Facts About Aging Pools

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Facts About Aging Pools

Are you providing care for a pool that's aging and slowly slipping into decrepitude? According to recent data from Aquatics International magazine, 39% of our pools are older than 25 years and 46% are older than 20 years. Ask any pool consultant, and they will tell you the average pool will last between 20 and 25 years before it begins to need significant renovations.

Aging pool in need of renovation

Things fall apart over time, and our pools are no exception. Anyone who's involved in the operation of a commercial swimming pool is involved in a battle over time with the erosive and intrusive forces of pressurized water, the disinfecting chemicals that water carries and the pH or the inherent acidic or alkaline nature of that water. And all these forces are compounded by the force of temperature and the freeze/thaw cycle. If you live in a part of the country where your pools are exposed to a freeze/thaw cycle, then you will have pools that simply don't last as long as similarly constructed pools built in warmer climates.

Whenever we are dealing with how to renovate and stabilize pools, we first have to talk about how to positively prevent water from escaping the pool shell under pressure as well as how to reduce the injection of water itself into the cementitious structure of most pools. This permeation coupled with chemical interaction and the effects of freezing destroys pool shells. And deferring maintenance will only accelerate this degradation.

The unfortunate reality is that pools have taken a backseat to other infrastructure improvements. Often times, the more challenging part of our job in aquatics is to educate people about the value and importance aquatic facilities and programs provide to our communities in order to gain the support needed for funding. The renovation is the easy part. 

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