First Look: How the Right Pool Grating is Vital for Perimeter Curves and Corners

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First Look: How the Right Pool Grating is Vital for Perimeter Curves and Corners


We recently finished up a terrific project in Plainfield, IN installing our interlocking DuraTech™ grating for a new, appealing perimeter at this local aquatic center. This project is an excellent example of the benefits of our interlocking grating for those tricky curves and corners. Here's your first look at how the right grating makes all the difference for your pool edge. Take a look at the before and after photos below to see the difference that our grating makes for this pool's perimeter in appearance as well as function.


You'll notice in this picture that this is a tight corner. In the before picture, the old grating appears pieced together from standard straight segments and runs up to the tiled edge, and also has an area to fill in where the grating doesn't fit. 



The after picture shows DuraTech interlocking grating installed. You can immediately see the difference! The corner is completely covered with well-fitted grating and no extra elements added just to fill space.



Below is another before-shot of a tight corner. You'll note that this grating is discolored, and that the straight grating runs right up to the angled grating.




In this after-shot, you'll see DuraTech grating installed in the same corner. The bright, clean grating is a nice upgrade from the discolored old grating. You'll also note that the interlocking grating angles perfectly to the corner on each side.



This before picture shows a curved area as well as another corner. The old grating is discolored here as well, and where it meets looks pieced together.



Notice in the after picture how the new DuraTech interlocking grating appears to flow continuously from the curved area, into the corner and through the straight area, joined at a perfectly-fitted angle.



Finally here's one last before picture of a corner, up close so you can see the difference. You'll notice the discolored old grating and the straight sections that meet one another.



In this after photo you can see the way that our interlocking grating is designed just for this type of configuration. Corners may be complicated for some grating, but not for DuraTech!



This aquatic center project is an excellent before/after example of the difference that a well-designed perimeter can make. High-quality pool grating is both more attractive and safer for your guests. DuraTech is certified slip-resistant and creates extra stability at the pool edge. (Check out that visible texture above!) For those areas like curves and corners that can create design problems for standard grating, the answer is interlocking grating by our DuraTech line.


If you're ready to upgrade your aging pool perimeter, or need a high-quality pool edge from day one – call RenoSys. Our team of experienced pool professionals will help get started on transforming your pool edge and getting rid of problem grating. Call us, email us, or even Get a Quote from our link below. Be sure and connect with us online: Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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