Money Matters: Saving Funds & Your Pool Renovation

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Money Matters: Saving Funds & Your Pool Renovation


When it comes to saving money on your commercial pool, we have some suggestions. We help owner/operators keep their water in their pool and their budgets in the black. Read on for some tips to having your best operating season yet - and if you need help, we'll tell you what to do...


Leaks = Money Loss


If you want to stop losing money, you need to lose your water loss. Even a few inches can be thousands of gallons of water down the drain, along with the money you spend replacing it. For outdoor centers, the summer season is typically the “busy” season and a leaking pool means a lot of aquatic facilities try to top off any leaks until they close at the end of summer. That can cost a lot of money, and at the end of all that refilling often lies a costly repair (or more).


Locating leaks and ensuring that you fix them for the long term is the key to a successful summer or operating season. Your pool interior and gutter system are prime leak-zones and should be checked once you suspect water loss.


My Pool Interior is Old and Losing Water – Now What?


It's very common to see pools dating back to the 1960s and 70s that are still fully operational and some that you'd never even know are that old. How is that? By renovating these older pools utilizing a practical PVC liner during renovation, you'll seal the original pool vessel in a layer of thick, durable PVC that totally stops leaks and prevents new ones at the same time. A high-quality PVC liner is ideal for older, leaky pools, as well as newer pools wanting leak-free protection. The PVC membrane spans the entirety of the pool vessel and easily covers any gaps, cracks, chips, holes, peeling, spalling and more.


RenoSys Liner sample


If you compare apples to apples, initially during installation, a PVC membrane will have a similar cost as other materials. Over the life of the PVC shell is where you'll begin to really appreciate your PVC pool interior and start to save funds. For instance, plaster may require re-plastering two years after initial installation. Your PVC pool shell requires virtually no maintenance and can last and look great for decades. Every year that goes by without either the money you were paying to refill your pool due to water loss, to try and patch it yourself, or to pay for upkeep of other pool vessel materials, you'll pay almost nothing for your PVC pool shell maintenance and that money will stay in your budget.


A Side Note on Safety


A safer aquatic center can also pay off financially. By ensuring your guests have added traction and security around the pool, you'll limit risk exposure. May is National Water Safety Month, which is a great time to examine your aquatic center's safety system and make any necessary upgrades. You can create a much safer experience for your guests by adding traction with an improved deck and pool grating, and by adding high-quality safety pads under and around diving boards, dive stands, water play equipment, near fall zones, and more. You can click any of the links in this section to read about the RenoSys products that we recommend for increasing pool safety. 


Pictured: Custom SoftSide™ safety pad


Some Impressive Figures


We've renovated many different types of aquatic facilities, and we've provided dramatic cost savings as well. For example, we saved one aquatic center over a million dollars. They were able to reinvest their savings back into their facility in other areas, making their savings even more valuable. Typically, we offer savings when compared to conventional renovation services. One way we manage to keep more money in your budget is by “recycling” your pool; we use as much of your pool's existing infrastructure as possible. There's no point in scrapping perfectly functional and healthy pool components when we can use them in your renovation and save on time and money. By recycling your pool, we're able to save material, time, and keep your budget in line. It's a practical method for creating an excellent end product and for offering cost savings.



We're happy to answer any questions you have about renovation or new construction of a commercial pool. RenoSys has almost three full decades leading the aquatic industry and our team of dedicated pool professionals are ready to help. You can also click here for our Knowledge Center where you'll find all sorts of resources, including printable brochures and more. Call us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from the link below. Remember to connect with us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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