Bring in May with an Aquatic Facility Safety System Upgrade

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Bring in May with an Aquatic Facility Safety System Upgrade

May is National Water Safety month which is a great time to stop and review safety systems in place at your aquatic center. Aquatic facilities are always striving to improve safety practices in and around the water. There are several ways to ensure your guests have increased security in and around your pool and we give you ideas for your installation or next upgrade.


Give Your Guests Firm Footing to Prevent Fall Accidents


Your pool deck is an excellent place to incorporate part of your pool's safety system. You may not initially recognize a pool deck as a component that could increase safety; however, by getting rid of the common slippery-when-wet concrete pool deck you can reduce some of the common slip-and-fall accidents that are frequent at pools.




We recommend our RecDeck™ PVC recreational flooring as a pool deck upgrade. It fully encapsulates the layers below in thick, durable PVC that is aggressively-textured for maximum slip resistance. RecDeck is formulated with biocides to guard against common organic growth and UV-inhibitors to prevent fading and ensure it stays looking great. For centers that need even more security, we even install RecDeck over safety foam for extra fall protection.


A Comfortable Textured Pool Interior

 RenoSys Liner sample

A conventional pool interior can be uneven, rough, and uncomfortable. In some spots it can also be slick, leading to instability for your patrons. By creating a pool interior with comfortable texture, you can ensure that your guests are able to be enter and exit your pool safely and won't scrape and scuff themselves on the pool bottom. Conventional pool surfaces can lead to cuts and scrapes but a thick PVC pool liner won't.

The RenoSys PVC pool shell is 60 mil thick and lightly textured; it is pore free for easy maintenance and easily resists chlorine. We can even install our PVC membrane over safety foam for added cushioning. For entry/exit points RecDeck can be combined with our PVC shell for extra traction. If you request a free brochure you'll also receive free samples of our PVC membrane and can feel the comfortable interior yourself.


Safety Pads Are a Must in Fall Zones


When is the last time you reviewed your safety system? This May is a great time to look at your safety padding and see if it's worn, damaged, or needs to be replaced. Each pool has hazardous areas that need a greater amount of fall-zone protection: under and around dive stands or diving boards, near entry/exit points, around or under water play equipment, or near unique components to name a few.

We created our SoftSide™ Safety padding with the pool in mind. Cushioning safety foam covered in a layer of thick PVC, our padding offers the right level of protection for your needs. From 1/2"-4" thick, you can choose the right level of fall protection for your facility. The exterior of each pad is pore-free and resists common organic growth. We have ready-to-order pads available in common sizes and you can also order custom pads for unusual aquatic elements or sizes. All padding meets or exceeds all CPSC standards and is made in the US! 


Photo: Large pad for under diving board before shipping out


These are just a few ways to improve safety at your aquatic center by increasing traction and providing fall protection. Pools are amazing recreational and fitness resources but also require proper planning to ensure maximum safety for guests. Slips, trips, and falls present a major hazard at all aquatic facilities and by adding stability and fall-protection where possible you'll help keep your center safe for all your patrons. Make this National Water Safety Awareness Month count by reviewing your aquatic center and making improvements to keep your center modern and secure!


If you have questions about how to upgrade safety planning at your aquatic facility, call our experienced aquatic team today. You can reach us toll-free, email us, or Get a Quote from the link below. Be sure to connect with us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.



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