Don't Let a Bad Pool Deck Get You Down: What to Do With That Old Deck

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Don't Let a Bad Pool Deck Get You Down: What to Do With That Old Deck

The pool deck may be one of the more overlooked an often forgotten parts of an aquatic center – although it isn't out of sight, it's usually out of least until it can't be ignored. Chips, cracks, unsightly and even dangerous wear-and-tear can crop up over time and your pool deck will need attention. So what to do about that old pool deck? We have you covered – read on and don't take a bad pool deck lying down...


Coatings and Coverings Aren't the Only Option


It may be tempting to think that covering your old deck with a coating or a covering may take care of the problem, but in fact many of the advertised products just aren't made with your pool environment in mind. Can they guarantee they'll hold up to usage, water, and chemical exposure? What will maintenance be? Chances are that you won't like the answers because many of these products aren't the type of tough and rugged surface a pool deck should be.


The simple fact is that concrete can crack and tiles can chip and break over time. A pool deck that looks and performs well in the aquatic environment is hard to find. Due to the high moisture encountered at all aquatic facilities, you're often fighting against common issues growth like algae and fungal growth...which only adds to your maintenance/cleaning responsibilities.


The solution we developed is a PVC recreational flooring that encapsulates the pool deck in a fully-watertight layer. We created RecDeck™ for the pool environment, knowing exactly how rigorous the standards for any pool decking have to be to withstand day-to-day pool life. Instead of a coating or covering, RecDeck totally replaces your old pool deck with a durable, tough layer of textured PVC. Unlike other surfaces, it won't chip, spall, flake, peel, or crack – which means less to worry about and more peace of mind. RecDeck is also formulated with UV-inhibitors to keep it colorfast, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations. We also add biocides during manufacturing which help prevent the common organic growth that can plague many facilities, and will help cut down on your maintenance.




Another point to consider when upgrading your pool deck should be a priority: safety. We all know that concrete and tile are slippery when wet – but can a new pool deck improve safety around your pool? Absolutely. We ensure that our PVC flooring is highly-textured to provide greatly increased traction that reduces fall-risk – even when wet. For facilities needing additional protection, RecDeck can even be installed over safety foam. Ask yourself: can any coating or other covering handle the pool environment, cut down on maintenance, improve safety, and look good doing it? That's why we created our flooring – because we know what a good deck should be and what it takes.



If your pool deck has seen better days and it's time to make improvements, don't skimp and rely on a coating or a second-rate covering. We developed our RecDeck PVC flooring to handle the aquatic environment, as well as areas like locker rooms, or fitness areas, etc. You can see RecDeck up close by contacting us and requesting a brochure; you'll get a free sample and will see the difference our decking can make for your facility. Contact us today: call us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from the link below. Be sure to follow us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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