Renovation Brings Opportunity for New Pool Design

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Renovation Brings Opportunity for New Pool Design

If you're planning a renovation of your aquatic center, when it's done your pool should look like a million bucks. With some smart design choices, quality products, and renovation services, your renovation can create an exclusive club, a water-park style destination, and an entirely new experience for your guests.


Luxury Facility Design Elements


For private clubs and luxury hotels, residential buildings, etc, there is no design choice that is too small to matter. Your pool perimeter is one example of not having to sacrifice form for function by selecting natural stone pool grating or coping stones. Granite pool grating, like our GraniGrate™ line is crafted from high quality natural stone that is impressive, unique, and timeless. Granite is a consistently in-demand design material that will remain appealing and in style.



Another area you can improve is your pool deck; why stick with common concrete when there are safer and more attractive choices? A PVC recreational flooring like our RecDeck™ will fully encapsulate the surface below, while offering a high level of traction and slip-resistance. Not only does an improved pool decking surface create a safer path to the pool, you can select colors or color combinations to reflect your facility. RecDeck is equally well suited indoors or out, and an excellent choice for a wide variety of aquatic centers.



For the very height of customization, what about your own logo in your pool? With a custom logo installed right on your pool's surface, you easily carry on your brand cohesion throughout your facility. Your pool surface is a blank canvas that shouldn't be wasted space if it can host your own unique logo: whether a team image, facility logo, company name, etc. The custom logo option is perfect for a wide variety of aquatic facilities. We've installed original custom logos for luxury casinos and big 10 universities alike.



Want a Water-park Style Destination? Here's How:


A pool is always going to draw guests, but if your facility is competing for guests with an aquatic center down the road boasting modern amenities and attractions, you want more than a diving board and 1960s standard design!


These days, you may not need endless acres of land for a water-park style facility: you just need a good renovation plan and design. Lazy rivers, water slides, zero-depth entry, water play features, lily-pad crossings and more are all popular and design features that will help guest attraction and retention. The more your aquatic center has to offer for patrons of all ages, the more you'll gain from a well-planned renovation.


We've done quite a few renovations that transform standard community pools into exciting, water-park style summer hot spots. The old standby design was a bare-minimum pool with a diving board (if that); this albeit-typical community pool design lacked accessibility for younger guests, and also didn't offer anything fun or adventurous that older guests would like either.


Designs to upgrade the ol' standby:


Zero depth entry areas: these are great for even the very youngest pool guest. Parents love it because the zero-depth entry allows young children to sit, splash, and play without having to be fully immersed in deeper water.



Lily-pad crossing: This is fun for everyone, from younger to older kids. Floating pads are moored centrally to the pool bottom and swimmers cross via a rope or net at the top. Safety is a top priority so we recommend our custom SoftSide™ padding option since it is ideal for unusual structures and shapes as well as entry/exit points.



Spray-ground or water playground: For kids who are too young too swim or who'd rather splash without being immersed, the spray-ground is ideal. These areas are popular in the heat and are a safe way to provide ample play to everyone at your center.




Water-play feature: Adding a fun water feature to climb around or slide down will create appeal and also a fun element for younger guests. We created this fun whale and utilized our cushioning safety padding.




Water slides: Guests of all ages can enjoy slides and the only problem you may have is guests complaining about long lines to ride them! From enclosed twisting slides to straight slides for young swimmers, you have lots of options.



Your renovation can be as basic or as grand as you like; custom options and expert renovation services make all the difference in the end result. Whether you're worried about a leaking pool or you want a total transformation, we have the answer. With nearly 30 years in the aquatic industry, we have the knowledge and experience to solve your water woes. Contact us today and a member of our experienced team will be happy to get started on your pool project. You can call us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from the link below. Make sure to follow us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.



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