How to Include Your Locker Room in Your Renovation

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How to Include Your Locker Room in Your Renovation


If you're updating, upgrading, or renovating your aquatic center, we encourage you to consider your entire facility and not just the immediate pool area. Your locker or changing area is also important to the overall appeal, safety, and security of your aquatic center. Tile or concrete flooring can pose a fall hazard as well as a hassle to keep clean and sanitary. Do yourself and your staff a favor during your renovation: upgrade your locker or changing room flooring to the recreational flooring designed to be at home in the aquatic center environment...and to make life cleaner and safer for your guests.



RecDeck Recreational Flooring is Made for Your Aquatic Facility


We designed RecDeck PVC recreational flooring specifically with the harsh pool environment in mind. With nearly thirty years leading the aquatic industry, we know how tough daily water and chemical exposure are on every part of your aquatic center and the locker and changing room is part of that overall environment.


RecDeck is different than standard flooring surfaces. Unlike basic concrete or tile, RecDeck is made from durable PVC that's formulated with biocides and UV-inhibitors built right in. The biocides will help prevent common organic growth like mold and algae from forming and the UV-inhibitors keep RecDeck colorfast and looking great even when exposed to natural sunlight. We all know how dingy and grimy that stained grout can make your locker room look; with RecDeck your flooring will look clean because it's clean and hygienic. There aren't any grout lines to harbor dirt and stains, and you can even find a handy care guide here.



RecDeck is also made with safety and security in mind. Concrete and tile floors are slippery-when-wet, which is often. Thanks to RecDeck's highly-textured surface, RecDeck provides increased traction even when wet. An added bonus is that we offer installation of RecDeck over cushioning safety foam for centers needing maximum fall protection. This is recommended if you are creating an age-friendly facility, have a focus on rehabilitation/injury recovery, or a vulnerable guest group. Traditional locker and changing room floors simply cannot provide the level of safety that RecDeck offers – and RecDeck looks uniquely good doing it.



RecDeck is available in three attractive, neutral colors and can also be combined to fit your facility's unique design. Contact us today to find out how RecDeck can fit your locker or changing room renovation. Our team of experienced aquatic professionals will answer your questions and you'll receive a brochure and sample of RecDeck so you can see the quality up close!


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