Designing a Pool With Mature Guests in Mind: The Age-Friendly Pool

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Designing a Pool With Mature Guests in Mind: The Age-Friendly Pool


Many facilities are interested in creating or designing an age-friendly aquatic facility either during new construction or renovation. An aquatic center may have a focus on rehabilitation, fitness, or recreation and need to have a specific design that caters to mature patrons with an additional focus on safety. We've built excellent age-friendly pools and will give you the low-down on some solid design features for creating a safe and inviting pool with your guests in mind.


A Good Age-friendly Pool Starts With a Great Design


The pool design itself is where you'll start creating a pool that your mature guests can use safely to its fullest potential. Your design should fit your guest demographic; if you're designing an age-friendly pool, dramatic water slides may not be at the top of your list, but something like walk-way/swim-laps might be ideal! Walk-way/Swim-laps are a feature that we've designed for age-friendly pools; and it provides fitness, rehab, and recreation options for your guests.


In this design, lap lanes are marked for swim-laps and there is a separate and marked area for water walking. In a standard pool, guests who wanted to aqua jog or walk would have to wait for lap swimmers to finish and vice versa; having individual walk-way/swim-lap areas allows for patrons to enjoy both popular aquatic activities without having to wait for the same lanes. This feature is great for patrons staying active while not taking up areas of your pool that other guests can use. You'll still have a main, deeper swimming area available for recreation, therapy, lessons, etc. all while the walk-way/swim-lap areas are separate.


In an age-friendly pool, you can also elect for lower stair risers for added stability, as well as lifts to assist guests in and out of the pool.


Providing Safety In and Around the Pool


Any age-friendly facility needs an increased focus on safety. A good design will look at the major fall-zone areas and find ways to both increase traction, to prevent falls – and also to cushion falls if they should occur. By moving away from the standard concrete pool deck, and installing something like a PVC recreational flooring (like our RecDeck™ shown here), you'll add much-needed stability even in wet areas like the pool-edge. In fact, our decking can be installed directly over safety foam for an added layer of fall-zone protection on the pool deck.


RecDeck decking around an indoor pool with a focus on therapy


The interior of the pool is another area that can be improved upon from the standard pool vessel. A PVC pool liner will create a consistent, comfortable surface that is kinder to guests' skin than many traditional uneven surfaces. Our PVC liner can also be installed over safety foam for added comfort and protection. The lightly textured surface of the PVC pool shell will also give traction and stability to those using the walk-lanes. We find that swimmers tend to prefer the comfortable PVC pool membrane when compared to other conventional pool interiors.


Finally, ensuring that your guests are protected with high-quality safety padding is vital. All aquatic facilities have hazardous areas where slip-and-fall accidents are more likely; identifying those areas and adding safety pads designed exclusively for pool use is ideal. Since every pool has different components and structures that could be hazardous, we offer our SoftSide™ safety padding in both ready-to-order sizes as well as custom pads. Our padding is available from 1/2”-4” thick, depending on your center's safety needs. For an age-friendly pool, creating the right blend of accessibility and safety is a must.


Custom SoftSide pad during manufacturing


If you're ready to design or renovate your aquatic facility to become an age-friendly pool, contact us today. RenoSys has almost thirty full years as industry leaders and we've created innovative designs for age-friendly centers. You can reach us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from this page. Be sure to follow us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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