A PVC Primer - How PVC Benefits Your Pool

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A PVC Primer - How PVC Benefits Your Pool


PVC is a versatile material that has many different applications; many of which are ideal for your aquatic facility. From the pool interior to the pool edge to the very pool deck itself, PVC can solve problems like leaks and can create the integrity of a watertight, appealing pool from the very start. Whether you're considering new construction or renovation, we'll give you some examples of how PVC products can perform for your aquatic center.


PVC and the Pool Deck


The old-school conventional concrete pool deck is so last decade. You don't have to settle for that old standard when there are newer, more modern deck surfaces available. A PVC recreational flooring can be a great solution to common decking problems like cracking, chipping, mildew/mold growth, and more. The PVC recreational flooring we created is unlike other coatings or flooring because it is designed for aquatic usage. RecDeck™ PVC flooring is tough and durable while still being far more attractive than standard concrete. Our PVC flooring is highly textured to add extra traction to your pool deck which increases security for improved safety where you need it most. We also formulate RecDeck with biocides to prevent common organic growth, as well as UV-inhibitors to keep it colorfast. If you're upgrading from a typical pool deck, RecDeck is ideal too – it fully encapsulates your pool deck and is watertight. Don't go for common when you can choose a PVC solution that will solve several problems at once, in style.




PVC and Your Perimeter


PVC isn't just for pool decks, your gutters and grating can benefit from this tough material, too. Although we typically recommend our PVC gutters for indoor applications, our PVC grating is excellent for either indoor or outdoor installations. Our DuraTech™ line of gutters and grating demonstrate how versatile PVC is for your pool's perimeter. If you're building a new perimeter, it's a great foundation for your pool's circulation system, as well as a solution during an upgrade. For example, our DuraTech line of grating makes short work of those confounding corners and tricky angles seen at many facilities. You won't have to cobble together pieces that don't quite work – instead you'll get pieces that fit well and are designed for the gutters you have. A well-designed pool edge is also a boost to your pool's safety. DuraTech PVC grating is certified slip-resistant, adding more security right at the water's edge.



PVC In Your Pool Interior


Your pool interior is the heart and soul of your aquatic facility. If your pool interior isn't healthy, your entire facility is in jeopardy. A PVC commercial-grade pool liner can make the difference between an aging, unhealthy pool and a watertight, vital new pool. The RenoSys PVC pool shell is crafted from tough, 60 mil thick PVC that encapsulates the entire pool vessel in a layer of leak-free reliable performance. Our PVC liner is also great at preventing leaks during new construction, too – although its benefits are most often seen during renovation when we can create a new pool interior from an old pool. A pool from the 60s that's cracked and chipped and losing water can become a new, watertight, attractive pool from today. Each PVC pool shell is lightly-textured and comfortable, with most guests preferring a PVC liner to the uneven, rough, and often scratchy surface of most pool vessels.


RenoSys Liner sample


PVC Winning Combinations


During new construction or renovation, you can elect to install multiple high-quality PVC products. From a PVC pool interior, to a new perimeter or pool deck, you can ensure that your aquatic facility is both appealing and performing well. For example, one terrific combination that is an easy safety win, is when we install both our PVC pool interior with RecDeck at the pool entry/exit points. If you don't want to upgrade your entire pool deck, this combination is still ideal for creating a safer way for guests to enter or leave your pool.


Of course you can also combine new grating with a new deck, or a brand new gutter with a new pool interior. The upgrades and options are up to you and how much you want to improve your aquatic center!


If you want to learn more about how PVC can create a better aquatic facility, contact us today. We have almost thirty full years leading the aquatic industry and a member of our experienced team is ready to help. You can call, email, or even Get a Quote from the link below. Don't forget to connect with us online: Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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