RenoSys In The Media
"The New Blueprint" - Aquatics International - October 2012       Operators and designers are finding creative ways to stretch limited renovation budgets.
PDF 578 kb

"Splashing Into Summer" - Government Recreation & Fitness - July. 2012       McConnell AFB Pool Launches into 21st Century.
PDF 2.4 Mb

"Quite a Splash" - Club & Resort Business - Jan. 2012       An old facility and how it was renovated into it's former glory.
"Recycling Your Old Pool" - Recreation Management - Problem Solver Guidebook, Aug. 2007
This article focuses on what we can do to improve a pool without replacing the entire thing.
PDF 140 Kb

"Restarting Blocks" - Athletic Business, Aug. 2007
Examples of how today's pool renovation projects are being driven by function .
PDF 1.7 Mb

Recreational Resources - Flexible to a Fault
When a natural disaster struck, RenoSys was there to save the day.
PDF 430 Kb

Products in Action - PVC Pool Shell Fixes Leaks
This article explains the problem the city of Boulder had with their aluminum pool. RenoSys was able to recover the damage by installing a PVC liner.
PDF 424 Kb

Getting A Facelift - Unusual Installation on an Average Pool
This South Putnam High School Pool that was built in 1940-1950s has slowly deteriorated. RenoSys gave the pool a facelift with modernized features.
PDF 2,106 Kb

Wave of the Future - PVC Pool Renovation
A Seeming Miracle in Pool Renovation - The Renosys PVC Membrane.
PDF 1,119 Kb

Recreational Resources - PVC Liner Fixes Pool Problems
This magazine article illustrates the amount of money saved when using the RenoSys system.
PDF 283 Kb


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