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A Breath of Fresh Air...

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Eliminate Chloramines from Indoor Pools / Natatoriums

Walk into almost any indoor pool facility and the first thing you'll notice is the overpowering smell of chlorine. That odor is not actually chlorine, but rather a chlorine compound called tri-chloramine that is created in the water and offgassed at the water's surface. Not only is it a health risk to people, but it's a primary cause of corrosion to aquatic facilities. Most patrons will choose to "ignore" the smell for a few hours of fun because they don't feel they have a choice. But what if they find out that there are indoor aquatic facilities that have figured out a way to provide cleaner, healthier air? Do you think people would choose such a facility over one with poor air quality? Of course they would.

New  technology is now available to solve the bad air problem with The EvacuatorTM. This new Chloramine Evacuation System is designed with your HVAC engineers to capture at the source the trichloramines and other nastiness in the air (called disinfectant by products or DBPs).  Because they are heavier than air they collect at the pool surface and at the deck level and the Evacuator removes them from the facility thus making the pool environment healthier and more enjoyable for swimmers and lifeguards. For more information, go to our Evacuator page or call for details or a quote.



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