How a PVC Pool Liner Can Save Your Pool and Your Budget

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How a PVC Pool Liner Can Save Your Pool and Your Budget


Now that spring is finally here, it may be time to look at a cost-effective way to ensure your pool's summer season isn't spent literally spending your budget in lost water. Leaks are no laughing matter, and the fix isn't endless patching – eventually a new surface is just what the doctor ordered. Well, since we have nearly thirty full years leading the aquatic industry, the pool doctor is in and we'll tell you how a renovation with a PVC pool shell works to save money.


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What it is:


A PVC pool shell is a commercial-grade, 60 mil thick layer of PVC that fully encapsulates your pool interior and is totally watertight. Any chips, gaps, cracks, and leaks are totally sealed off under the layer of PVC and no longer pose a threat to the integrity of your pool. Leaks are officially history with a PVC liner. The PVC shell is pore-free to keep maintenance to a minimum, and it's comfortable for swimmers. In fact, we frequently hear that swimmers prefer a quality PVC membrane to conventional uneven, rough pool interiors. Unlike your old pool surface, the PVC pool shell won't crack or chip; the RenoSys PVC shell has lasted decades with many of our clients recommending us to neighboring facilities whose old pools are in the same (leaky) boat that theirs were pre-renovation.


What it does:


A PVC shell creates a totally watertight pool immediately after installation . Your pool will have an essentially new pool interior that can last decades. Our pool shell is formulated to stand up to daily water and chlorine exposure with ease. Since it's lightly textured, the PVC membrane adds security to the pool surface while still providing superior comfort.


How it saves money:


As we discussed in this previous article, our own pool expert Steve Comstock explained that the savings came in the lack of repairs and upkeep compared to other conventional renovation services. For example, although a PVC pool shell may cost about the same initially as other pool surfaces during renovation, you're not looking at re-plastering  in only a couple short years (with all those associated costs!). Once your PVC membrane is installed, your pool is leak-free and your interior won't require the same type of ongoing upkeep and expenditures that other surfaces will. You'll continue to see those savings accrue over time, as other facilities will watch their budgets dwindle maintaining their non-PVC shell pool interiors. Your PVC pool membrane is an investment that pays off!


Find out more about how a PVC pool shell can benefit your aquatic facility. Call and talk to a member of our team with any questions. You'll also receive a free brochure with several samples of our PVC pool membrane so you can experience our quality pool interior up close. Call us toll-free, email us, or Get a Quote from the link below. Be sure and connect with us online: Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.



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