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Commercial Pool Questions Answered


There are lots of questions that come up during a commercial pool renovation or new construction, so we break down some information for you in a helpful format that can shed some light on our interesting industry. If you don't find the information you need here, don't worry – we have a Knowledge Center you can click on for more and you'll find our contact information at the end of the article. Asking your own questions is as simple as a toll-free call or email!



Q&A in Aquatics



Q. Is a PVC liner better or cheaper than other renovation methods?


A. A quality PVC liner, like the RenoSys PVC pool shell is a commercial-grade, thick layer of durable PVC that will encapsulate your pool vessel and totally seal off leaks. It will create a new interior and look and feel better than your old interior. Initially the cost may be similar compared to other renovations, but over time you'll save money with the lack of upkeep and regular maintenance. For example, you may have to re-plaster a pool two years later. A PVC shell doesn't require expensive regular upkeep like this, resulting in cost savings.

 RenoSys Liner sample


Q. We have a luxury facility and want our pool to stand out – what options do we have?


A. In pool design, you have options like a dramatic shape, interior, design features, as well as luxury features like pool grating made from granite. For instance, you could have a custom shaped pool with a negative edge and the GraniGrate™ natural stone grating. We also frequently use granite coping stones which are a part of our GraniGrate line. Another option that certain upscale facilities frequently choose is the custom pool logo, which is their exact custom logo installed on the pool surface itself. You have many options whether you're a luxury or standard aquatic facility.




Q. Is a stainless-steel pool vessel as reliable as a traditional pool vessel?


A. We find that stainless-steel is an ideal material for pool construction. Our on-grade (ground level) vessel also utilizes a patented buttress system which adds even more ground stability and reliability. Both our on-grade and above-grade (elevated) pool vessels are TIG-welded and pressure tested to ensure that they are watertight. Not only is stainless-steel lighter than conventional concrete pools, stainless-steel is also a green product.




Q. How can we protect under our 10 meter dive stand?


A. By ordering a special safety pad that will fit your 10 m dive stand, you can greatly increase safety for your guests. We designed our line of SoftSide™ safety padding just for pools, ensuring that the exterior is chlorine-resistant, pore-free, and easy to maintain. With the prevalence of 10 m dive stands (not to mention diving boards), adding a quality safety pad is the best thing you can do to improve safety in this area.




Q. Is coating our concrete pool deck the best way to fix cracks and issues, and what about our locker room?


A. Rather than using multiple products, we suggest one material that will work for both your locker/changing room and your pool deck. The product we use is our PVC recreational flooring, RecDeck™. It's not a coating: RecDeck is thicker, more durable, and provides greater slip-resistance. The PVC flooring we offer encapsulates the surface below in a watertight layer and is highly textured for maximum traction. It's also formulated with biocides to prevent organic growth and UV-inhibitors to keep it colorfast.



Q. Our pool needs new grating but has some odd corners and angles. What do you recommend?


A. We profiled a project not long ago that is the perfect example of a pool with curves and corners that have given your grating trouble...and the solution we came up with. Our DuraTech PVC grating worked wonders in this project and was able to custom fit some difficult corner areas that the previous grating hadn't managed well. You can click the link above and read about how this indoor pool benefited from the interlocking PVC grating that is ideal for tricky corners and curves at the pool.




This isn't an exhaustive list of Q&A, by any means – so if you have questions we didn't answer, be sure to stop by our Knowledge Center. You can also find the answers to any of your question more directly by talking to a member of our experienced aquatics team. Call us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from the link below. Be sure to connect with us online, too: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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