Wrap Your Pool with the Best Decking in the Industry: RecDeck™ by RenoSys

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Wrap Your Pool with the Best Decking in the Industry: RecDeck™ by RenoSys


RenoSys designed and installs a superior pool deck surface for any aquatic center, whether indoors or outdoors. If you're building new or upgrading, it's time to look at the recreational surface that blows conventional concrete pool decks out of the water! Your pool deck can be an extension of your safety system, part of your center's aesthetic appeal, and save on time and maintenance all at the same time. Wrap your pool with RecDeck recreational PVC flooring and say goodbye to conventional!


RecDeck Takes Your Pool Deck to the Next Level


RecDeck is thick and tough PVC that fully encapsulates the surface below and is totally watertight. We created RecDeck to be highly-textured, adding a serious layer of traction and stability right where you need it most. RecDeck increases security even with standing water and when wet! That's a major bonus because most typical concrete pool decks become more dangerous when wet; RecDeck is different and adds reliable traction.



Depending on your exact safety needs, RecDeck can be installed over cushioning safety foam for the ultimate in fall-zone protection. We recommend this option for centers with a focus on rehabilitation, physical therapy, or with a mature or vulnerable guest group.



Concrete can also be a pain to clean, becoming stained or hosting organic growth. RecDeck is actually formulated with biocides to prevent organic growth like algae and mold, making clean-up easier in the first place! RecDeck is formulated with uv-inhibitors, too – which means that whichever color or color combination you choose will remain colorfast and looking great.



Although the more RecDeck the merrier, you can even choose to install RecDeck only at entry/exit points of your pool for a higher level of security at your most hazardous areas. The picture below shows an entry/exit point installation in which RecDeck is installed and attached to the RenoSys PVC commercial-grade liner.



If you're tired of boring, slippery-when-wet, unappealing concrete pool decks, take your pool deck to the next level and wrap your pool with RecDeck. RecDeck is available in three neutral colors that can also be installed in various combination for a unique look. Contact us and let a member of our experienced aquatic team answer any questions. Request a brochure and you'll get a sample with texture you can see and feel. You can call us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from the link below. Be sure to find us online: like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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