Umpqua Community College - Roseburg, OR

Roseburg, OR: The pool at Umpqua Community College had sat empty and unsightly for several years. Staff at the college were tired of the empty pool, and had almost given up on getting a view of an attractive, usable pool. The Umpqua Community College pool happened to be aluminum; aluminum and other metallic pools have different characteristics than traditional pools. An electrical charge formed in the water by swimmers and the metal acts over time to damage the pool in a process called galvanic corrosion.

Luckily, the college chose RenoSys to renovate their pool. Our durable PVC membrane is ideal for renovating aluminum and other metallic pools. The electrical charges that damage metallic pool walls over time are negated by the membrane, which acts as an excellent insulator. We wrote an article about the benefits of a PVC pool shell for an aluminum or mild steel pool.

Here you can see the pool in its "before" shot. 

...and the work begins


Finally, the "after" shot - with the RenoSys PVC membrane installed and getting ready for water, and students.


After a RenoSys renovation, the Umpqua Community College pool was better than new; with a PVC membrane designed to last for decades and offer protection for the aluminum pool. 

Do you have an aluminum pool and need help? Is your pool old and leaking after years of use? Call us today and talk to one of our team members.

(800) 783-7005 

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