RenoSys PVC Pool Shell

RenoSys PVC Pool Shell

RenoSys PVC Pool Shell (liner)

If your pool leaks or needs a better surface, RenoSys PVC Pool Shells are the perfect solution to resurfacing any commercial pool. Commonly referred to as liners or membranes, PVC Pool Shells are crafted from a 60 mil. thick, custom-textured, reinforced PVC material designed to make your pool watertight.
RenoSys PVC Pool Liner Shells are specifically formulated and designed to provide an effective water containment membrane for use in any public pool application. RenoSys commercial pool liners have been successfully employed in pools constructed of concrete, steel, fiberglass and aluminum. RenoSys offers special electrical isolation benefits for problem aluminum pools and other metallic pools. RenoSys custom pool liner may also be used to line fountains, water features, or for site built potable water containment applications - virtually anywhere that water needs to be contained.

RenoSys Liner sample

Durable, Flexible, Low Maintenance and Watertight

RenoSys is the ideal surface for the interior lining of new or existing commercial pool structures. Constructed on-site of a 60 mil reinforced membrane of specially formulated PVC, RenoSys is textured to provide a nonabrasive, slip resistance surface. The RenoSys Pool Shell liner is pore free for ease of maintenance and offers dependable water containment for deteriorated pools that are experiencing water loss. RenoSys offers remarkably cost effective options for new pool construction and is typically less expensive than conventional renovation options.

 Aluminum and Metallic Pool Problems Solved

The special problems experienced in aluminum and mild steel pools due to galvanic or electrolytic corrosion are effectively eliminated when RenoSys is installed. Since PVC is an excellent insulator, the electrical currents in the body of water are prevented from contacting the metal wall by the 60 mil PVC barrier. Hundreds of aluminum installations have proven that RenoSys prevents pool side corrosion in metallic pools.

Total Design Flexibility

A significant benefit of the RenoSys PVC Pool Shell liner is the creative flexibility it allows pool designers. The RenoSys system easily spans crack and eliminates leakage at cold joints transforming any pool modification into a completely watertight structure. The RenoSys sales team will be happy to suggest specific solutions and show how our liner materials can be employed to allow alternative construction techniques for your project.

Typical PVC Pool Shell Installation

Frequently Asked Questions About PVC Membranes

Care and Maintenance of a PVC Membrane

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