you're interested in some impressive perimeter like the popular negative edge that achieves the “infinity” pool? We do those, too – our SummitSeries™ stainless-steel pool vessel is where you'll most frequently see our negative edge at work. In the picture below you'll see the beautiful rooftop pool and the functional circulation trough that makes the negative edge possible:



Your pool deserves an effective, efficient, and watertight perimeter. Don't settle for old grating and leaking gutters when you can get the best in the business with DuraTech by RenoSys! Contact us today and talk to one of our experienced team members. We'll turn your water worries into a leak-free better than new pool. You can reach us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from this page. Find us online, too: like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter!



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