Upgrades at Your Pool Can Lead to Impressive Results

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Upgrades at Your Pool Can Lead to Impressive Results



In our recent blog article, we gave you some pointers for how to increase retention and attract new guests to your aquatic center. If you inspect your aquatic facility and decide a renovation is in order, the good news may be that a renovation doesn't have to be dramatic to create dramatic results. By upgrading the specific areas of your pool that need work, you'll see the appeal of your pool increase immediately and, in the case of leaks or water loss, money saved.


While a total renovation is impressive, fix what needs fixing!


Chances are you already know what you'd upgrade or repair, given the chance. Stop waiting for those leaks to get worse or for “next season” to finally fix that pool interior. A renovation can be cost-effective and save money in the long run. Water loss isn't free – every time you top off your pool, you're losing more funds that could go toward fixing the problem permanently.


Some issues are downright dangerous – like bad pool grating. We've profiled a particular style of pool grating that is prone to breakage. If you have this style of grating, with Pat No. 4483025, be aware that your grating is at risk. Bad grating can shatter, crack, or splinter, leaving sharp and jagged edges that can cut and injure swimmers. Don't risk it – if you have bad grating, upgrade immediately to safer, reliable pool grating. We recommend our DuraTech™ line of grating, available in PVC and stainless-steel.




Improving your pool's safety system is always going to pay off; and if your safety pads are aging, low-quality, or just aren't built for the pool, you aren't doing your guests any favors. A high-quality safety pad is vital, especially in higher risk areas like under and around dive stands, and water play equipment. Our SoftSide Safety padding is available in ready-to-order common sizes, but also in custom sizes which makes building a solid safety system truly a customizable option. Custom safety padding is ideal for any facility with unique play features or pool components.



The heart of your pool is your pool interior, and if it's losing aging and losing water, simply patching it to get through one more season isn't a long-term solution. Fixing it permanently with a PVC pool liner is a much better option. A commercial-grade PVC pool shell is ideal for renovating pools with leaks. The PVC membrane will span the entire pool surface, encapsulating the pool vessel in a thick layer of watertight PVC and seal off leaks while preventing new ones. The PVC membrane can last decades with minimal maintenance; the same can't be said for other pool surfaces! Don't try to get by one more summer season, or stretch out as long as you can by patching and refilling your pool. A PVC membrane will solve leaks and create a new pool interior that looks appealing and is comfortable for guests. You even have the option to install a custom logo directly on the pool surface. A custom logo is a great option for schools, hotels, upscale facilities, and any aquatic center looking to stand out.


RenoSys PVC Pool Shell


These are just some examples of ways you can make a big difference at your aquatic center without performing a huge pool renovation. Other upgrades include your pool deck and gutters, for example. We developed our line of aquatic products to work equally well alone or combined in a larger project. With almost thirty full years leading the aquatic industry, we know how daunting even a smaller upgrade can be, let alone a full aquatic facility renovation. That's why our team is ready to help: just call, email, or even Get a Quote from the link below. Be sure to connect with us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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