SoftSide Safety Padding Creates Custom Safety System

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SoftSide Safety Padding Creates Custom Safety System


Recently we profiled a project for the City of Miami in this article and our ability to improve safety by installing our PVC commercial-grade liner over cushioning safety foam. Of course, that isn't the only way we can help your aquatic center step up your safety game. Our SoftSide™ Safety padding and Dive Stand pads are ideal for creating and/or upgrading a custom, reliable safety system.



Although the City of Miami project fit best with installing safety foam under our PVC membrane, other facilities need custom padding for unusual structures or play features. SoftSide pads are ideal for this type of installation and we frequently install our padding around or under water play equipment. Since SoftSide pads can be created in custom shapes and sizes, unusual or unique play features or pool components get the same padding and protection as traditional fall-zones.


Feeling a little crabby about your lack of safety? *Before SoftSide

The SoftSide custom pad upgrade


SoftSide pads are available from 1/2”-4” thick depending on your fall-zone safety needs. SoftSide Dive Stand pads are also a great choice; many centers have diving boards and the popular 10 meter dive stands and providing fall protection is vital.



Each SoftSide pad is covered in a thick layer of durable, watertight PVC that is pore-free and slip resistant. Our padding meets and exceeds all CPSC requirements. You can relax, knowing your safety system was designed by aquatic professionals with almost thirty full years leading the industry in innovative design. Some padding tries to do double duty, and might be more at home under a swing set – not SoftSide. Our Safety Padding is exclusively for the aquatic environment; that means the only playground our padding belongs at is a water playground or aquatic center.



The tough PVC exterior of a SoftSide pad easily resists daily water and chlorine exposure, which can break down and damage inferior padding. Your guests deserve the best protection system and we designed it exclusively for your aquatic center. If you're ready to upgrade to the number one name in aquatic safety, contact us today. A member of our team will get started creating a safer aquatic experience for your guests!


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