Media Mention: WaterShapes Features Full Article on Safety

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Media Mention: WaterShapes Features Full Article on Safety


We have a fantastic Media Mention to share: WaterShapes recently published a featured article written by Johnathan Roberts, who is part of the PoolEquip team. PoolEquip is a division separate from RenoSys and offers high-quality pool grating and safety pads. When it comes to pool safety, Johnathan is a real expert and the right man for the job to write an informative article about safety around the aquatic center.


You can click here to read the article in its entirety, and we encourage you to be sure and take a look.


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The article featured in WaterShapes does an excellent job examining the challenges faced by aquatic centers in increasing safety, as well as solutions. Roberts' article does an excellent job of profiling how adding safety padding around common danger-zones can dramatically improve security around your pool. For example, children can be at a greater risk of injury when entering water slides so adding padding to the top of an enclosed slide is a good choice. Padding under and around water slides and water play equipment, as well as at other popular water attractions like lily-pad style features is also important to create a safer play area for your pool's most vulnerable guests.



The article also discusses areas that can be overlooked when planning safety, like pool grating and the pool deck itself. The author mentions that you can improve your pool deck by adding an encapsulating PVC surface that creates a non-slip pool deck. Roberts adds that for those centers not electing to replace an entire pool deck, creating safer entry/exit points with PVC safety material can also be a great option.



Finally, the article in this Media Mention does a great job of discussing how important routine maintenance and regular inspections are. He recommends establishing a check-list that you use to ensure regular safety checks. Another excellent point is that the safety measures you take can enhance, rather than detract from, your aquatic center. A well-designed safety system can add to the visual appeal of your pool while simultaneously ensuring your guests can safely enjoy it to the fullest. You can design your center's safety system based on what your examinations show is missing; aquatic safety isn't a one-size-fits-all situation. Aquatic safety is vital and benefits patrons and aquatic center alike.


If you have questions after reading this short synopsis or the longer piece in WaterShapes, please contact us toll-free, email us, or Get a Quote from the link below. We have almost thirty years leading the industry and a member of our experienced aquatic team will be happy to help. Remember to connect with us online: Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.



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