DuraTech™ Deck Drain

Safely Moves Water Away from the Pool Deck

Water is for the pool, not the pool deck.

This new deck drain system is specifically designed to remove water from pool decks in any aquatic environment. The deck drain channel is made from thick, exterior grade, high impact PVC that is able to withstand the busiest pool decks.


The system is installed with modular interlocking grating, which is embossed with an anti-skid top surface that provides incredible traction and comfort underfoot. All components are integrated with maximum UV inhibitors to resist cracking, fading and discoloration.


✓ Unbeatable 10 Year Warranty

✓ Proudly Made in the USA


1. Modular interlocking grates allow easy access to any part of the drain system


2. 30% thicker profile over sinilar drains.


3. Only DuraTech has embed wings that prevent separation from surrounding concrete.


4. Extra wide base provides stability during installation.

Available in standard or custom colors to match your pools perimeter grating.

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