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Plan Smart, Renovate Smarter


We've looked at a variety of custom options recently, from safety padding to custom coping stones, and another option besides customizing your safety or your brand is upgrading the elements and components of your pool that need it without having to perform a full renovation. We looked recently at a major grating replacement project and that's a great (grate?) example. If your facility isn't in need of a full renovation, fix what ails you – whether it's grating, gutters, decking, or your pool vessel. It can save on time and funds to only fix the items highest up on the “to-do” list!


Example of new corner grating during a major upgrade that got rid of poorly fitting grating 



We've talked about grating gone bad before – but of course it isn't the only pool component that can go belly up. Gutters can leak, decking can chip and crack, and your pool vessel can begin to show its age... among other things. All of these are components that we've seen (and upgraded) at various facilities; in fact we've had repeat customers – sometimes going years between projects as they choose to focus on what needs to be done immediately and waiting to upgrade other areas further down the road. Having a product line designed to work equally well as an integrated system or alone is important and helps make our products so successful.


While a full renovation can be impressive, it's also not always an undertaking that is necessary if you have an immediate need for a watertight gutter system. Focusing on exactly the level of improvements you need is crucial when you're planning any upgrades to your aquatic center. Consider your mandatory items, as well as those on your wish list and then consult a design/build professional. RenoSys is a design/build firm; this means that we offer the exact level of service that your project demands. We can design, manufacture, and install the entire project, but we can also work with your architect, for example. If you're upgrading your safety padding system, you can even install our SoftSide padding yourself by following our instructions.



With the change in seasons, it's important to note any damaged areas of your facility and make plans to address them before the busy season gets into full swing. For instance, we do see plenty of facilities try to limp through summer with leaks, refilling and topping off their pool and waiting to make repairs until the close of the summer season. Those lost gallons are lost dollars, too – if you know that you have bad gutters or leaks in the pool vessel, try to address those as soon as possible. A PVC pool shell is a great choice for an old pool with a leaking interior; it instantly seals leaks, lasts many years, and has practically no maintenance (as well as no associated maintenance costs). New watertight gutters will also improve your pool dramatically since the circulation of your pool is vital to it's health and performance.


Whatever areas of your pool need improvement, we can help with any questions you have. Our team has decades of experience designing and building quality pools. You can call us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from the link below. Be sure and connect with us online too: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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