RenoSys Lands Informative Segment in Aqua Magazine

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RenoSys Lands Informative Segment in Aqua Magazine


We're sharing another media mention: this time it's our own pool expert, Steve Comstock, who has a featured section in the online version of Aqua magazine. You can read his full remarks by clicking here and reading the highlighted segment "The 60 Mil Factor." You can also see our product listing on the same page for our DuraTech™ PVC gutters and grating. Be sure and check out Steve's insight in context!


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Steve Talks about Where the Savings Are


One of the main factors with renovation or construction will always come down to cost. When we talk about cost savings, we mean it. Our 60 mil PVC pool membrane provides cost savings over conventional renovation services and we have saved facilities plenty of money over the years. In his short piece, Steve reveals the important way that our PVC liner provides those savings – and it isn't at the outset by offering a cheaper installation cost or the difference in type of material.


RenoSys Liner sample


According to our resident expert with 35 years of experience under his belt, the savings come from the fact that the PVC pool shell does not need the same routine maintenance or upkeep as other interiors and prevents leaks over its lifetime. Comparatively, other surfaces will need to be painted, patched, or re-plastered often : you can redo paint every two years, and re-plaster multiple times over the same lifespan of the liner that requires none of that. We've written before about the drain/patch/refill cycle and that's where our liner breaks the cycle.


 RenoSys PVC Pool Shell


Although our PVC membrane may come at a similar initial cost as a traditional pool interior, over the life of the pool you'll save because you simply won't be spending money on routinely trying to seal your pool and stop leaks or prevent new ones. The PVC shell is a solution and prevention all in one layer of tough PVC. Our PVC membrane fully encapsulates the pool interior and is completely watertight. If you install our shell to get rid of leaks, you'll stop existing leaks and have a leak-free pool with little to no maintenance for its life span. If you install our pool membrane during new construction, you won't have to worry about the chips, gaps, cracks, and leaks that commonly form in many other pool interiors. With the RenoSys membrane you save funds over the life of the pool shell by not having to expend money on maintenance and repair the way you're expected to with other pool interiors. We call it the Superior Pool Interior™ for a reason!


The RenoSys membrane is:


durable and thick at 60 mil

lightly textured for added security

pore-free for hygiene

chlorine and water resistant

regularly preferred as a more comfortable pool interior by guests


made in the USA

available with custom-logo option



If you're ready to stop spending your facility's funds on patching, painting, upkeep, or leaks, contact RenoSys today. One of our team members will discuss your unique project and answer any questions you have. Ask for your free brochure and samples of our PVC membrane so you can see our quality up close. We have almost thirty full years leading the aquatic industry and you can reach us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from the link below. Make sure to follow us online, too: like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.



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