The Benefits of a PVC Pool Shell for Your Commercial Pool

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The Benefits of a PVC Pool Shell for Your Commercial Pool


If you're dealing with a commercial pool leak, you're dealing with a big problem. Water loss is expensive and a quick fix isn't the best solution in the long run. If you're planning new construction, preventing water loss and the retention of your funds is also vital. That makes your pool interior the number one choice when considering renovation or new construction; and if you haven't considered a PVC pool shell, we'll explain why you shouldn't overlook this popular option.


Pictured: A close-up of our PVC pool shell

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Cost Savings Come in the Long Term


Initially, installing a PVC pool shell will have a similar cost to conventional pool interiors; however, over time those other pool interiors will need repeat work to ensure watertight performance while your PVC pool membrane will need minimal maintenance. Who wants to re-plaster a pool two years later? Two years into your PVC pool membrane you'll be two years into a leak-free pool interior with no plastering on your to-do list. Your cost savings will continue to grow as your maintenance demands remain virtually non-existent compared to other pool surfaces.


A PVC Shell Transforms an Old Pool into a Totally New Interior


A cracked, leaking, aging pool can look unsightly and cost a lot in lost water, time, and money. A PVC pool shell is far and away one of the best solutions to an aging pool. During installation, the PVC pool membrane will easily span gaps, cracks, and chips and seal off those leaks under a thick layer of watertight PVC. The original pool vessel will be fully encapsulated in the PVC membrane and the old pool surface will be covered by an attractive, comfortable new PVC surface. PVC pool shells are often preferred by swimmers over conventional uneven and rough pool interiors for their superior comfort.


Pictured: A beginning to end of a PVC membrane installation all in one photo

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Metallic and Aluminum Pools Take Note: PVC is For You


Metallic and aluminum pool vessels face special challenges and frequently suffer from a process known as galvanic corrosion. The combination of swimmers and water combine to form a light electrical charge that damages the pool wall over time (although it is perfectly safe for your guests). Guess what is an excellent insulator? If you guessed PVC, you'd be correct. A PVC pool shell is ideal for metallic and aluminum pools because it seals the pool wall and prevents the damaging corrosive process from occurring.


Pictured: Before and after of a PVC shell in an aluminum pool



A PVC Shell is Appealing and Comfortable


A PVC pool membrane is a consistent, comfortable surface that looks great in your pool and feels great to your guests. Unlike other pool surfaces, there won't be rough or scratchy areas to scrape your patrons while they swim or play in the pool. Our PVC pool shell is lightly textured, and pore-free for easy maintenance. The RenoSys membrane is also chlorine resistant for long lasting reliability. Not only is the PVC shell attractive, but it also seals old leaks and prevents new water loss making it a great multi-tasking pool component!



If you'd like to know more about how a PVC pool shell can benefit your renovation or new construction, contact us today. Our team of experienced aquatic professionals has almost thirty full years leading the industry. We're happy to answer any questions and to help get started on your pool project. You can reach us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from the link below. Connect with us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.



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