Why the Right PVC Pool Grating Matters to Your Perimeter

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Why the Right PVC Pool Grating Matters to Your Perimeter


While PVC grating can be ideal for your commercial pool, the right kind of PVC grating is even more important. We'll look at how the wrong grating can lead to premature failure, breakage, and dangerous conditions, nor will it properly fit the tricky corners and curves of your pool. The right grating will fit properly, increase safety, and be both reliable and durable. Pool grating is an important part of your aquatic facility design and it's worth planning to ensure performance you can count on.



If you have existing pool grating with U.S. Pat. # 4483025, you may already have a higher risk for experiencing damage, as seen in the photo above. Pool grating with this patent number seems to have an increased rate of breaking or snapping creating potentially dangerous sharp pieces or edges. If you think that you have this brittle grating around your pool, the time to look at upgrading your grating is now! Obviously this is not the type of grating you want pool-side. You need pool grating that will increase traction around your pool while providing stability.



Above is a picture of ill-fitting grating. While not brittle and dangerous, it clearly doesn't fit and mesh with the corners of the pool the way that it should. The appeal of the pool edge is decreased, and improving the pool grating in this kind of installation can also improve the aesthetic and security of the pool edge.



The above picture is an example of what high-quality grating can do: it solves the problem of ill-fitting grating and creates a reliable, quality perimeter. In this picture and project we utilized our DuraTech™ line of interlocking PVC grating to upgrade existing grating at an indoor aquatic facility. DuraTech can handle the curves and corners of pool gutters with custom-fitted precision. DuraTech is also textured to increase security at your pool edge and is even certified slip-resistant. With a sturdy PVC grating like DuraTech, you won't have to worry about dangerous breakage or premature failure and instead will have a more appealing and secure perimeter.



If you're worried about substandard pool grating or are ready to ensure that you have quality PVC pool grating that is a perfect fit and performance for your pool edge, contact us today. You can call us toll-free, email us, or Get a Quote from the link below. A member of our experienced aquatic team will be happy to get started and help answer any questions you have. Remember to connect with us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.



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