The Case for a Better Pool Deck & Locker Room Floor

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The Case for a Better Pool Deck & Locker Room Floor


When it comes to your locker room and your pool deck, words like “common” or “utilitarian” may come to mind. They don't have to – there are other options that can combine form with function and create a more appealing flooring surface while solving common flooring issues. We developed a superior recreational flooring to tackle some of the problems that we see leading to upgrades in the first place. Read on to find out how to build a better deck and locker room or changing room floor – from the same high-quality surface.



Sanitation Problems Solved


When it comes to your common locker room floors, you're most often dealing with tile and grout or even concrete. Pool decks are most often concrete themselves. These separate surfaces can have similar sanitary issues, leading to frequent cleaning or even stains that are difficult (if not impossible) to remove. The grout in lockers rooms is notorious for harboring stains and for being an area that grime loves to hide. Concrete can also host its own cleanliness challenges, and offers a home to fungal and mold growth due to the high water content found at all aquatic centers. Frequent cleanings, including pressure washing may be needed just to stay ahead of this irritating hygiene problem.


That's why a better recreational flooring surface would reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning by helping prevent organic growth in the first place. We created our RecDeck™ PVC recreational flooring exclusively for the aquatic environment. The flooring itself is formulated with biocides to prevent organic growth, making your upgraded pool deck or locker room floor inhospitable and reducing your need to clean it. RecDeck also fully encapsulates the lower floor and is watertight, making it much more effective than a painted-on coating. With this type of PVC flooring, you won't have hidden areas for dirt and grime to collect because the entire floor is created to stay cleaner, longer.


Say Goodbye to Cracked Concrete


Concrete can crack, chip, and even flake, and tile can crack or shatter. The flooring we developed won't crack, peel, or flake – providing a sturdy, reliable flooring surface whether it's pool-side or in your changing room or locker area. Uneven concrete can be a major problem, especially in outdoor aquatic facilities exposed to the weather – wouldn't you rather choose a flooring surface that you can rely on that has so many other benefits?


Raising the Safety Standard


Your average pool deck and locker/changing room are about as safe as slick, wet concrete or tile can be...which is to say, not very safe at all. A high-quality PVC flooring like RecDeck can change that. Our flooring in particular is highly-textured, which dramatically improves security even when wet! Unlike standard deck surfaces that become more dangerous when wet, RecDeck still has a clearly defined texture that helps your guests navigate around the pool and locker room. For even greater fall-protection, you can install PVC flooring over safety foam. That's a great option for centers catering to a more vulnerable guest group like rehab facilities, age-friendly pools, and more.




Gives Your Facility an Upgraded Appeal


Who hasn't seen concrete by the pool or old tile in the changing room? It's a common and standard look for thousands of aquatic facilities, but with the other benefits of a quality PVC flooring, the appearance is just one more bonus. RecDeck is available in several complementary, neutral colors that can even be combined for a unique look all your own. You benefit by improving comfort, safety, hygiene and even the overall aesthetic look of your aquatic facility – it's a total winning combination. We formulate our PVC flooring with inhibitors to prevent fading and keep it colorfast even in direct sunlight!



If you're ready to upgrade your locker room, pool deck, or create a better flooring for your entire facility, contact us today. We have the experience of almost thirty full years as industry leaders and a team member will be happy to answer your questions. If you request a free brochure, you'll also get a free sample of RecDeck. Call us toll-free, email us, or even Get a Quote through the link below. Remember to connect with us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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