Why a PVC Pool Shell Can Solve Your Pool Problems

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Why a PVC Pool Shell Can Solve Your Pool Problems

You may have an inviting aquatic facility in every other way, but if your pool interior is aging or has begun to lose its watertight quality, you don't have the most important part of any aquatic center. The pool interior is the heart of your pool and if it's losing its integrity due to age, poor design, or other issues, you'll need to act fast to ensure that your pool returns to its peak performance. We tell you how a PVC pool liner can save your pool and is a much better solution than so-called “simple” repairs.


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As you may already (unfortunately) know, what appears to be a “small” leak in terms of your water level, actually equals hundreds of gallons of water gone that you'll end up replacing if the leaks aren't repaired. Sure, there are plenty of facilities who ride out the traditionally busy summer season and make repairs by patching and sanding then refilling their pools – only to start the cycle over (and over again) as new leaks develop. Depending on the age of your pool, you can be stuck in the drain/repair/refill cycle which will cost you time, material, and of course – money!


There's a better answer, and if you only know about PVC pool liners from residential backyard swimming pools, think again. A commercial-grade PVC pool shell is a 60 mil thick, durable, layer of PVC that will span the entirety of your pool vessel, fully encapsulating the original pool vessel. Your old pool vessel can be chipped, cracked, have gaps, holes, etc and a PVC pool membrane will easily cover all of this with a thick layer of PVC. The water loss will be stopped and new leaks will be prevented by the PVC membrane that has created an entirely new pool interior!


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Another feature of the PVC pool shell is that while it's making your new pool interior more appealing, it's also more attractive to guests because it is more comfortable than your old pool interior. A PVC pool shell is one consistent, smooth surface that lacks the rough and abrasive spots of an aging pool surface. A conventional pool surface can scrape your pool guests and cause scratches and sore spots; a PVC pool membrane is much more comfortable and guests frequently prefer a PVC surface to typical pool material.



A PVC pool membrane can also save you money at new construction. Comparing a traditional pool surface to PVC at construction, you'll see similar costs. Yet, over time the PVC pool shell will end up saving you money because when the other pools are having to fork over their funds for routine maintenance, you will have minimal maintenance on a PVC shell. For instance, many pools have to re-plaster as early as two years after installation. A PVC pool shell has little to no maintenance over its lifetime, which offsets your installation costs and saves money. Of course it will also save you money once you renovate because you won't be trying to piece together repairs and refilling your pool, as well as paying for water loss caused by leaks. A PVC pool shell is an excellent solution to the financial issues that are caused by lesser pool surfaces and later by water loss.


Do you have a metallic pool plagued by problems? Aluminum and metallic pools face special challenges due to corrosion which can afflict their pool walls. A PVC liner can solve that by insulating and protecting vulnerable metallic pool walls from the light charge in the water that causes this corrosion. If you have a metallic pool, a PVC pool membrane is the ideal solution and prevention to damaging corrosion! 


 If you have questions about your pool and how a PVC pool shell could save you money, or if you're already dealing with water loss or a damaged interior, contact us today. A member of our experienced team is happy to answer your questions. We have almost thirty full years leading the aquatic industry and developing innovating products and solutions to common pool problems. You can reach us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote from the link below. Be sure and connect with us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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