Problem Solved: An Old Safety System Gets Replaced with New Fall-Zone Padding Under a New PVC Shell

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Problem Solved: An Old Safety System Gets Replaced with New Fall-Zone Padding Under a New PVC Shell



Last week we wrote a blog about our recent project for the City of Miami, where we'd installed our 60 mil thick PVC commercial-grade liner under and around the play elements at a water playground. Today we're looking at an important aspect of that installation in a return of our long-running Problem Solved Series.


The Facility:


The City of Miami boasts a popular water playground with colorful, inviting play equipment and a large surface area.




The Problem:


The water playground had hazardous fall-zones that needed protection; the original padding was a pad of PVC noodles that were meant to cushion or pad around/under the play features. Over time, unfortunately the noodle-style pad had grown brittle and hard, which would not offer the same level of fall protection. The padding even shrank, leaving significant gaps in necessary coverage. The original padding was not able to provide the fall zone protection that the water playground needed.


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The Solution:


For fall-zone protection, we recommend installing our 60 mil thick, durable PVC commercial-grade liner over cushioning safety foam. Our safety foam is tested and meets and exceeds all CPSC guidelines. Since the aging noodle-style padding was no longer effectively protecting guests in hazardous areas, it was removed. We then installed our protective fall padding under our PVC liner in the identified higher-risk fall areas. This over-foam installation will provide safety and security at the water playground in the more hazardous fall areas and protect the water playground guests.


Installing our PVC pool shell over safety foam is ideal for facilities like the City of Miami water playground, with water play features, hazardous fall areas, and for centers with a vulnerable guest group such as children or mature patrons.


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If your aquatic center or water playground needs a safety upgrade, you have options with RenoSys: consider a RenoSys PVC membrane renovation with cushioning safety foam. Your fall zones will be protected and the RenoSys PVC shell is lightly textured to provide additional non-slip security. Contact RenoSys today and a member of our aquatic team will be happy to answer any questions. You can call us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from the link below. Be sure to follow us online: like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


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