Make Pool Time Safe Time With SoftSide Padding By RenoSys

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Make Pool Time Safe Time With SoftSide Padding By RenoSys


Spending time at your pool is great for your guests for many reasons – fitness, rehabilitation, and recreation to name a few. Making sure all that time around the pool is safe time is vital; and you can't expect a few “caution” signs to do all the work. RenoSys developed the best safety padding system in the aquatic industry to ensure that your guests can enjoy your pool and you can check one major worry off your list.


Give Your Guests a Soft Landing


If your pool has hard surfaces like a concrete pool deck, slippery standing water, and hard pool components, dive stands, or play structures, there will be danger-zones whether your facility features an indoor or outdoor pool. Since slip-and-fall accidents are the most common cause of injury at aquatic centers, you'll want to do everything you can to prevent injury should a fall occur. (To prevent the slipping, we recommend our highly textured RecDeck™ PVC recreational flooring which is excellent both inside and out and adds traction in dangerous areas.)


SoftSide™ Safety Padding and Dive Stand Pads are pads designed exclusively for use in the aquatic environment. Your pool is too important to trust to sub-par generic padding that could be meant for a playground. SoftSide was designed specifically with your pool and its tough environment in mind. Each pad is cushioning safety foam covered in a layer of thick, textured PVC. The padding exterior is pore-free for easy maintenance and cleaning since dirt and grime have nowhere to hide. They also easily resist water and chlorine.


SoftSide padding is ideal as we carry a variety of common, ready-to-order sizes as well as customizable pads for unique areas or pool components like pillars, play structures, etc. In the pics below, you'll see SoftSide Padding below dive stands, around columns, at entry/exit points, and under play features.





SoftSide Padding is available from 1/2”-4” thick depending on your protection needs and your aquatic center's specific hazardous areas.


Don't Take Our Word for It – Trust the Safety Expert!


We may be a little biased, but we also have the data to back it up. SoftSide Safety padding received the endorsement of noted aquatic safety expert Dr. Tom Griffiths. Impressive test data shows that SoftSide pads:


Reduce serious critical head-impact trauma by 98%


Eliminate fatal head-impact trauma by 100%


By installing SoftSide Padding and Dive Stand Pads in your aquatic center, you could effectively eliminate much of the serious risk around the most dangerous parts of your pool. It's a no-brainer: you can't trust your guests' safety to anything less than the best!


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If you're tired of safety being one of your major water worries, contact RenoSys today. A member of our experienced team will be happy to answer any questions and get started on creating or upgrading your safety system. You can call us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from this page. Be sure to connect with us online: Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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