A Quick Guide to Safety at Your Aquatic Facility

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A Quick Guide to Safety at Your Aquatic Facility


Wrapping up May's focus on aquatic safety as National Water Safety Month, we wanted to double down with our last safety article for the month! We're giving you a basic bullet pointed guide for how to reduce injury in and around the water with basic preventive steps any aquatic facility can take now for a major upgrade in safety!



  • Increase traction around your pool: By adding a surface around your pool with a better decking surface and doing away with conventional, slippery concrete you'll increase safety and reduce slip and fall risks. A PVC recreational flooring like the one we manufacture (RecDeck™), dramatically increases security with a highly-textured, durable surface. You can even add safety foam under this deck for added fall-protection.


  • Create a safer pool perimeter: What about that pool grating? We know that many guests, especially kids, enter and exit the pool by jumping in and out using the grating. By having sturdy, slip-resistant grating, you'll add a much safer pool perimeter. You'll reduce fall risks at the pool edge where they can be even more dangerous given the close proximity to water. The textured PVC grating we offer through our DuraTech™ line is certified slip-resistant and extra durable.


  • Make entry/exit points safe: Your pool entry/exit points can be slippery and dangerous since that is where guests are entering and leaving the pool and often there is water, and hand-rails, other guests, etc all in one space. We often combine our RecDeck PVC material with our PVC pool membrane for a safer pool entry/exit system. Since our PVC pool surface is also lightly textured, guests have an easy time transitioning from the deck to the pool. The RecDeck transition strip provides additional traction where you need it most – right by the water.


  • Add safety padding where you need it: You know the hazardous areas of your pool, whether they're a water-slide, diving board, a water-play feature, or more. Any of these areas are potential danger areas for your center. By adding high-quality aquatic safety padding, you'll dramatically reduce injury risk for your guests. We offer our line of SoftSide™ padding that we designed exclusively for use at aquatic facilities.


  • Choose a better pool surface: A conventional pool surface comes with conventional problems. A superior pool surface solves those problems! We recommend the PVC pool shell we manufacture; it's 60 mil thick, comfortable, as well as lightly textured. Its comfortable surface won't create the same rough and abrasive surface that can cause injury to swimmers' skin. The light texture can also help with stability in the water. Safety foam can be added below a PVC pool shell for additional protection.


These are some basic steps you can take to help prevent injury and create an overall safer, healthier aquatic center for you and your patrons. By ensuring greater security both around, near, and in the water, you'll help reduce the risk of some of the most common injuries at aquatic facilities. If you're looking for help designing or upgrading your safety system, give us a call. We have almost thirty full years leading the aquatic industry and a member of our experienced team will be happy to answer any questions. You can call us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from the link below. Be sure to follow us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.



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