RenoSys in Print: Our PVC Shell & RecDeck Combine in a New Renovation

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RenoSys in Print: Our PVC Shell & RecDeck Combine in a New Renovation


We are excited to highlight a RenoSys press mention; recently the local paper in Du Quoin, IL profiled the project because the local community will have an essentially- brand new pool on opening day this May thanks to a RenoSys renovation. This exciting project pairs both our RecDeck PVC recreational flooring and our PVC pool membrane in an unbeatable combination. You can read the article in its entirety here. We'll also sum it up here, although we appreciate the great article put together by the Du Quoin Evening Call!


A Big Water Bill Leads to Large Leak Discovery.... and the RenoSys Renovation


This project began the way so many of ours do: with our clients discovering water leaks and ongoing water loss. The municipal pool water loss ended up costing big, as so many leaks do – to the tune of around $10,000! We can't tell you how many clients have spent thousands on lost water, and some even make a deal with the devil and just keep topping off the pool until the season is over or until their repairs can begin.


Close-up of PVC membrane with texture visible and felt back:


Once we were able to get started, we made sure the municipal pool would be leak-free and there wouldn't be anymore sticker shock from lost pool water! We went to work, first filling in foundation cracks, then we installed our PVC pool shell in both the large pool and the children's pool. Our PVC pool membrane is ideal for this kind of project because it fully encapsulates the original pool interior in a thick layer of watertight PVC. The old leaks are gone and the new interior spans any gaps, cracks, chips or holes as it covers the entirety of your pool vessel. The RenoSys membrane is made in the US from 60 mil thick PVC that is water and chlorine resistant. It resists fading so it looks as great as it performs. (Check out our custom logo option if you're interested in customization for your facility.)


The RenoSys PVC pool shell is lightly textured for slip resistance and is also pore-free for easy maintenance since dirt and grime have nowhere to hide. As the article points out, our PVC shell is it in for the long haul, being warrantied for a decade. The article also notes that we performed a renovation using our PVC pool membrane at a nearby facility over 15 years ago and that pool is still in great shape. It's always great when we can help a community maintain their important resources and keep their swimming pools healthy.


Example of RecDeck and the RenoSys PVC membrane together to create a safer entry/exit point:



At the municipal pool, we also added RecDeck™ around the pool around the large pool's perimeter as well as around the children's pool, creating a much safer environment. RecDeck is our highly textured PVC flooring that increases traction - even when wet. RecDeck is ideal for both indoor or outdoor installations, as at the Du Quoin project. Our PVC flooring fully encapsulates the surface below in a thick layer of textured PVC that provides security where you need it most. RecDeck also resists fading and organic growth, thanks to uv-inhibitors and biocides formulated right in during manufacturing. RecDeck is available in three appealing colors and can be installed in different color combinations.


Make sure you stay tuned to the RenoSys blog and check back for updates on the Municipal Pool project and pictures when it's completed this spring, just in time for the busy season. If you're interested in seeing how we can solve your water worries, call us today to talk with a member of our experienced aquatic team. With almost thirty full years as industry leaders, we have the knowledge and know-how to make this busy season your best season. Call us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from this page. Be sure to follow us online: like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instgram!



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