When Building Space is at A Premium, Pools Go Up but Not Out

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When Building Space is at A Premium, Pools Go Up but Not Out


In cities around the world, residential and multi-use buildings are under construction and they don't want to sacrifice amenities but have little extra real estate available. What to do when you're building a downtown apartment complex, high-rise hotel, city living space and don't have the square feet to spare but want to offer the same (or more) sell-points than your competition? Don't give up that pool, build your pool up instead! Elevated and rooftop pools don't require a wider city footprint and are easier to plan than ever with modern materials and design features. We'll give you the primer on building up and not out...


Concrete is Old News – Newer Design Materials Matter


In years past, you might be saddled with concrete as your primary building material for an elevated or rooftop pool. Now, obviously if you were determined to have a pool beggers couldn't be choosers; however, there are numerous issues with building with concrete. Namely concrete is heavy; when you factor thousands of gallons of water in, you're adding a lot of extra weight to your roof or building. During the construction process itself, concrete is messy and difficult to work with. Anyone who has ever even done a basic weekend DIY project can tell you that! Multiply those issues tenfold...and put them several stories up on top of your building. Dust, grit, and the mess are one thing – waiting for perfect conditions for concrete to cure are a whole other issue.


Enter a better, lighter, and even greener building material: stainless steel. Stainless-steel cuts the weight dramatically compared to concrete. It's also much easier to work with compared to the hassle and mess of concrete construction. Since nearly all of stainless-steel is made from recycled steel, it qualifies as a green product and is also recyclable itself.


When we build an elevated pool, our SummitSeries™ vessel shown below has the option of being fabricated and shipped pre-assembled or assembled on site. Since a leaking pool is always bad, but a leaking elevated pool poses a particular concern, all our vessels are TIG-welded and pressure and static-tested to ensure watertight performance. The bottom line is that for your elevated pool you don't have to settle for conventional when there are more modern options!


Design Features Make Your Pool Customizable


A seemingly short time ago, any elevated pool would be considered impressive. Now with competition and in the age of the internet review, every edge matters and a good pool design goes a long way. One of the most enduring and dramatic design trends is the negative edge, more commonly known as the infinity edge. That's the pool edge that gives the appearance of the water flowing off over the building into space, or into the horizon. We achieve that look through a trough that hangs below the pool edge, not visible from the main body and where overflow is caught and recirculates into the pool.



You also have the option of a variety of shapes when you build with stainless-steel. Our SummitSeries vessel, for example, is available in standard shapes as well as custom, geometric designs. You can also elect for features like waterfalls. Your pool interior is one more design area that can reflect your facility's style. Options like mosaic tile, a PVC liner, and even leaving the natural stainless-steel finish are all popular and reflect the variety of choices builders have for the pool vessel. Of course the ultimate in customization is having a custom logo placed on your pool surface; that's your unique brand replicated exactly and installed on the pool bottom. A custom logo remains an in-demand option we see with a wide variety of clients, and it is ideal for all sorts of facilities – from hotels to residential buildings to private clubs and more.



If you're ready to ensure your patrons have one of the most important amenities available, but you don't have the real estate at ground level, build up – not out with an elevated or rooftop pool. With modern building materials and designs you can ensure a watertight, inviting, impressive pool that will be a real resource for your facility. We're happy to answer any questions you have since we have almost thirty full years leading the aquatic industry. We have the knowledge and experience building quality, dynamic elevated pools.


To learn more about our top-of-the-line SummitSeries pool vessel for elevated applications, click here for a printable brochure. Contact us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote by clicking the link below. Be sure to connect with us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.



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