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PVC for Pool Interiors & Pool Decks


A pool renovation is the opportunity to get the facility that you have wanted for years, and make significant improvements that will benefit the aesthetic appeal and safety of your pool. The pool interior and pool deck are both large areas of your aquatic center, and often need repair or renovation after degrading over time. We share the solutions we've developed that work together to form an excellent and safer pool deck and pool interior.


Re-Do the Entire Deck in a Safer Surface


By improving your pool deck, you instantly improve the look and appeal of your facility and guests will both feel and be more secure in heading to your pool. Standard concrete pool decks are hard, slippery-when-wet, and visually unimpressive. Taking our years of experience in aquatics, we developed a PVC recreational flooring that looks far better than concrete and also performs better. RecDeck™ is our answer to problem pool decks: a rugged and appealing PVC surface that totally encapsulates the surface below in a watertight layer.



RecDeck also does one better than a concrete deck because it's literally built to resist common problems that can plague aquatic centers. We formulate our flooring with biocides to inhibit organic growth (like algae and fungus) and UV-inhibitors to help prevent fading. RecDeck's unique formulation makes maintenance easier for you and takes one thing off your to-do list. Deck-side safety also gets a major boost with a highly textured PVC, adding important traction where guests need it most. RecDeck provides security even when wet.


A New Interior = a New Pool


An old, leaking pool interior can seem like a disaster for your facility, but it doesn't have to spell the end of your pool. With the development of high-quality PVC pool liners, your pool can be renovated and last years and/or decades totally leak-free and looking brand new. The PVC pool shell by RenoSys is 60 mil thick, lightly textured, durable, and attractive. It will cover the entirety of your pool vessel, encapsulating the whole vessel in a layer of leak-preventing PVC. The membrane seals off old leaks by covering all those gaps, chips, cracks and more in that tough layer of appealing PVC. The PVC shell is also a consistent and comfortable surface that many guests prefer over conventional pool interiors. The texture itself adds some security for your guests entering/exiting the pool.


RenoSys Liner sample


The Dynamic Duo – PVC Pool Decking & PVC Pool Shell


During a renovation you can combine both a new and improved pool deck with a new and improved (and more importantly, watertight) pool interior. You'll increase safety both in and around your pool by adding more traction with the highly-textured PVC pool deck in RecDeck and the textured pool interior in the RenoSys PVC pool shell. If you want to increase security but without renovating your entire pool deck, you can focus on pool entry/exit points.



Entry/exit points of the pool are typically areas which can be dangerous. By adding security at the entry/exit points, you'll ensure a safer experience for your guests. In the photo above, we installed RecDeck right at the entry/exit points attached to our PVC pool membrane. The additional traction ensures an easier and safer way for your patrons to get into and out of the pool. Adding RecDeck to entry/exit points is a great way to increase safety without the full deck renovation.




The pool deck and pool interior are major areas that can be improved during a renovation. We have almost thirty full years of experience leading the aquatic industry and are happy to help. If you have questions or if you're ready to begin your renovation, please contact us today. You can reach us toll-free, email us, or Get a Quote from the link below. Be sure to follow us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.



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