Media Mention: SoftSide Padding Featured in Aqua Magazine

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Media Mention: SoftSide Padding Featured in Aqua Magazine


We always enjoy seeing our high quality aquatics product line in print and wanted to share another media mention. We got a great product feature in Aqua magazine this month. As you can see in the clip below, they share an informative blurb on our SoftSide™ padding using our dive stand pads as an example:



You can read more about SoftSide on our dedicated SoftSide Safety padding page here. You can also go to this page for a handy printable brochure. To recap why SoftSide padding is ideal for both new construction and upgrades, here are the basics on the best safety padding in the business:



Available from 1/2”-4” thick depending on your fall-zone needs


Safety foam is covered in a layer of thick, waterproof PVC


Exterior is pore-free for low maintenance


Exterior is slip-resistant


Padding has received endorsement of aquatic safety expert


Meets or exceeds all CPSC standards


Available in both ready-to-order and custom sizes


SoftSide padding and Dive Stand pads are ideal for any areas at your pool that need to have a major safety upgrade. Water-play area exit/entry points, unique features like poles and columns, under water-play features, water-slide run-outs, under dive stands and diving boards and much more – wherever you need to ensure fall-zone protection can be improved by SoftSide padding. It's designed exclusively for aquatic usage and is water and chlorine resistant. Made right here in the USA.


If you're ready to improve safety at your aquatic facility, contact us today. Thanks to Aqua magazine for a terrific mention this April! Be sure and follow us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter.



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